27 Food That Starts With I

If you look around the world, very few foods start with the letter “I.” I try to think, but it is not an easy task to do. Then I did significant research on this alphabet in different continents and countries. 

Therefore, I end up researching the 27 foods that start with “I”. I am sure it will be an informative article for food lovers or people who try new foods every day. Let us look at the food that starts with “I.”

Food that starts with I

27 Food that starts With I

No doubt, food brings friends and family closer, and it is one of the most joyful experiences to cook it yourself. This article contains enormous information that will be an excellent addition to your recipe book. Here you will explore the tremendous culinary food options you never thought of before. Let’s look below at our list of foods that start with the alphabet “I.”

01. Iceberg Lettuce

This plant was first cultivated in ancient Egypt for oil, but it has selectively grown as edible plants after that. Iceberg lettuce is an annual plant related to the daisy family, more often grown as a leafy vegetable. In America and Europe, a vast amount is cultivated for edible purposes. 

Precisely, this edible plant is used in many kinds of food, including sandwiches, soups, salads, and wraps. This plant is mainly eaten raw in sandwiches and salad. In cooked form, it is used in making soups, and it is also used along with potatoes and other vegetables for making gravy.

In Romans, it is usually served cooked with oil and vinegar dressing. Mostly it is served with other green vegetables, cheese, and meat as a dish. Moreover, a special dish known as Caesar Salad is served in most roman cuisines. Also, the lettuce soup is one of the most famous soups served in Chinese cuisine.

02. Idaho Potatoes

It is a kind of potato that mainly grows in the United States. The Idaho potato is also known as Russet potato and is primarily used for meshing, french fries, and baking. The skin of Idaho potatoes is dark brown with a few black spots on it; the inner is white fleshy, dry, and mealy.

Besides, the size of Idaho potatoes is ideal for making french fries. McDonald’s restaurants mainly use and produce a massive amount of Idaho potatoes for French fries. Moreover, in restaurants, many other dishes of the potatoes are famous, like mesh cheese potatoes and baked wedges. 

The potato’s skin is also served as a snack is known as “Ruskin fried,” just like french fries. These versatile Idaho potatoes are best for making hash brown and rusted potato dishes. It can be perfectly kept in the kitchen for use in a different meals over the week.

03. Instant Oatmeal 

This storage food is prepared by cutting the oat into small pieces before being steamed. It is called instant oatmeal and is mainly cooked and dried with sweetener, sugar, and other added flavors before packing. 

Most families use instant oatmeal for breakfast by adding a little milk and honey. In the fast and rusty world, it is considered a quick breakfast and loved by kids and elders. The preparation of this breakfast required a few minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to eat it.

04. Instant Soup

Firstly, it was invented in 1897 by an employee of Campbell Soup Company. He specially prepared this soup for fast and straightforward homemade soup, easy preparation anywhere. Now it is prepared on an industrial scale in many ways for preservation.

The instant soup is prepared by sequential procedures like dehydration or drying, canned, or freezing. The Lipton Company provides a large variety of instant soups like onion, spinach cream, tomato beef, and vegetables.  

Besides preparing instant soup, it is used as convenience food cooking. In making casseroles, the cream of mushroom soup is more popular. For French onion dip, a dry onion soup mix is used.

05. Injera

Injera is a traditional staple food and is most famous in Africa East and Localities. Mostly it is served as central dining like rice or flatbread elsewhere. This food has a spongy texture known as flat fermented sour bread.

The Injera preparation has changed a lot since its origin. Therefore, it is prepared in many steps, like first adding water to the flour and fermenting. Then pour all the material for baking into a unique grill, known as “Mitad .”The Injera is porous in texture, making it suitable for scooping on sauces. 

Although, Injera is mainly served for eating with stews and salads. Mostly the tiny pieces of Injera are dipped in stews and given for eating traditionally; in this, Injera soaks all the juicy flavor of stews and increases the temptation for eating. In Ethiopia, Injera is served as a daily breakfast on a platter or utensil.

6. Iru

The Iru is a dried bean most prevalent in Yoruba, Nigeria. Mainly it is added as condiments in cooking, but dried cakes are used as food. The Iru is also known as Sumbala in West Africa and is similar to Douchi or Ogiri.

Besides this, Iru can be found dried or fresh; the fresh leaves come wrapped in moimoi leaves. The Yorubas divide the iru into Iru Pete, primarily used in egusi and ewedu soups. The Iru Woro is mostly used in making stews. The dried Iru comes in cake form and has less flavor and low pungency than fresh Iru.

7. Isi ewu

The Isi ewu is one of the most popular delicacies of Nigeria. This fantastic dish is recently becoming more trending all around the world. The other name of Isi Ewu is Goat Head, and its cooking method varies from tribe to tribe. 

To get started with the particular recipe, you need a few ingredients like; onion, crayfish, goat head, Maggi, salt, and palm oil. Firstly, boil the lead for 30 minutes; when the meat becomes soft, add the brain and cook it for a few minutes. After that, add the spices and put the crayfish in it. 

This dish is served in a unique bowl in Nigeria called Isi Ewu bowl. Most restaurants also serve the Isi ewu with side dishes like salad and yogurt. This special dish is mainly served in the evening with a chilled drink glass.

8. Isidudu

The Isidudu is a southern African versatile morning pop. They are mostly prepared with a blend of meat, flour, and vegetables. This food is excellent for those who are aiming for a healthy breakfast. 

What makes this delicacy meal distinct from other regular food is its unique preparation method. The ingredients required are Maize meal, pumpkin, salt, sugar, and water, with cabbage, liver, and spices. The pumpkin is boiled, then flour is added; after that, vegetables and meat are added until it is cooked. 

This food is mostly served as breakfast in most South African cuisines. You can enjoy this breakfast by adding sugar and milk to it. Sometimes, ground corn is added in most restaurants for a sour taste, but the sweet flavor is delicious.  

9. Imqaret

The Imqaret is a traditional Maltese dish that is mainly made with pastry and dates. In Maltese, Imqaret’s plural is Maqrut which means diamond-shaped. This Imqaret is one of the most popular desserts in Malta, served on occasion like a village feast.

This delicacy sweet is prepared in a few steps and then deep-fried and cut. The main ingredients of this sweet dish are flour, sugar, bay leaf, and dates. The Imqaret is deep-fried with the flavors like bay leaf and aniseed. Each Imqaret is prepared individually between the folding of pastry, some quantity of date past is filled. However, the pastry is too long; You can cut several pieces of Imqaret from one pastry.

This versatile dish is most prevalent in Arabic cuisines and Malta. It is mainly served as a sweet and dessert in Malta, mainly on the feast. Also, most of the cuisine is served with ice cream. The fillings like nuts and almonds enhance its flavor, and it is also served with honey in many countries.

10. Isaw

The Isaw word originated from “saws man”; it became popular in 1870. Isaw is one of the most famous street foods in the Philippines, made with the pig or chicken intestine. Isaw is more prominent among university students due to its low price.

This dish is usually made with the gut and intestine of animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and goats. Firstly, the intestine is cleaned and boiled, cut into smaller pieces, and cooked. The ingredients like salt, pepper, soya sauce, onion, garlic, and chilies are added. The smaller pieces are then grilled over the charcoal in barbecue sticks.

This inexpensive dish is mainly sold as street food and served in Chinese cuisines and the Philippines as a barbeque. In restaurants, mainly served hot with bread and sauces.

11. Ital 

The Ital is one of the most popular breakfast meals in tribes of Israel. It is also spelled I’ll and originates from the English word vital. The goal of this Ital food preparation is to increase the liveliness. Italian food has a wide variety, and there are universal rules for eating it. 

The Ital can be prepared in both ways, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Primarily the Jamaican ital is prepared with vegetarian ingredients like plantain, boiled food, breadfruit, ackee, and mango or pineapple juices. The non-vegetarian ital includes animal-like meat, chicken, goat, cow, etc.

However, Ital is a healthy breakfast served in many restaurants. The Ital has versatility due to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, which is why it’s popular. Non-vegetarian Ital is famous in most regions, including the available fruit juices. 

12. Irish Stew

In actuality, stewing is an ancient method all over the world. However, it is a dominant food of ancient Ireland, in Gaels. It is mainly preferred to prepare goat meat in Ireland, but many variations are present in different world regions. 

Although you can prepare Irish stew with any meat, it gives the best taste of goat meat. Firstly, the stew is prepared by boiling the lamb bones in a deep heavy pan, then vegetables including onion, carrot, herb, and peppercorn are added. After this, the stew can be strained and kept for many months in the refrigerator.

This delicious stew is mostly served with boiled potatoes and vegetables with pieces of meat. In restaurants, people love to have this stew with flatbread. The Irish people eat this as a whole food because it contains many meat and vegetables.  

13. Italian Bread

Its name is Italian, so it originated in Italy. Rarely is there a meal in Italy that is without bread? This classic soft bread has a tender and smooth texture from the inside and a chewy plane crust on the outer side.

Besides this, its recipe is super simple, and few ingredients are required for preparing this bread. The ingredients include flour, water, yeast, and olive oil with salt. To prepare, add the sugar and yeast in warm water, keep it rested for a few minutes, then add flour and beat it; after that, add a little salt, grease it with oil, and let it rest until it becomes double in size, and bake it.

This Italian bread is mostly served by cutting it into pieces or as a whole for eating. This bread is served with many dishes in most restaurants, including soups and stew. Other than that it can be enjoyed with tea whenever you like.

14. Indian fry bread

This bread has a wide variety of flatbreads and is an integral part of Indian food. However, it originated as fry bread in 1864 in Navajo, but it has a wide variety and changed in different regions like Indian fry bread.

Other than that, Indian fry bread is made with the simplest ingredients, including; Mild flour, water, sugar, oil, and a little salt. The important part of this bread is its rolling, then fried. It is not like other roti, kulcha, and chapatti mostly baked on a griddle. The round dough is then deep-fried until it becomes golden brown.

This Indian fry bread is mostly served as it is after frying. However, it is served with jam, honey, sugar, or beef. This fry bread is also very famous as a taco and spicy beef minced on the top of fry bread.

15. Iddiappam 

This historical food originated in southern India and northern Sri Lanka. It is just like we eat rice, noodles, etc. This dish is frequently known as  “Noolapam” or “Nool Puttu” in Tamil.

Besides the name, this has a unique method of preparation, made with ragi flour, or rice flour, water, and salt. The rice flour is kneaded into hot water, added to oil/ghee, the press or sieve, or directly put into the idli steamer. A small amount of coconut milk or crushed coconut is added to enhance the flavor.

Idiyappam is the main meal for breakfast or dinner with potatoes, egg, or fish curry. In Kerala, it’s served with coconut milk and sugar, and in Sri Lanka, it’s normally served with chicken curry. Also, in Malaysia and Singapore, it is one of the famous street foods and is served with vegetables for breakfast.

16. Idli 

The Idli is one of the most ancient foods of India that is made explicitly in Black gram flour. Originating from the subcontinent India and also known as “Idly.” It has many variant just like “rava Idli” or “Sana in Konkon” .

Moreover, its ingredients list is unique; it includes; black gram, rice, and a few species. The Idli is prepared by soaking the rice and gram four for many hours and then grinding them into a paste and mixing them. The Idli has traditionally been made with coconut molds. After that, the batter needs to ferment overnight, and then it needs to be shaped and cooked in a multi-level steamer. 

The traditional food is served on a banana leaf with coconut chutney, Medu vada, and sambar. Many restaurants served Idli with a fusion of flavors like  Manchurian Idli, fry, chili, curd and stuffed Idli, and many more. Besides this, the best combination of Idli served with the spicy chutney on banana leaves has a fantastic flavor. 

17. Ilish

The Ilish is a fish dish and is most popular with Hilssa, Ilisha, Hilsa shad. The Bangladesh, Chandrapur district, and subcontinent are famous for the tastiest Ilish fish. Moreover, this fish is considered the national Fish of Bangladesh.

However, the essential factor in this dish is its cooking preparation and ingredients. The main ingredients include Hilsa,  green chili, mustard oil, white mustard, black cumin, chili, lemon juice, salt, and coriander for garnishing. 

Fish curry made from mustard oilseed and served with rice is the most popular Bengali dish. The most popular and essential part of most Bengali cuisines is a smoked dish called Shorsha Ilish. For dinner in Indian cooking, a dish called “Doi Ilish” is served with rice.

18. Imarti

The Imarti or Amarti is one of the most popular desserts in India, made in a circular flower-shaped. It is a specialty in Sylheti dessert and is prepared for Iftar without any food color. In many other countries, alternative names for this dish are Amitti, omritti, jaangiri, etc. 

Although, the main ingredients for imarti are black gram flour (Vigna mungo), sugar, and saffron. After soaking for a few hours, the vigna mungo is ground into a fine paste. Filling the whole better into a funnel cake and pouring it into hot oil in the shape of a flower is the recipe. Served dipped in kewra, cardamom, saffron, and sugar syrup, these fried flowers expand as they are cooked. 

This sweet is very popular at festivals in India and Pakistan. It is mostly served at weddings after meals or In Iftar. Uttar Pradesh is also very famous for its imarti served with curd.

If you want to learn more about Imarti, visit Wikipedia.

19. Indian-mix Vegetable

The Indian mixed vegetable is one of the famous dishes in Mumbai India Restaurants. The fancy name of this dish is ” Subzi Diwani Hindi .”The amazing thing is every chef makes this dish in their style and tries to give it a royal touch. 

Like its name, ” Diwani,” this dish has many ingredients, including mixed vegetables, ginger paste, spinach puree, butter, and spices. The preparation is simple, just put the ghee or butter in a pan of properly cooked spinach, and add the other vegetables on low flame until they are cooked. After that, add the spices and enjoy this tasty curry.

This recipe is perfect for serving at festivals. It is served as a side dish with Indian thali and is mostly eaten with bread or chapati in cuisines. A bulk of dry fruits is added to cooking that comes in royal Indian dishes and serves at the event with naan or kulcha.

20. Indian omelet

This dish originated from Indian Cuisines and is also known as Masala Omelet. It has a variant of omelet with many herbs, spices, vegetables, and cheese as an optional. It is mainly sold as street food or in cuisines.

Primarily, this ingredient includes; eggs, cheese, spices, chilies, onion, and tomatoes; chicken is added optionally. The egg mixture is whisked until it becomes fluffy, the vegetables are chopped finely, add them to the whisked egg, and put the whole batter in warm butter on the pan. Cook it on low flame to get the proper taste of this omelet. 

The Indian omelet is getting popular all around the world cuisines. It is mainly served for breakfast on the Indian menu with salad and butter. Most restaurants served it with flatbread or Indian fry bread for breakfast.

21. Ice Cream

The ice cream originates from Persia and spreads rapidly from china. Also, it claims that ice was first collected from the Apennine Mountains, then sorbet is made by mixing honey and wine.

This frozen dessert is mostly made with dairy milk, flavors, sugar syrup, and spices like cocoa, vanilla, and fruit pieces. It is prepared by whisking the flavored cream with liquid nitrogen. Sometimes, coloring is added, and for stabilizing, the mixture is kept below  35 °F or two °C. 

Ice cream is mostly served after meals almost all over the world or as a dessert at any time. There are plenty of flavors available, including mango, strawberry, and pineapple, and now in most countries, traditional flavors are added like china red bean and sesame.

22. Irish dessert

There is a wide variety of sweet but mostly known goodies or goodies in Irish dessert. Firstly, the Irish parents prepared it for the kids having upset stomachs. Mostly this dish was eaten on St. John’s Eve and prepared near the bonfire. 

Traditionally, Irish desserts were made with bread, sugar, milk, and spices. Sometimes, the milk, cream, and sugar are sandwiched between the bread and eaten.

This dessert is mainly served during festivals and celebrations, and kids give this as a gift to neighbors and relatives. Primarily served as a snack before dinner or after school. In cuisines, its alternative forms are served by adding chocolates and honey.     

23. Irish potatoes

The Irish potatoes or Irish lumpers are potatoes of historical interest. They were identified as potato varieties before the 1840s. A large amount of these potatoes is still cultivated in Ireland and getting fame worldwide. 

Besides this, these special potatoes are nasty, wet, and knobbly potatoes; the texture of potatoes becomes waxier after boiling than floury. A wide variety of these potatoes are used for making chips by many famous brands. 

Other than that, these special Irish potatoes give the best taste in mashed potatoes with cheese. The primary function of this dish is to serve it as baked, fried, and with other vegetables.

24. Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake originated in 1870 in the Victorian era, also called bombes. Mostly contain icecreams, fruits, dry nuts, and decorative molds. It is a popular choice of the modern age and is celebrated on the Fourth of July.

The cake is generally prepared in an ice cream cake, then frozen, and ice cream is added. The ice cream is moldy, and the cake is also frozen. Then these frozen layers of ice cream and cakes are arranged in multilayer with required decorative molds and toppings. 

Often served at weddings, birthdays, and celebrations all around the world. It is also served in many cuisines as dessert in an appetizer or after a meal. It is filled with other berries, ice cream decorations, and sorbet topping in cuisines.

25. Instant noodles

The instant noodles originated in china mostly served after boiling or frying in soups. The modern instant noodles inventor is Momofuku in japan. Initially, these instant noodles are getting famous worldwide as instant food. 

Ramen or instant noodles are precooked and then dried and packed with flavoring and oil. The ingredients mainly used in these dried noodles are palm oil, wheat flour, salt, and monosodium glutamate. 

Instant noodles now come in a cup, and they take a few minutes to prepare. Instant noodles are served in most cuisines, and customers prepare them by adding the required hot water. They are mostly served as ramen,  chow mein, and  Korean army stew.

26. Irish soda bread

Firstly, this bread originated in 1824 in the European settlement of America by using pearl ash. The pearl ash is most commonly known as potassium bicarbonate, added as a leavening agent for making quick bread. 

However, soda bread is basically prepared with coarse flour, olive oil, egg,  buttermilk, or sour milk. In some traditional recipes, sugar, honey, or molasses are added, but these are not essential. 

This bread is served chiefly with stew or eaten in breakfast with tea or coffee. In cuisine, it is served along with potato bread. This soda bread is best for instant food, and people used to eat it directly after being baked on fire and enjoy it in cold winter.  

27. Instant Pudding

The instant version of the pudding came in the 1940s in the United States and introduced a large variety with unique flavors. The instant pudding was made in powdered form and created pie filling and pudding.    

However, it is pretty easy to prepare the instant pudding; you need the pudding powder and milk. Just whisk both accurately and cool in a refrigerator before serving. Additionally, the jellies of various types of flour are added to enhance the taste. 

Besides making pudding, this instant pudding powder is used to make pie filling and cakes. It is mostly served as dessert or savory food in meals. Rice pudding is also served as a dessert in many restaurants.

Food Starting With Letter I

In this post, we tried to cover the foods that start with the letter I. And, we hope it will be a piece of additional information for your cookbook.

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