21 Foods That Start with the Letter U

Food is an engaging topic to discuss, and discovering traditional foods and flavors becomes an enjoyable pastime. When you specify food with the letters, it becomes even more exciting. 

Here you will find the numerous traditional foods that start with the letter U. Each food mentioned here has its distinct taste and preparation method. We are sure you will love to read them all to enhance your knowledge of food and culture. 

21 Foods that start with the letter U

  • Udon
  • Ugali
  • Ukrainian Rolls
  • Umami Burger
  • Umble Pie
  • Umbricelli Pasta
  • Unagi
  • Uni
  • Upma
  • Upside-Down Cake
  • Urad Dal
  • Uszk
  • Utah Scones
  • Uthappam
  • Usal
  • Uunijuusto
  • UKHA
  • Ube Halaya
  • Umeboshi
  • Undhiyu
  • Utica greens
Food that starts with letter U

1. Udon

Udon originated in Japan and is known as comfort food for Japanese people. It is a kind of noodle that mainly appears in the cuisine of Japan.

There is no specific reason to call this food udon. However, it is a transformed form of Hukai, adopted as Udon. Kagawa is well known in Japan for its Sanuki udon. There are also promotions throughout the other regions of Japan, including mascots.

Udon is also becoming popular in other countries, including Korea, the Philippines, and Palau, and comes with many different variations. 

Generally, this dish is served hot in winter and chilled in summer, so the recipes also change with the seasons. These thicker wheat noodles are served hot in winter with the hot broth known as Nurumugi and the child broth known as Hiyamugi in winter.

2. Ugali

Ugali originates from Africa and comes with many other side dishes. As a result of the different preparation methods, this dish is called many other names, such as sima, ugali pop, nsima posho, sadza, and many more.

However, in its native, it is known by the name ugali due to its specific ingredients. It consists of maize flour which was first ornate in Africa. In its preparation, maize flour simmers with water into a porridge, and then more flour is added to make a thick paste-like dough. After this, collect into sides to cook perfectly.

The ugali often has sweet potatoes, soup, ripe bananas, or bread.  

3. Ukrainian Rolls

As can be guessed from the word, Ukrainian Rolls originated in Ukraine! These are now popular in various cuisines, including South Africa, Europe, western Asia, and even China.

There is no particular characteristic that gives Ukraine, but it’s been referred to this way since it originated there. These rolls are made with cabbage leaves and then stuffed with various stuffing, including meat, vegetables, and many more. You can prepare these rolls by wrapping cabbage leaves with meat or vegetable stuffing and then baking, simmering, or frying before serving. 

Mostly these rolls are served with various kinds of sauces or as a side dish with many other main courses. 

4. Umami Burger

Umami Burgers are available in America in a food chain named Umami Burger. Umami exists because of the umami taste, which means savory or flavor. These burgers originated when the double cheeseburger was famous. Fleischman is a renowned writer who mentioned this burger in one of his stories. After this, the umami burger food chain was made, which takes the concept of Fleischman.

These burgers consist of beef patties prepared with finely ground meat seasoned with umami sauce. The tomatoes placed inside are lightly baked the whole night in umami sauces that enrich the flavor. These are then served in Portuguese style according to the writer’s choice, which feels artisanal.

5. Umble Pie

Umble pie is a famous dish that originated in America, and the name Umble comes from the English word Humble. It is well known as Medieval meat pie.

A variety of gradients are combined to prepare this food, including the meat seasoned with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, which are all inexpensive ingredients. In the umble pie, pie is filled with minced or chopped heart, kidney, or liver of deer or mostly with meat.

In general, it is best to serve as a side dish with some sauces. People love to eat it with garlic sauce and cheese.

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6. Umbricelli Pasta

Umbrella pasta is from the Umbria region of Italy and has the same consistency as thicker spaghetti. Wheat flour and water are the main ingredients of this thicker spaghetti. The egg does not appear in its preparation.

This kind of pasta is hand-rolled and usually served in thick Italian sauces. The consistency of the pasta must remain more stagnant so that it can bear the thicker tomato and mushroom sauce.

In general, this pasta is served in a big bowl and eaten as a complete meal. It is served hot in cuisine and popular in Italy and other regions as Italian food. 

7. Unagi

The unagi is a freshwater eel that is primarily found in Japan. Most unadon dishes in Japanese cuisine contain unagi. The high-quality unagi resides in Lake Hamana.

The preparation of unagi is simple. The most delicate eel slices are seasoned with salt and dipped in unique sauces. This dish goes well with rice, most   Often served with the unagi biscuit called unagi pie. In Japan, it primarily appears in the hot summer. 

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8. Uni

Uni originated in Japan and has now become a delicacy food all around the world. Uni is a Japanese name for sea urchin, and the gonads of sea urchin are specifically called uni.

Almost all around the world, foodies are obsessed with the creamy texture of gonads, appearing in high-ranking cuisines. Its creamy texture and flavor are perfect for serving pasta, sandwiches, and even sushi. If you find a chance to try this dish, never miss the chance to try this delicious food. 

9. Upma

Upma is a subcontinental dish and originates from India. The other names of this dish are opittu or Uppumavu. This dish is most prevalent in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, or Kerala. 

This dish consists mainly of rice flour, cooked as thickened porridge and roasted semolina. The seasoning of various kinds and vegetables completes the dish perfectly. 

Upma is mainly served at breakfast and can be eaten at lunch or dinner. It is a staple in the cuisine of India and trendy food there. 

10. Upside-Down Cake

The upside-down cake is typical in America and Britain. The cake’s name comes due to its methods of preparation and representation of the cake.

The cake comes together simply as other cakes do. The batter that goes into the cake is similar to any other cake batter. Mostly the fruits like apple, pineapple, cherries pieces are placed in the bottom before putting the batter so that when the cake turns down, these fruits show like decorations.

The topping of the cake gets inverted when the cake gets poured. The cake gets poured directly on the serving plate. Usually, this cake goes well with tea in restaurants.

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11. Urad Dal

This food belongs to south Asian countries, including India and Pakistan. The other name of urad dal is Black gram and is also known as dahl, dail, and Pappu. This food is also considered a staple food in many Asia countries. 

The preparation of this dal is simple, and most recipes start with the boiling of daal. The ingredients vary according to taste and region. These include jaggery, Haldi, salt, pepper, and garam masalas. 

The urad daal in most South Asian cuisines serves as the main course. It pairs well with bread, roti, or even rice. The actual taste of this daal comes out with rice and pickle.

12. Uszk

This food originates in Polish and the other name of the Uszka is Vushka, which means ‘Little ears.’ These are small dumplings filled with different delicious stuffing. 

This dish is especially served on Christmas eve in Ukraine and Poland and is considered part of their tradition. The preparation of these dumplings is easy but needs care. Firstly the dough is prepared with plain flour, filled with already prepared mushroom stuffing or minced stuffing. After the filling, these dumplings are steamed, fried, or baked as required.

The Uszk typically comes with a sprinkle of butter or herb. Mostly it is served in soup and other dishes in Various Polish cuisines. 

13. Utah Scones

This food originated in Scotland. Also known as Sones in Scout. Historically scones were made round and then cut into a triangular shape. 

Utah scones are baked food prepared with oatmeal or wheat by adding a little baking powder to it. After this, bake the weekend lightly with the egg wash. 

There are many versions of scones according to locality and method of preparation. The British version is in demand and made thick, crispy, sweet, and triangular.

The Utah scones primarily eat as they are. Mostly served with tea and eaten with jam, butter, or cream. 

14. Uthappam

Uthappam originated from south India and looked like a dosa. The other names of Utthappam are oothapoo, Uttapa, and Othappam. The name derives from the Tamil words appam, uthia, uttria, and poured Appam.

The preparation of Utthappam is similar to dosa. It consists of 1:3 urad daal and rice. Both ingredients were soaked overnight, then ground and fermented until risen. The batter was spread on the hot pan and topped with sliced onion, tomatoes, chilies, and masalas.

Uthappam traditionally comes with chutney in Tamil Nadu. The special chutneys are benign prepared for Utthapam and served with the sambar. It consists of steamed rice wrapped with banana leaves as per the tradition of Tamil Nadu.

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15. Usal

Usal is a famous Maharashtrian or Gujarati dish in India. In Marathi, it is also known as Osal. This dish is now served as a traditional food in most of the cuisines worldwide.

The preparation of this dish is time-taking and needs many ingredients. The black-eyed beans, peas, lentils, moong, matki, and hyacinth beans are used. The brands soaked and sprouted for a whole day. After this, the beans are stir-fried in onion, and curry leaves with oil. A little amount of water is added and cooked until turned into a thick gravy. 

Traditionally Usal is served with chopped onion and bread with a glass of lassi. People used to eat it in the bowl as a complete meal. 


The Uunijuusto dish comes from Finland, made from cow’s colostrum. The colostrum is calvids cow’s first milk. The other name in Sweden is known as kalvdans. The literal meaning of Uunijuusto is Oven cheese, but it is not a slice of cheese in actuality.

The Uunijuusto can be prepared with simple milk by adding a pinch of salt and baking in the oven for 30 minutes. This dish is eaten as a dessert and eaten with berries and jam. In cuisines, it typically comes with mehukeitto, which is a sort of soup.  

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17. UKHA

This dish originated in Russia, and the root of this soup belongs to Cossack culture, which is associated with the Don region of Russia. 

Ukha is a soup made from various fishes, including Northern pike, wels catfish, bream, and ruffe. Also, vegetable roots like parsley, potato, bay leaf, tarragon, and dill add flavor to this soup. It is preferred to prepare this soup with small fish and minimum vegetables.

The soup is mainly served hot with bread. It is now popular in many famous cuisines and serves as a starter with additional spices. 

18. Ube Halaya

Ube is related initially to the Philippines. The other names are Halea or Haleya, which belong to the Spanish world Jalea. In most Philippine regions, this dessert is referred to as Ube.

The preparation of Ube Halaya is simple. It starts with the purple yam, peeled, boiled, and mashed. Then with margarine or butter, condensed milk or coconut milk is added and cooked until it becomes thick. The thickened batter then goes on the platter in various shapes.

The Ube Halay is served cold directly from the refrigerator. The topping is additional, mostly done with condensed milk grated coconut or latik.

19. Umeboshi

The dried and picked fruits known as umeboshi originated in Japan and are widely available there. The word Umeboshi’s literal meaning is “salted Japanese plum.” The non-dried pickled ume is called Umezuke.

The preparation of umeboshi needs special care. The ripe plums are washed, lightly boiled, and then placed into the brine or salted water. These brine plums need to ferment in an air-tight jar for a specific time. These are incredibly sour and salty. 

In addition to rice and dumplings, umeboshi pairs well with many other foods. It mainly served as a side dish in most Japanese cuisines and is considered prevalent.

Umeboshi is considered a superfood due to its ability to combat fatigue and was famous among samurai warriors in the middle ages.

20. Undhiyu

Undhiyu originated in India, especially from the Surat region of Gujarat. The dish’s name comes from the Gujarati word Undhu which means upside down. The name of the dish is precisely due to its way of preparation. 

In this dish, the cooking is done especially inside the ground. The vegetables are used to prepare it. It is considered a seasonal dish made in individual pots called ‘Matlu.’ The spices used in preparation include ginger, garlic, green chili pepper, and freshly grated coconut. The heat is provided from above in the form of fire.

This dish features cilantro leaf, lemon slices, and juice. Traditionally, it is served at weddings at a banquet and eaten with puri. 

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21. Utica greens

This dish originated in the United States and in Utica. It is also called an Italian American dish prepared with peppers. Basically, in 1980,s Utica began this Sicilian traditional food which then spread to the united states with sauteed greens. 

This dish comes with vegetables, including potatoes, greens, kale, pignoli nuts, and Swiss chard. The other variation included chicken broth, cheese, pecorino, meat, and bread crumbs. 

This dish is served as a main course and eaten as hot and warm. It is now done in most cuisine with bread and sauces to enhance the flavor.  

Final Thoughts

The mentioned food belongs to different regions and traditions, undoubtedly bringing the other nations together. We hope you try these recipes and introduce new tastes to your friends and family.

Most foods are region-based, and the ingredients aren’t available everywhere. We suggest you use the nearest component to taste. This will make your food more enjoyable.

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