31 Food that Starts with D

To be Curious about the food that people eat all around the world is an interesting thing. As we know the food of every country is different. It helps you to learn and research traditions related to that food.

Learning about the new food will lead you to find and buy them in the market. It will also increase your knowledge about the food and recipes related to different nationalities.

Thinking about all curiosity, we compiled a list of 31 food that starts with D. Here we tried to add all the foods including starter to the main course. We hope it will be a good addition to your cookbook.

food that starts with d

Food that Starts with D

Are you searching for unique dishes all around the world? Here is a compiled list that will stop your searching. We searched and collected all the traditional and casual food from all around the world.

We have categories in the list in healthy food, dessert,  and dishes to make the search easier for you.

Let’s have a look at our list that starts with D.

1. Dagwood Sandwich

It was first made in Toledo Ohio in a Dagwood theme restaurant. This restaurant was established by Bob Weller and Art Lang. They wanted to make Dagwood a national food chain.

Dagwood is made with a variety of cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables, these are separated with a multilayer of bread. A crown of olive is garnished with a toothpick or skewer. In actuality, it has three bread slices, pepperoni, salami, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and a combo of vegetables.

It was served for breakfast at the start. Later it was added to the meal menu. It is now mostly served as a full meal in restaurants due to its high-calorie amount.

2. Devil’s Food Cake

Devil’s Food cake was invented in the United States. In 1905, it was printed in a recipe book. Devil’s cake is paired with a rich frosting of chocolate. 

Traditionally devils cake was made with squares of unsweetened chocolates. Now for convenience, it is made with cocoa powder, because of the reduced amount of butter. Coffee is added to increase the chocolate flavor.

Devil’s cake is mostly served in the restaurant as a starter. People like it as a dessert after the meal. Additionally used to present as a gift on birthdays or specific celebrations.

3. Dill

Dill is a herb widely found in Asia and the European region. Similar to the celery or parsley in shape. Fresh and fried types of dill are used in dishes.

Dill is used as an herb more than a vegetable. When dried, used in many recipes as a herb. In a pickle, it gives an amazing flavor. The freshly picked dill is used in salad and for garnishing.

In restaurants, freshly cut dill leaves are used as the topping of soup. In addition, it is served on the topping of boiled potato with butter. In Romania dill is considered a major ingredient in peas. Cabbage, bean; served with eggs and fried sausages too.

4. Doughnuts

The earliest origin of doughnuts is Newyork. The popularity of doughnuts increased after 1908 as a sweet snack. Doughnuts can easily be purchased by the bakery, supermarkets, vendors, or food stalls.

Doughnuts, prepared with flour, oil, and sugar. The dough is deeply fried, made in-ring or round shaped. Many kinds of flavors like butter, cheese, and chocolates are filled with the help of injection in the ring. Various types of topping like maple, sugar, and chocolates are glazing on them.

Doughnuts are served with coffee in many restaurants. It is served as a dessert in any region of the world after a meal. Additionally, it is represented as a gift instead of sweet in many cultures.

5. Dowdy

Dowdy is an apple dessert, the earliest reference is in 1924. This food is made with the limited ingredient of pastry by using apple pie. Also known as apple crisp or crumble and famous in America and Britain.

Ingredients of the dessert are flour, butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Additionally, brown sugar, ginger, and nutmeg are used to give flavor. Apple rhubarb is one of the most common and famous variants of this dessert. Berries, pear, and peach are also used instead of apples.

A large amount of crumble is served with ice cream. In most of the restaurants, it is served with fruits and a topping of chocolates. The crumble with other flavors instead of apples is also very famous in Australia, Ireland, and Newzealand.

6. Drumsticks 

Drum sticks are also known as horseradish trees. A well-known plant in India is grown for its flowers, greens, and nutritious pods. The crushed and dried leaves are used in many food recipes.

Drumstick is mostly used as a vegetable as common food. Mostly the dried leaves are crushed to sprinkle on the soup and gravy. This regular use of this vegetable. The immature drumsticks and pods are used in kurma and sambar.

In restaurants, it is served with soup and sauce. Mostly, used to enrich food like cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products.  Also used in baked items and pastries etc.

7. Dumplings

Dumpling is a famous dish all over the world. A variety of ingredients are added to different traditions and regions. Dumplings are available in both sweet and savory flavors.

A broad class dish that is made with flour, and potatoes. Bread and filled with fish, meat, vegetables, etc. Dumplings are made by steaming, baking, simmering, or frying. Various fruits and sweet flavors are added as a filling in it if served as a dessert.

In world cuisine, it is served in a different regions with names like bread dumpling dough. Pastry-type dumplings are famous in America. In Russian cuisine, it is served with chuchvara with a topping of suzma. 

If you want to know more about Dumplings, visit Wikipedia.

8. Delele: Okra Prepared with Baking Soda

Delele is a Zimbabwean and North African dish. This dish is made with various types of plants. Delele is known as Okra in English and also, and this can be made dried or cooked fresh.

Delele is a hairy plant that grows annually as a portion of edible food. This plant is rich in collagen mostly used as food for healing purposes. Delele of Okra is mostly eaten with the maize or pap meal.

9. Draw Soup

Draw soup originated in southeastern and southwestern  Nigeria. Another name of this soup is Ogbono soup. Various ingredients are mixed including okra and Ogbono leaves and heated to reach a specific consistency.

Obgono soup is made with pumpkin seeds and okra. Besides seeds, palm oil meat, fish seasoning, bitter leaves are added. Regionally meat of chicken, fish, and shrimp could be added.

Draw soup is served with fufu or pounded yam. Also, it could be served with “Eba”. In Nigeria, it is also served with amala. Mostly available in packaging food.

10. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a famous dish in New Delhi. This legendary dish is now world-famous as Butter chicken. A most regular dinner at Moti Mahal. This dish is made from Maa ki daal or Black lentils.

Dal Makhani is made from Urad daal (Black lentil) and rajma (Kidney beans). Initially, the daal was soaked over the night but now pressure makes it easier. The dal is then mixed with tomato puree and a blend of spices and herbs like ginger garlic paste,garam masala, and sabzi masala with the amount of butter.

The dal is served with a generous amount of butter. Boiled rice and Naan are served with this rich daal. This great recipe with a huge amount of flavor is now becoming world-famous food in desi restaurants.

11. Dal Gosht

Dal gosht is also known as “Chanay ki Daal Gosht”. This dish is an excellent lentil curry menu on the meal. This is mostly considered a continental dish and is found in most of the Indian and Pakistani cuisines all around the world.

Daal gosht is made with ingredients including; Gost, split lentil, tomato, ginger garlic paste, and many spices. Firstly the ghost is properly cooked and the dal is soaked and boiled. After that, they are mixed with spices and garnished.

Daal gosht is mostly served in Pakistan on Muharram. This dish is also considered a traditional dish of Mughal families and is served with Naan and Whole-wheat chapati. Also, served with boiled rice in many cuisines.

12. Dalcha

Despite being originated in India, this dish is famous in Malay and Singapore for wedding dinners. This is also known as “Daal Kadu” originating in Hyderabad, India. This dish is also known as bagara khana.

Dalcha is made with mutton, tamarind, and chana daal as primary ingredients and vegetable stew is also added in this. However, it gives an amazing taste with beef meat and chicken can also be added.

Dalcha is traditionally served with rice. In Indian cuisines all around the world, it is served with Naan, Chapati, or bread. This famous food is also served as bagara khana in addition to salad and sauces with rice.

13. Doubles

Doubles originated in Tobago and Trinidad. Also, it’s common street food in Trinidad. This dish was first created in 1936 by Rehman Ud Din’s wife. Now, this dish has become famous in many major cities and the globe.

Doubles are made with flatbread, chutneys, and curry chana. The bhature or flatbread is made with dough and then chickpeas gravy is prepared. Then place it on the bhature with many spicy chutneys and salad in addition.

Doubles are served savory, spicy, or sweet depending on the demand of the individual. The spicy pepper sauce is added along with them. Now in most of the cuisine, it is served with a variety of chutneys like coconut, mango, tamarind, and Chandon beni.

14. Duff

Duff was the first to mention in a storybook of children. This dessert is made with fruits and sauces. Duff is considered the English pudding. The major fruits added are plums and Guava.

Duff is a dessert dish made with dough. The dough of Duff is filled with a variety of fruits like plum, and guava and then a topping of buttery sauce is added. The fruits are chopped and filled in the dough and boiled. Ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and pepper are added to the filling. Duff is served as dessert after a meal or appetizer.

15. Dauphinois Potatoes

 Dauphinoise is a French dish and is mostly found in restaurants. This dish is made with potatoes and covered with dough then fried. Mostly the meat is also added.Dauphinoise are of quenelle in shap.

Dauphinoise is made with dough or bread crumbs. Inside is filled with mashed potatoes and meat of chicken or beef. Little spices like black pepper, salt, and oregano leaves are added to the flavor. Cream and milk are also added to the mixture to enhance flavor. They are deep-fried at a specific temperature ranging from 170° to 180 °C. Dauphinoise is mostly served in restaurants and supermarkets with sauces.

16. Ditalini

Ditalini are small size pasta and are also known as tumbled pasta or salad macaroni. The selling of Ditalini increased in Apulia, Italy during the industrial age. Now it is produced massively in several dishes all over the world.

Pasta e Fagioli is made from Ditalini and includes beans and pasta. A traditional Sicilian dish is full of spices made from ditalini. Ditalini is also used in pasta and broccoli dishes. Additionally, it is used in most the soups due to its size. Now in many restaurants, it is added in salt and is known to fit well to spoon dishes.

17. Dahi Kebab

Dahi Kabab is a traditional dish of Awad, India. Awadh is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This dish is mostly known as vegetarian kebabs. mostly made with hung curd, paneer, flour, and other spices. This vegetarian snack is mostly prepared on festive occasions.

Made with spiced yogurt paneer and other spices it’s a mouth-watering dish. Ingredients include hung curd, chickpea flour, coriander leaves, chilies, onion, salt, and spices mixed. These rounder and flat-shaped kababs are stir-fried at a specific temperature.

Dahi kababs are the most famous vegetarian dish on the Indian menu. In most restaurants, it is served as a starter with sauces and salad. They are mostly served with bhatury in India and in restaurants with naan and chapati or also with rice.

18. Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar Dalna is a delicious  Bengali dish. This dish is made with lentils and some spices. This dish is not just famous in Bangladesh but also in western countries. Vegetarians like the dish a lot and prefer to eat it with rice.

Dalan is made with lentils, potatoes, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, and many more spices to give flavor. Daal chana and all the spices are mixed well until it becomes a thick paste. That paste is then scattered on a plate. This thick layer is then cut into diamond-shaped pieces and marinated with potato pieces in turmeric and fried. These pieces are then placed into the gravy and garam masala is sprinkled on it.

Dalan is mostly served with rice in Bangladesh. However, with the regional difference, Muslims and Hindus eat it with Bread and chapati. Also, it is served as a full meal with rice and chapati in many restaurants. 

19. Dilkush

Dilkush or Dilpasnd is a bread filled with sweet stuffing. This dish originated in Hyderabad India. The name Dil Kush means something that makes you happy. This dish is considered a dessert and famous in many major cities and globes in the world.

Dilkush is made with flour, coconut, and tutti frutti. The dough is made from flour. Yeast is added to the dough to make it bubble in form. Keep that dough aside, until it becomes double. Grated coconut, sugar, cardamom, and dry nuts are filled in the dough. Then this dough is heated at a specific temperature in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Dilkush is served as a dessert in restaurants. Moreover, it’s a popular snack that can easily be bought from bakeries. This sweet is presented as sweet on festivals and oceans like doughnuts.

20. Dosa

Dosa is an ancient food that originated in India. A thin crepe or pancake made with fermented batter. This dish is famous all over the world and is served with aloo sabzi and chutneys.

Dosa is made with main ingredients including black gram and rice, smooth batter is formed, salt is added and fermented overnight. After getting desired consistency the batter is scattered on the griddle(Tava)oil is spread on it. Dosa can be made thin like paper or like a pancake as per desire.

Dosa is served folded or half-rolled and filled with sauces and vegetables for a meal. In cuisines, it is served as a typical vegetarian dish. Additionally, it is served with side items like chutney(coconut), samber, Idli, and pickles. 

21. Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is a vegetarian dish that originates in Kashmir, India. This dish is made with small-sized potatoes that are cooked in gravy. This dish is a specialty dish and can be easily eaten in most o Indian cuisine.

Dum aloo is made with special small size Potatoes (aloo) ingredients like tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and spices like tamarind, black seeds, cumin seeds, and garam masala are added. A thick gravy of tomato and spices is made and potatoes are cooked on low flame until cooked completely. The pan is covered with the dough to keep the steam inside.

Dum aloo is mostly served in the restaurant with rice. This dish is considered a specialty dish in many vegetarian restaurants. Moreover, it is served with chutney as a side and with Bread or chapati. The flavors of the dish become double if eaten with chapati.

22. Daikon

Daikon or mooli is cultivated in many regions of the world. Also, it’s a vegetable and can be eaten raw or cooked. It is also known as Japanese reddish or oriental reddish.

Daikon can be eaten raw in a salad. This vegetable is considered more beneficial for the liver and eaten for most stomach infections. In cook form, it is made with its leaves with the spices like green chilies, salt, and other spices. The cooked daikon can be eaten with Chapati or bread. daikon is served in a salad along with all three dishes in the season.

23. Dandan Noodles

Dandon noodles is a Chinese noodle dish. The name was given on a pole that has two hands, on one hand, the sauce was hanged and on the other was a noodle. That specific pole was used by a vendor to sell noodles.

Dandan noodles’ ingredients are simple, including noodles and spicy sauces. The spicy sauce is made with special red chili paste. Dandon noodles are served with the sauce and minced along with some pickled vegetables and peanuts. The noodles are garnished with chopped onion and spring onion as a topping. This dish is considered a full meal and is served in most Chinese cuisines. 

24. Dim Sum:

Dimsum is a small bite of potion that is enjoyed by the people for breakfast and lunch. This initially starts in a tea house where travelers are served two types of food including savory and sweet.

Dimsum is served in a tea house. Now in most of the tea houses items of dumdum have changed. With the cultural development dum sum is now served as local food. Dim sum can be easily eaten in Chinese cuisine now.

A wide variety of dum sum is now added by restaurants including dumplings, rolls, cakes, buns, seafood, and noodles all in small portions. Tea is considered necessary with the dumdum just like food.

25. Dawood Basha

A Lebanese meatball dish is known as Dawood basha or Daoud basha. This dish has a high ranking and rules over Iraq and the Lebanese. Mainly this dish is made with meatballs and vegetables in a tomato sauce.

Dawood basha dish is made with meat, tomato, potato, onion, and a lot of spices. Firstly, the meatball is made by mixing the small chopped onion and spices including chili powder and garam masala. Then the sauce is made with chopped tomato, onion, and garlic in olive oil. Pomegranate molasses are also added to enhance flavor. The chopped potato and meatball then added to the tomato sauce until cooked completely.

Dawood bacha is served with plain rice or vermicelli instead of pasta. Although in many restaurants it is served with pasta as per individual requirement. But the best taste of this dish can be achieved with Plain rice. Now, this dish is available in many cuisines with its traditional name Dawood basha.

26. Dolma

Dolma is an ottoman cuisine dish. Mainly this dish is made with vegetables, offal or seafood, fruits with cabbage or grapes wrapped round. This dish is most known in idle eastern cuisines.

Dolma Can be eaten cold or hot. This dish is stuffed with the whole vegetable, meat, and spices then wrapped with grape and cabbage leaves and cooked. This dish has many variations according to region.

Dolma is served with rice in many regions instead of meat.in Persia, rice flavors are added by stuffing tomatoes, cumin, and onion. Muslims eat dolma with meat in Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr. Dolma is served with curd and salad and eaten.

27. Doner Kebab

Doner kebabs made with meat on a vertical rotisserie. Firstly, these kebabs originated in the Ottoman Empire. This dish is similar to the Arbas Shawarma. However, consider fast food because these kebabs are covered in bread.

Doner Kebabs are made with meat including spicy ingredients. If served in a sandwich the vegetables like tomato, cabbage, onion, lettuce, pickled cucumber, and chilies are added. Various types of sauces are added to enhance flavor.

Doner kebabs are mostly served hot. In cuisines, it is served in sandwiches that are filled with a bulk of salad and sauces. Doner kebabs became famous in many major cities and cuisines as a full meal. 

28. Dahi Vada

Dahi vada is a kind of chaat that originates in India and is becoming popular in South Asia. Dahi vada has many variations with the difference or regions and ingredients in it. However, the main ingredients remain the same like Vada and yogurt.

In Dahi vada; vada is made with urad dal(lentils) and soaked and ground to make a batter. That batter is then deep-fried in small portions. Vadas are soaked before serving in water or yogurt water. Freshly yogurt is used with vada, chili powder, chat masala, coriander leaves, and chutneys.

Dahi vada is served with both savory and sweet yogurt. Moreover, varieties of chutney are available that are added with the individual taste. Dahi vada is served as a starter in many restaurants and cuisines and eaten with the addition of sweet or sour chutney.

29. Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht originated in Awadh India. Dum means “On slow fire”, It’s a cooking technique of northern India. Dum Pukht is now served as a traditional Pakistani or North Indian dish.

Dum Pukht was made in Cauldrons and filled with rice, vegetables, meat, and spices to make this one dish. The lid of the cauldron is covered with dough and kept on slow fire for hours. All the flavors get dissolved in the meat and vegetables. This dish is mostly eaten with bread. In cuisines, this traditional dish is served with whole wheat chapati.

30. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is a traditional Indian meal. This dish is considered a staple food in most countries. Dal Bhat is made with steamed rice and cooked lentil soup. In different regions, its serving style and ingredients vary.

Bhat dal is cooked with ginger, chili, tomatoes, garlic, and spices. This dal always has ingredients like garam masala, cumin, turmeric, and coriander. This is all mostly served with a mix of vegetables. In cuisines, it is mostly served with pickles and curd.

31. Dahi Chutney

Dahi chutney is a strained dish made with mint and onion chutney. This dish originated in India.Most popular dish in south India is known as ‘Mirchi ka salan’ and is served as an additional dish with Hyderabadi biryani.

Chutney is prepared with chilies, pepper, mint, and coriander, and yogurt is blended with it. Diced onion with salt and coriander mixed with a bowl of yogurt and served as it is. This dish is also called raita in Northern India.

Food Starting With D

In this post, we covered the 31 Food that starts with the letter D. We hope that this will be an additional list for your cookbook.

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