23 Food That Starts With X

The world is full of flavors, if we move from region to region we can experience that. There is a larger variety of food in different cultures and different traditions. However, it’s a very tricky task to find food in alphabetical order.

Cooking alphabetically is an interesting way to enhance your cooking skills. It seems great fun to cook these exciting food recipes. We did great research to bring out the best food that starts with “X”. I am sure many food names here will amaze you!

In this food recipe guide, we collected the 23 Food that Starts with X from different regions of the world. I hope that you will have some interesting knowledge by reading this post. I also tried to compile food from dessert to the main course. Let’s have a look at the food that starts with the letter “X”.

Food that starts with x

23 food that starts with X

As human beings, we always search for unique and delicious food and recipes to change our tastes. I did deep research and brought out some interesting food and recipes that start with “X”. This list will be an interesting addition to your cookbook. Below is the list of food and dessert that start with X.

1. Xacuti

The Xacuti is a dish full of spices and firstly prepared in Goa India. Also known as Xachutti or chacuti in Portuguese. This dish has now become famous in most of the major cities and cuisines all around the world.

The recipe can be made from the meat of beef, lamb, or chicken. A blend of major spices was used including, grated or sliced coconut, poppy seeds, large dried chilies, aniseed, and coriander seeds.

Also, vegetables like ginger, garlic, onion, and fresh coriander are also added for garnishing. Gravy full of spices is prepared and then cooked meat is added. The fresh chopped onion and coriander are added to the top for garnishing.

Besides this, the xacuti is an aromatic flavorful dish and is mostly served on the party or dinner menu. This dish goes extremely well with the bread or chapati. In cuisine, this spicy dish is served with side items like salad and curd. Cook this simple, easy dish at home and enjoy.

2. Xavier Steak

The Xavier steak is a meat dish and the name of this food is from the popular professor “Saint Francis Xavier”. This steak is just like a simple steak dish but with the addition of some exciting ingredients including asparagus and a lot of Swiss cheese.

Other than that, it is made by using ingredients including meat, asparagus, Worcestershire, and salt pepper to taste with the addition of Swiss cheese.

All needed is to preheat the grill and cook the steak for 7 minutes then add asparagus with a little olive oil, turn over the steak, add salt and pepper, and top with the Swiss cheese. When the cheese melts, remove the grill. Your mouth-watering steak is ready.

This delicious steak is served hot with a side sauce. In most of the cuisine, it is served with Worcestershire sauce. You can enjoy this hearty steak meal with bread and sauces in restaurants or at home.

3. Xoconostle

The scientific name of Xoconostle is Opuntia matudae. This is a native fruit that mostly grows in Mexico. Its bitter taste is liked by many people and is used in most dishes.

Also, it is a sweet pickle pear and is mostly used as a fruit. These fruits have high nutritional values and find throughout the year globally.

The fresh xoconostle fruit is used in many recipes for salads. The xoconostle and tomatillo are used in making Mexican native food. Also, used to make spicy tomatillo that is served as a side dish to complement a meal.

4. Xouba

The Xouba fish is native to Spain and it is like sardine fish. Fishers mostly use nets to catch this fish alongside sardines. This fish is considered the oiliest fish of the winter season. The canned variety of Xouba remains available throughout the year.

Other than that,  Xouba,  mostly served as fried, steamed. This fish is also used in most food recipes to increase the flavor. The taste of fresh fish is very tasty but it is difficult to get the fresh Xouba fish.

However, in the canned form, it remains available in many restaurants. The Xouba is served with sauce and bread in many restaurants.

5. Xnipec

The Xnipec is mostly found in Yucatan and is gaining popularity around the World. This is fresh salsa made with orange and a bulk of fresh red chilies. So if you like hot and spicy food then Xnipec is for you!

When it comes to taste, this food is extremely spicy and its meanings are “red nose” or “ nose red”. The main ingredients of this dish are orange juice, tomatoes, onion, pepper, lime juice, cilantro, and salt. This Mexican salsa is mostly made with fresh ingredients.

If you like spices then this will definitely make you sweat. It is mostly served with rice and bread. It is mostly served as a side item with many dishes. So if you are someone that likes spices a lot, then you must try this dish.

If you want to learn more about Xnipec, visit this on Wikipedia.

6. Xiao long bao

The Xiao long bao was first made in Singahi city of china. This is a steamed bun and most Chinese consider it as “mantou” which means both “filled” and “unfilled”.

This bun is of two types depending upon the leavening of flour’s skin. These buns can be made from both leavening and non-leavening dough. In an un-leavening bun clear water is used in the dough.

The texture of these buns is smoother, tender, or translucent. Initially, it was filled with minced pork meat. Modern innovations are made with lambs, beef, chicken or shrimps, and vegetarian filling.

These buns are usually served in bamboo baskets on paper or dried leaves in which they can be steamed. Some restaurants serve it on cabbage in china. This bread is not only specific to breakfast and it’s also served as a dish at tea time.

7. Xia Mi

The Xia Mi is dried shrimps that are mostly used in East Asian and South Asian Cuisines. In most of the dishes, a handful of shrimp is enough to give an umami taste. The amazing flavor of ingredients is released when they allow simmering. 

Mostly, the shrimps are dried in the sunlight until they became thumbnail size. These are very different in taste from the fresh shrimps and in cuisines, they are frequently used to give a unique sweet flavor. 

The dried shrimps are also used as a dish in Korean cuisines with some ingredients like soya, ginger, garlic, hot pepper, and sugar. In Korean cuisines, they are also used for making broth.

8. XO Sauce

The Xo sauce was first developed in 1980 in Hong Kong. This sauce is made with a blend of different kinds of seafood. Most commonly used in the southern Chinese areas such as Guangdong.

This sauce is prepared with the ingredients like red chili pepper, dried shrimp, garlic and canola oil, Jinhua ham, and dried scallop. However many recipes include chopped onion and salted crushed fish. In Hongkong, this sauce is sold in packaging just like other food.

Also, this sauce is used in cooking to add more flavor, like in noodles, fish, and vegetables. In cuisines, it is served with a lot of Chinese food as a dip or side item with a noodle dish.

9. Xampinyons en Salsa

The Xampinyons en Salsa is a Latin American dish made with mushrooms as the main ingredient. This tapas dish is also served with vegetables in most of the cuisines of Latin America.

Also, the Xampinyons are made with ingredients including, small chopped onion, tomato puree, garlic, sherry wines, and white sliced mushrooms with spices like salt and pepper.

The fresh parsley is garnished once the salsa becomes ready for serving. This dish can be served hot and cold.

10. Xoi

The Xoi is a cheap and extremely popular dish mostly eaten in Vietnam. In Vietnamese Xoi means “Sticky rice”. However, with the regional difference, this dish has many variations and is made with peanuts, egg, beans, or even as dessert.

This food dish is prepared with sticky rice and has both savory and sweet versions. In savory, it is prepared with smashed corn and mung beans.

Also, served with chicken, mung bean, or egg omelets. Sweet, it is made with corn, sugar, and fried onion. Cooked with coconut juice or fresh ripe mango of Thai origin.

This dish is served as dessert after a meal or at breakfast. Also, it’s considered ready to go for breakfast. In most of the regions in Vietnam, people like to eat it for lunch as a main meal. 

11. Xidoufen

The Xindoufen is a popular soup in the Chinese province of Yunnan. This soup is made with a boiled peameal and a bunch of vegetables and spices. This soup is specially eaten with “cong you bing” a Chinese flatbread.

Also, it is prepared with ingredients including ginger, and garlic. Chili oil and chili flakes are then heated. Good quality pepper oil is used as a topping for this soup.

This soup is one of the best and most famous soups of Chinese cuisines that are served with flatbread or Chinese special bread.

12. Xingren Doufu

The Xingren Doufu is a popular dessert in Beijing and China. This dessert is a must-have item on the menu of these regions. This is just a simple and sweet dessert that is made with gelatin, almond, and little sugar.

This popular dessert has a jelly-like texture and is made with basic ingredients like gelatin, almond milk, agar, and sugar.

This jelly-like soft dessert is now getting popular all around the world and taking the place of dessert on the menu of restaurants. This dish is mostly served as a starter or after meals in restaurants.

13. Xia

In Chinese simply means “Shrimp” and is mostly eaten in China. The Xia is less tasty than other varieties of shrimp but they are mostly used in many other dishes to enhance the taste. Shrimps are one of the most popular kinds of seafood in the world.

The Xia is mostly found in China but its packaging remains available all around the world. These are included in the cheap variety of shrimps and have the ability to hold flavor very well. Although they are less tasty than other kinds of shrimps due to flavor holding power they are used in many recipes.

The authentic Chinese dish which Xia served is “Xiaomi rice”. However in many regions of the world without knowing much about shrimp people used to eat it as fried or with sauce in the meal.

14. Xiang Cai

The Xiang Cai is a type of coriander that is only found in China. It is mostly used in many Food recipes, raw or cooked to enhance the flavor. The dried seeds and Xian Cai are also used in a number of foods.

This type has different names in other parts of the world. The dried and fresh Xiang Cai have different names like dried Cilantro and fresh Coriander. 

However, coriander is used in a large variety of food as a vegetable in soup, sauces, and food dishes. The dried coriander is also a basic part of a number of food recipes as a necessary spice.

15. Xmas Cookies

The Xmas cookies are mostly served in many regions as dessert during Christmas and are abbreviated as Christmas cookies. Traditionally these cookies are prepared during December all around the world in the Christian community.

If you love eating cookies, you will like their simple ingredients that include; flour, egg, butter, and sugar. They are prepared by adding other flavors like chocolate and white chocolate.

After preparing the dough, shapes are given like gingerbread or Christmas tree in different colors like red, white, and green Italian rainbow cookies.

16. Xiphias

The Xiphias is commonly known as broadbills or swordfish. Their scientific name is Xiphias Gladius and roam throughout the major oceans like the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The long sword-like sharp bill makes it resemble a shark.

This fish is one of the most popular fish that is used for cooking. Since Xiphias is a large fish, its meat is sold as grilled or steak.

This fish has plenty of omega 3 and fatty acids which means it has toxic mercury levels. Still, this fish is considered the most delicious steak and is served with a variety of sauces in cuisines.

17. Xoubas

The Xoubas are tiny fish that are mostly found in Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean, and the north sea. These tiny fish remain between the freshwater and marine. This is considered one of the typical Galicia dishes.

However, they are cooked on a thin griddle and mostly cooked outside due to their smell. This fish is mostly served with potatoes and leaves. Sometimes, it is grilled on layers of mixed tinny vegetables with a little sprinkle of sauces, salt, and pepper.

The stew form of this fish is also sold in packaging. However, fried fish with potatoes and sauces is served in most cuisines as a meal.

18. Xylitol

Xylitol is a colorless crystalline solid that is not actually food but used in most food recipes. It is actually a chemical but has not any health risk, so used in a number of desserts as an adhesive with sugar.

This food is used in most dessert recipes including making cookies, cakes, pudding, chocolates, and squash.

Xylitol takes a lot of time to dissolve, it is beneficial for diabetes patients instead of sugar. A large variety of diet products are prepared by using Xylitol.

19. Xi Gua Lao

The Xi Gua Lao is a traditional Beijing cuisine dish. The literal meaning of Xigua is watermelon and the main ingredient of this dish is watermelon with a blend of other fruits. This dish comes in the dessert category and is becoming popular in many other major cities.

Other than that, it can be prepared with fruits including cherries, watermelon, agar syrup, sugar, and vanilla powder. The fruits are cut into pieces, and the watermelon is crushed to make a juicy texture. Sugar and vanilla powder is boiled and mixed then added to the fruits and cooled.

This traditional dessert is mostly served cooled after meals in most cuisines. The cooled Xi Gua Lao is cut into slices that mostly look like ice cream and served with the topping of sugar syrup additionally.

20. Xiao Dian Xin

These cookies were firstly made in China and the specialty of these cookies is that they melt in the mouth. This is actually because they are made from butter.

These are mostly served as a dessert and present and popular in china. The Xiao Dian Xin is prepared with flour, sugar, a lot of fresh butter, and cornstarch.

These cookies look tough on the outside but literally, they take a few seconds to get melted in the mouth.

21. Xmas cake 

The Xmas cake is specially made on Christmas occasions in most of the regions in the world. On Christmas occasions, it is used as a gift and Christmas cake. The specialty of this cake is its super soft and juicy bread.

This cake is made just like other cakes only one ingredient is added that makes it distinct from other cakes. In the dough whisky, rum or brandy is added to make it moist and juicy.

Also, this cake gives a super warm experience to your belly after eating with the fruits and alcohol combination. Try this super yummy and juicy cake on a snowy Christmas!

22. Xiang Cao Jing

The Xiang Cao jing is a dark-colored jelly-like dessert that is mostly eaten in South and East Asia. It is made from a plant named palustre plastomathat and has a slightly bitter taste. This jelly looks like herb jelly or leaf jelly and is mostly served cold.

This is prepared by boiling the stalk and leaf for many hours with a little starch. When the consistency becomes jelly-like then add sugar syrup to produce dessert or drink. A little fragrance is added, it looks translucent brown. The cooling procedure makes this dessert served in hot weather.

This jelly is served with mango, watermelon, sago, and canned fruits, and topped with condensed milk cuisine. In Vietnam, this jelly is served by cutting into small cubes with a variety of beans. In Thailand, it is served with jackfruit and toddy palm and is known as thai dessert. This dessert is getting popular due to its vast variety and regional variations.

23. Ximenia Caffra

The Ximenia caffra is a shrub that mostly grows in Southern Africa. All parts of the tree can be utilized and edible from leaves to fruits. Its fruit is commonly called sour plum and is used in many food recipes.

However, the fruit’s size and shape are just like an apricot. Their skin is smooth and slippery like plum. When young they are green and after ripening they become coral pink with freckles. Their pulp is just like plum with super consistency and sour taste.

This food is commonly used for jam preservation and with most of the other starchy vegetables like potatoes, they are used for making a type of porridge.

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