Can You Microwave Marshmallows? [Here’s the Answer]

Marshmallows are made of egg whites, sugar, and water and later set with a vegetarian gelling agent or gelating. You can eat them cold or heat them and use them to make banana boats, S’mores, hot chocolate, and many other treats.

Can you microwave marshmallows?

You can microwave marshmallows, but you might create a lot of mess if you do not do it correctly. Place your marshmallows in the microwave under 98.6 degrees F. Furthermore; the marshmallows may get spilled over or burn if you do not monitor them. Therefore, stir them every 30 seconds until you get desired results.

If you want to heat marshmallows quickly without making any mess, continue reading to learn how you can safely microwave marshmallows.

In this comprehensive guide, We will cover in detail what happens to marshmallows when you microwave them. In addition to this, we have listed some do’s and don’ts for heating marshmallows.

Can You Microwave Marshmallows

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Is It Safe To Microwave Marshmallows?

It is safe to microwave marshmallows, but do not leave them unattended. It is because the microwave heats the food quickly. Therefore, your oven may have burned marshmallows or mess up due to overflowing marshmallows. So, constantly monitor your marshmallows when putting them in the microwave.

Because when marshmallows heat up, there is the evaporation of gas leading to the moisture in the microwave. As a result, the marshmallows expand and puff up due to gas bubbles. Stir them regularly to prevent a mess or burning. However, the marshmallows will return to their original volume after cooling down.

Additionally, you have to take a bowl that is microwave safe and large enough to keep the marshmallows after their expansion. Your bowl should be deep enough that the marshmallows take ⅓ of the bowl space.

And there would be sufficient room for the growth of marshmallows. However, if you want to melt too many marshmallows, you can melt them in batches but always fill the pan by one-third of its capacity.

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Do Marshmallows Explode In The Microwave?

The marshmallows can explode when you put them in the oven for longer or at a high temperature (higher than 98.6 degrees F). They expand very fast when you put them in the microwave. The air bubbles can expand the marshmallows and fluff them thrice their volume.

However, the air bubbles can expand too much in the oven if you leave them for too long. And that is a bang. The marshmallows will explode in the oven. Thus, you need to keep an eye on them and stir them after regular intervals.

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How Long Should You Microwave Marshmallows?

You can microwave your marshmallows for about 2 minutes but in intervals. You have to heat the marshmallows in the microwave under 98.6 degrees F for 30 seconds. You need to check them every 30 seconds, whisk them, and put them back in the oven.

You need to repeat this process until they are fully melted, or you get your desired results. The marshmallows will melt if you put them in the oven at a higher temperature, and they may make a mess if you do not check them after every 30 seconds.

Further, marshmallows get melted very quickly. Therefore, put the microwave’s settings on high and place the marshmallows uncovered in the oven for 30 seconds, and they will be ready in no time.

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Are Marshmallows Hardened In The Microwave?

The marshmallows do not get hardened in the microwave but puff up like balloons. Nonetheless, if you heat the marshmallows in the microwave without mixing any water, they will get hardened and crunchy after cooling down.

The bubbles shrink after cooling down, and the sugar in the marshmallows gets hardened. Therefore, microwave marshmallows get dry and crunchy after cooling down. Additionally, if you heat your marshmallows for more than the required time, they will become burned and turn black.

On the other hand, if you want to soften them and make a paste or icing of marshmallows, you can add some water before putting them in the oven. You can add two tablespoons or 30ml water/oil (according to your desired results) to 450g of marshmallows.

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Do’s And Don’ts When You Microwave Marshmallows

In the following, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts of heating marshmallows in the microwave.


  1. Select a microwave-safe bowl for heating the marshmallows.
  2. If you are heating the marshmallows for icing, you need to add a bit of water to the marshmallows (i.e., two tablespoons for 450g of marshmallows) so that they do not stick and heat properly.
  3. Set your microwave temperature under 98.6 degrees F.
  4. Place your marshmallows uncovered so that you can monitor them.
  5. It would be best to use a large and deep bowl to accommodate puffed-up marshmallows.
  6. Be careful when taking marshmallows out of the microwave and putting them back because they will be very hot due to their high sugar content.


  1. It would help if you did not fill the bowl while heating the marshmallows, or they may end up spilling in the microwave, leaving a huge mess for you to clean.
  2. Do not place your marshmallows at higher temperatures.
  3. Try not to cover the bowl of marshmallows because they will melt fast when uncovered, and you can also monitor them to avoid any mishaps.
  4. Try not to put your marshmallows in the microwave for more than 2 minutes.


To wrap it up, marshmallows are a popular treat that people eat separately and with other foods. You can use them cold or heat them if required. A microwave is an easy and quick way to heat something.

However, you have to keep them under 98.6 degrees F, monitor them, and stir them after regular intervals. Additionally, you can avoid any negative consequences by following the listed care tips.

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