47 Food That Starts With E

In this electronic world, we all are getting familiar with the food and traditions of other nations. Indeed, food is a thing that brings all the nations together. Mostly, food lovers try to cover their cravings by trying new food recipes in their kitchens.

In order to satisfy this curiosity about food, we brought together a number of recipes that began with the letter “E.”. After searching online and spending hours learning about “Food That Starts with E“, we shortlisted the 47 foods that start with E.

You will definitely enjoy trying these recipes in your kitchen. Let’s have a look at the most delicious food that starts with “E”.

food that starts with e

47 Foods that start with The Letter E

As we know, food brings our loved ones together because “without food, there is no life”. You will find plenty of ideas in this article to bring them together again!

There are many foods that can be incorporated into your recipes to create new and tasty dishes. If you are looking to cook something special then you must try to cook the recipes mentioned below. Here are some foods that begin with the letter “E”.

1. Earl Grey Cookies

This epic cookie was released on 18 January 2021; these are energy booster cookies. When a cup of tea was mistakenly mixed with the cookie batter, these cookies were born.

Usually, these cookies are almond-based and prepared with crushed almonds and tea leaves. During preparation, flour, sugar, tea leaves, and almonds are mixed together. The buttery sugar is infused with a floral flavor to enhance this snack’s taste.

However, these mouth-watering shortbreads are best served as a dessert or snack. People loved to enjoy these cookies with tea or coffee. In restaurants, these are served best as a sweet treat.

2. Earth Nut

The “tuberous pea” was first cultivated in North America and can be used roasted or boiled. This food is also known as groundnut, pinder, or goober in different parts of the world. It is a versatile food and added to different meals.

In general, this delicious snack is roasted with salt and eaten whole. In most food dishes, peanuts are used whole as the main ingredient or as a garnish. The taste of peanuts is also enhanced when eaten with cashews and pistachios. These earth nuts are widely used in sweet and savory food and have an amazing aroma.  

3. Eccles Cake

The cake name is derived from Eccles, which is in Manchester. This is a traditional cake from Lancashire, which is eaten and served with Lancashire cheese.

Besides that, this cake is round and pie-like and filled with currants and butter. Sometimes, a flaky pastry-like cake is topped with sugar. As the word cake means sweet, baked good, so this is mostly served as a dessert. People usually represent it as a gift to their relatives and friends. 

If you want to learn more, visit Eccles Cake on Wikipedia.

4. Éclair

In France, this dessert, also called a “petite duchess,” originated in the 19th century. It has been said that Éclair was first made by a French chef in 1833 and was included in a cookbook as a recipe.

However, this dessert is prepared with choux dough and topped with chocolate icing. Once baked, this eclair takes on the shape of an oblong pastry. In most cases, the dough is brought in an oblong shape and baked until it becomes hollow inside. The hollow side is then filled with various flavors and whipped cream.

Due to its numerous flavors, this super-soft pastry is served as a dessert in many cuisines. A new variant of Éclair; topped with fruits, caramel, and dry fruits called baton de Jinacob is getting popularity as a dessert in many restaurants.

5. Ecrevisse

This fish is also known as mudbug, freshwater lobster, and crawfish and is mostly found in the southern and northern hemispheres. Actually, ecrevisse is the older name of crayfish, in some countries this word is applied to saltwater species.

Just like other edible crustaceans, Crayfish is eaten worldwide. Bisques, épotréparations, and soups are most commonly prepared using only the tail portion of the crayfish. It tastes similar to shrimp or crab, but the slightly sweet taste and the fair meat make it more delicious and popular.

Besides that, this dish is the most popular seafood in many countries and is served in various ways. When crayfish are boiled, they are served with their whole body, but only the little parts can be eaten. Moreover, if served as a soup, the tail portion is used in the preparation and eaten with bread.

6. Edamame

Edamame is also known as soybeans and was firstly cultivated in China. Anyhow, they were first recognized as Edamame in the United States. This vegetable is famous for both its medical and edible purposes.

The immature baby edamame can be eaten raw or enjoyed as a snack. In most cases, they are prepared by boiling, steaming or baking with a few spices added. The pods or beans are usually cut from the top and cooked, just like any other bean dish.

A popular side dish of Edamame named “izakaya” is famous in Japanese restaurants. These pods are mostly served with salt or saltwater. In Japan, coarse salt brine is sprinkled on the pods and eaten directly.

7. Eel

Mostly famous in London, eels are cheap, nutritious, and healthy seafood. The Thames River is popular in Europe for this fish. Due to its low cost and high availability, it becomes a popular staple food for London’s poor.

This seafood is cooked outside with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. The slimy texture is just like escargot and gives a nice taste with soya sauce. The eel is boneless and mostly used in making sushi rolls.

In Chinese cuisines, the eel is prepared in a variety of ways and is considered a healthy seafood dish. In most cuisines, eels are served along with other marine-related food items. 

8. Egg Tart

First, egg tart was sold in the early 20th century in canton, just like English custard tart. In China, Zhen Guang is credited with inventing the Chinese egg tart. This dish was prepared for a weekly special competition at a department store.

However, egg tart is prepared with ingredients including eggs, flour, sugar, water, milk, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. Put the pastry dough into the tart shells in a preheated oven while you prepare the tart filling.

This kind of custard tart is mostly served in Cantonese cuisines that derive from Portuguese and English tarts. Additionally, egg tarts are served in dim sum restaurants with special teas. The variation makes the egg tart more famous as a dessert in different regions of the world.   

9. Egg Drop Soup

In the United States of America, egg drop soup is also known as egg flower soup. This soup is a wispy beaten egg with chicken broth. Additional spices like pepper, salt, and other herbs are used for taste.

It is popular in almost all regions of the world with optional variations in the recipe. The chicken broth is prepared first, then finely chopped vegetables and eggs are added, then corn starch is added for thickness. Additional soya sauce and vinegar are used to enhance the taste.

The egg drop soup is mostly served in Chinese cuisines of different regions. It is served with additional spices like chopped chilies in vinegar or red chili paste to make it spicy. Mostly it is served as a starter before the main meal in restaurants.

10. Egg Tong Sui

In China, egg tong sui is a traditional homemade food seldom found in restaurants. This is also described as a sweeter version of egg drop soup with the same main ingredients.

The recipe is simple and takes less time to prepare. For cooking this soup, you only need eggs, chicken broth, and sugar. In order to thicken, cornstarch is added. In most cuisines, egg tong sui is served hot with bread.

11. Egg Noodles

The earliest record of egg noodles found in the Eastern Han and made from wheat and egg dough. The fresh noodles are stored in the refrigerator or dried for longer storage.

Mostly the noodles are cooked in boiling water with a little salt and oil added to the water. Besides that, you can also prepare soup with egg noodles and vegetables. Noodles are stapled foods in most cultures including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with a variety of recipes.

Despite the many recipes for preparing egg noodles, Chinese noodles are the most popular. Egg noodles are served hot in soup or with vegetables and sauces. Egg noodles are usually prepared in pasta styles by restaurants which include cheese and herbs in them. 

12. Eggplant

The eggplant or brinjal is a plant species that grows almost all around the world. It is basically a fruit but mostly used as a vegetable. Eggplant is a purple fruit with a white spongy interior and is used in almost all cuisines.

The raw taste of eggplant is bitter, but after cooking the bitterness is removed. The eggplant is battered before deep-frying and is mostly served with tamarind and tahini. This dish is usually served with vegetables like potatoes in a gravy of tomato and onion and is known as “Baingan Aloo”.

In nearly all cuisines, there are a variety of eggplant dishes available. A popular Turkish dish is made out of sliced fried brinjal in yogurt, served with bread. Furthermore, other dishes such as bhagary baingan, baingan ka bharta, and brinjal curry are also popular in restaurants.

13. Eggs

Eggs are the most common and easily available food in almost every house in the world. It can be cooked and prepared in several different ways. If you need something quick to eat, eggs are top of the list.

Commonly eggs are considered as a staple food for breakfast, served poached, fried, or baked. They are mostly served with bread, bacon, and hash browns. Also, eggs can be eaten boiled and mostly served in a salad.

Moreover, there are plenty of sweets in which eggs are added as must-have ingredients. There are different ways of serving eggs in different regions. In most of the restaurants, they are served on a platter with bread, or with custard.     

14. Egg Salad

The egg salad sandwiches recipe was firstly published in 1896 in a cookbook. The egg salad can be eaten as it is or most commonly with picnic sandwiches. The food can be creatively made with a variety of vegetables along with eggs.

Variations of this dish can be prepared using vegetables such as onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. You can easily make this salad by combining mayonnaise with finely chopped vegetables and pickles.

Most egg salad is served with brown bread or whole wheat bread. In cuisines along with egg salad sandwiches, plenty of salads are served with fresh limes and fruits. In most Jewish cuisine, it is served with challah, matzo, and shabbos dinner.

15. Egg Roll

It is still undefined where this food originated, but it is similar to Chinese spring rolls. They were first found in American Chinese cuisines. The egg rolls are traditionally filled with Chinese dishes and served as a deep-fried appetizer.

This food looks appetizing and is usually served deep-fried. The vegetables and eggs are chopped well and then placed in a wheat layer and deep-fried. These rolls can be prepared once and stored for a week or more in the refrigerator for frying.

It is usually served warm with multiple dips such as soy sauce, plum sauce, and duck sauce. Traditionally, this dish was eaten with the finger or fork and served as an appetizer in restaurants. In the United States, egg rolls are served on a combination platter along with french fries and fried rice.

16. Egg Fruit

Egg fruits are native to Central America and Mexico. This has a unique taste and is cultivated almost all around the world. This food can be eaten raw or cooked in many dishes.

This unique fruit is mostly used for jams, jellies, and other dishes. These rough-textured fruits are mostly used in cakes and puddings. There are many restaurants that serve this fruit in many salads and food dishes.

17. Eggplant Parmesan

This dish was originated in Parma or Naples. This dish is also known as permigiana di melanzane. The word Parmigiano refers to the cheese produced there. This food dish is now getting famous in many Italian cuisines.

Mostly, this dish is prepared with slices of eggplant that are fried and layered with tomato sauce and cheese. Various variations of this dish are found in different regions. It can also be prepared with chicken or veal or stuffed with vegetables.

This dish is mostly served with Italian dishes and eaten hot as it is prepared. Also, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available in different restaurants around the world. This dish is usually eaten with a spoon or fork along with a side sauce. As regional variations vary, this dish has many variations.

18. Eggs Benedict

The egg benedict was first prepared in 1850 by chef Charles Ranhofer in New York. This is a common breakfast or brunch dish in America. Basically, this dish is a combination of two popular dishes.

This dish is made with muffins that are topped with hollandaise sauce and poached eggs. This is a perfect size meal for one person and is mostly served with variations in different regions.

The eggs Benedict is mostly served at breakfast or brunch as a full meal. In most regions of the restaurant, bacon and ham are replaced with lox or salmon that enhances their taste. This dish is getting popularized in New York due to its combination. It is usually served at breakfast or brunch as a full meal.

19. Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young is an omelet dish that is most commonly found in British Chinese, Indonesian, and American cuisines. It is also spelled Egg foo yung or Egg foo yong. The word egg foo young comes from the Cantonese language.

This dish is prepared with eggs,  meat, and vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, beans, cabbage and water chestnuts. You can add meat from chicken, pork, beef, or goat. The recipe for this dish can differ from region to region.

However, in China, it is mostly prepared with a combination of vegetables, along with shrimp, crab, or minced chicken. In American cuisines, it is served with gravy and sauces and rice

20. Egg Custard

The egg custard or egg custard tart is a favorite pastry in the Commonwealth and Britain. They are distinguished by the filling of eggs and named egg custard tart. This is one of the classic dishes of the US and easily get from supermarkets.

These pastries are prepared by mixing the flour, cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla and then baked. These custard tarts are normally served fresh at room temperature. After baking the nutmeg and dry fruits are topped on it.

In cuisine people used to enjoy this custard tart with an additional topping of chocolate syrup. The custard tart was also served with fruits and cream topping. This is mostly served as a dessert after a meal.

21. Eisbein

Eisbein is originated in Germany and is prepared with pickled ham hock. The common preparation of this dish is known as Schweinshaxe in Germany. The Eisbein is mainly prepared with the hip joint of a hunted animal.

This dish is prepared with different methods with regional variations. Mostly it is served as smoked, barbecue, or cured. In Berlin, it is served along with peas pudding, and salad. Commonly this dish is served with mashed potatoes, horseradish, and mustard.  

22. Ekwang

This is a traditional Nigerian dish and native to Ibibios and Efiks. The Ekwang is also known as Ekpang. It is widely enjoyed and popular in Cameroon and the Bakweri tribe.

This food is freshly prepared with cocoyam and then wrapped in green leaf then simmered with fresh meat or fish. In various recipes, smoked meat, crayfish, red oil, and spices are added until cooked properly.

This dish is popular in the southern part of the Nigerian country. Mostly served with bread for lunch or dinner. In cuisines, this is getting popularity as Nigerian Ekwang and served with other side items like yogurt and salad.

23. Elk

The Elks are mostly found in Northern America. The meat of elk is lean, tender, and very flavorful. A wide of elk meat is available at a butcher you can get Lean chops, flank steaks, and a rib rack for cooking.

The taste of elk meat is very flavorful and preparation is easy. Due to its high nutrients, it needs less fuss and few seasonings for preparation. The delicious taste makes it versatile to use in different dishes.

The steak of elk meat is very famous in northern America. In restaurants, it is served with gravy, sauces, bread, and salad. Other than steaks, plenty of dishes with elk meat are famous in many regions of the world.

24. Elephant Ears

This is a famous street food of North America and associated with food stands in amusement parks, seaside resorts, or rodeos. The elephant ears are also known by alternative names such as Fried dough, fry bread, or doughboys.

The fried dough is mainly prepared with flour, yeast, water, and a little salt. After kneading a good portion of dough is deep-fried, it becomes irregular and bubbly shaped. A variety of toppings are sprinkled on the dough.

The treat gets its name due to its appearance like an elephant’s ear. In restaurants, it is served with a variety of toppings such as cinnamon, chocolate, powder sugar, sauces, lemon juice, maple syrup, and nuts. It is mostly served with a hot cup of tea in restaurants.

25. Elbow Macaroni

The elbow macaroni is in actual narrow tubes of short length that are made with durum wheat. The curved shape macaroni is known as elbow macarons. These macaroni are most popular in North American cuisines.

As in the case of elbow macaroni, they are used to prepare the pasta and cheese macaroni dishes. Anyhow, both the sweet and savory dishes can be prepared with elbow macaroni. In sweet;  macaroni pudding is made with milk and sugar, and savory cheese macaroni’s that are made with spices and vegetables.

These dry macaroni are simply boiled in water and used in different dishes. Mostly served in a clear broth with sausage, peas, sauces, and vegetables. In many restaurants, the Desi version of elbow macaronies named tikka, tandoori or barbecue spicy macaronies are getting popular.

26. Election cake

This classic cake is made with fruits or plum and represents election days in America. These cakes were made by women to motivate the men to attain the election meeting in town. There are many other names for food such as oak cake, training cake, Hartford cake.

Besides this, the cakes are prepared with the common cake material including flour, yeast, milk, eggs, and sugar. Additionally, the fruits like plum used to make it more prominent on election days. Milk or lemon glaze is topped on it. It is preferable to keep it a day or two at room temperature for better ripening.

As the name showed, these cakes are mostly served during election days. They are also served in from of guests in homes just like any other cake. In restaurants, a piece of cake is served as an appetizer or with a cup of hot coffee or tea in winter.

27. Empanada

Firstly, it was mentioned in a cookbook of Catalan by chef Robert De Nola. The empanada is thought to originate in Galicia, in North West Spain. He mentioned this dish-filled seafood recipe for Catalan, Arabian, Italian, and French.

This variant dish is prepared by filling the dough and the folded. The dough is prepared with flour and oil. The small size dough is cut and then filled with the filling that includes cheese, meat, tomatoes, corn, and other ingredients. After filling, empanadas are deep-fried or baked.

This epic dish is usually served with salsa and cabbage as topping along with dips in Beliz. The dessert version of empanadas is also available in many countries. In the US it is mostly sold on the food trucks and served with cheese toppings and sauces.

28. Enchiladas

The Enchiladas is oriented in a lakeside village in  Mexico. People used to eat corn tortillas rolled or folded around small fishes. This became more popular in Mexico in the 19th century after being published in a cookbook in 1845.

However, this dish is prepared with cheese, potatoes, vegetables, tofu, beans, and meat ( pork, chicken, beef, goat). The whole vegetables are chopped well and mixed with cooked meat and then folded into a role. After this top with the olive, vegetables, and chilies.

Enchiladas are served with fried beans, moles, and Spanish rice in Mexico. In many other regions, it is also served with green chili and red sauce. The spicy version of Enchiladas is also loved in many cuisines and served as a full meal at lunch or dinner.

29. Endive

Endive is a vegetable that was first cultivated in Belgium in the 1890s. Mostly it is eaten raw in salads but its taste is bitter if eaten raw, so it is usually cooked and related to chicory. The endive has three varieties including curly endive, escarole, and Belgian endive.

Although, it is a bit bitter but becomes mild and nutty after cooking. Before cooking, boil the endive for a few minutes and add a little salt. It can be used after cooling in several dishes by adding various ingredients and vegetables.

The endives go well with the juicy tomatoes, soft chickpeas, carrot, onion, and little spices. It is mostly served as a salad in restaurants. This dish is mostly served to people who love to eat healthy and delicious food with low calories.

30. English Muffins

English muffins were basically originated in the United States and first published in a recipe book in 1870. The word muffin is usually described as the “honeycomb inside”. Initially, the muffins were sold door to door as a snack or bread.

The preparation of English muffins is just like any other bread. The ingredients used are yeast, flour, water and oil, and little milk. First, the dough is kneaded and then a small portion of the dough is cut and placed in the mold of a muffin. After that kept in the preheated oven until it doubles in size.

English muffins are mostly served for breakfast with jams, jelly, or cream. These are an essential part of egg benedict and used for making a variety of sandwiches. A large variety of English muffins are now available in restaurants and shops, including multigrain, cranberry, apple cinnamon, and cinnamon.

31. Ensaimada

The Ensaimada is a common dessert in Baleric, Spain, and Mallorca. This pastry dessert is commonly eaten in many other countries like  Latin America and  Southeast Asia. The name Ensaimada comes from the Catalan word Saim which means pork.

Although the main ingredients of this dessert are wheat flour, eggs, sugar, water, mother dough, and saim. This dessert is designed by hand, which makes it difficult to define the portion of dough. A scale is used to get the exact proportion of dough to keep consistency in shape.

The Ensaimda is mostly served cold as a dessert after a meal. In most of the restaurants of North America, this dish is mostly prepared during festivals and celebrations. People used to take it as a gift for their relatives on special occasions.

32. English Sole

This unique fish is usually found in the Eastern Pacific that spreads from south to north. This fish has a diamond-shaped flat body with a small head. Mostly considered as delicate and delicious fish.

This fish is included in almost all the culinary world and prepared with various methods. Mostly it is prepared by baking, steamed or cooked as it is, or with vegetables. Its cooking time is less than other fish due to its lean body texture.

English sole goes well with a variety of sauces and steamed vegetables and rice. In restaurants, it is served as a main meal along with side items like salad and sauce. Mostly it is eaten with bread or fried rice.

33. English Walnut

In ancient times the walnut was also known as “royal nut”. Particularly walnuts are known as Persia or English walnuts and are from the Juglans regia family. English walnuts are mainly the edible seeds of a drupe.

English walnuts can be eaten after being toasted or raw. The walnuts are used in a variety of food dishes including walnut pie, walnut soup, brownie, and fudge. Walnuts are used as the main ingredient in chicken in walnut sauce, baklava, Circassian, and Iranian cuisines.

Although,  the walnut is considered a nut and used in a variety of dishes, as mentioned above. In Iranian cuisine, a dish name Circassia is made with chicken and served as the main course. The chicken and walnut sauce is the best culinary dish that is served with bread in Georgia.

34. English trifle

The English fruit trifle is mainly a thick cream, with ginger, rose water, and sugar and was first published in the cookbook as a dessert. The modern version includes plenty of jellies, fruits, and dry fruits.

This dessert is prepared with a thin layer of sponge cake, fruits, custard, and some other ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. All the ingredients are chopped into cubic shapes and then mixed and topped with thick whipped cream.

The English fruit trifle is mostly served as a dessert after the main meal. In restaurants, a trifle variation is prepared by replacing the cake with biscuits. The chilled trifle with a colorful layer of jelly is popular in most cuisines.

35. Eve’s Pudding

Eve’s pudding was originated in Britain and firstly known as a recipe in 1824. It is a new version of Duke of Cumberland’s, named after a Prince. This cake is now becoming popular in many other regions of the world

The main ingredients of this pudding are sugar, yeast, egg, apples, Victoria sponge cake,  and suet. The suet is grated hard fat of beef or mutton found around the kidneys. Pudding prepared from apples is baked under the spongy cake.

This classic dish is served in almost all of the restaurants. This pudding is served as an appetizer or dessert after a meal. Moreover, in many cuisines, it is served with ice cream or with many other fruits.

36. Erbazzone

Erbazzone is firstly originated in Emilia and is commonly served in summer. It can easily be prepared at home by using simple ingredients. Mainly it is made from 2 pastries with filling spinach.

However,  in Erbazzone the pastry is prepared by dough, and the filling is prepared separately. The filling is made from spinach, fresh green stalks, parsley, bacon fat, oil parmesan cheese, and spices. 

This ready-to-make puffy pastry is loved in many cultures. In restaurants, this pie is served hot with sauces as side items. The filled cheese, spinach, and spices give a look like pizza and are mostly served in cuisines by cutting into slices. 

37. Eru

The eru is a soup that basically originates from Cameroon a city in central Africa. This stew is especially for the bayangi (people in Cameroon) in the Manyu region. This traditional dish is prepared with a blend of vegetables and meat. 

This captivating soup is prepared in a traditional way. The sliced spinach is cooked properly and the crayfish are prepared separately in palm oil. In a variation, the fish can be replaced with chicken or beef stew. Both the stew and cooked spinach are added together with little spices.

The Eru is mostly served as a full meal in restaurants. Traditionally in Africa, this soup is served with fufu (the fermented cassava dough) or any other fufu flour with water.     

38. Erissery

This dish is originated from Kerela and is considered the traditional dish of Kerela, India.  In south India, during the Onam festival, it is served with other sadhya dishes. This dish is now getting popular all over the world.

Other than that, this captivating dish is prepared with a blend of ingredients. The main ingredients include pumpkin, coconut, beans, chilies, onions, and spices. A thick chutney is made from chopped onion, ginger, and onion. The beans are cooked separately and then added to the chopped pumpkin with the chutney.

This epic food has a delicious taste and is served as a meal for lunch or dinner. In restaurants, this tradition is mostly found on the Indian menu. Moreover, this dish can be well served with rice or chapatti.

39. Erdbeerkuchen

This dessert is originated from Germany and the word Erdbeerkuchen is used for cake in German. There are several different kinds of this cake and available in both sweet and savory flavors.

Mostly kuchen is prepared with common ingredients such as flour, sugar, egg but now fat is also added. Honey is used instead of sugar for diet cakes. In Germany, it is a tradition to eat kuchen with friends in coffee with tea.

However. A variety of kuchen is available in different regions. Sometimes it is served with fruits with the topping of cream. In restaurants, it is also served with ice cream and a topping of sugar syrup. It is less decorative than cake so don’t confuse it with cake or pie.

40. Escabeche

Escabeche is the name of different dishes in  Portuguese, Filipino, Latin and American cuisines. This dish is made with marinated fish or meat cooked in a citrus sauce. However, there are plenty of variations available for this dish.

This dish is mainly prepared with Escoveitch fish and marinated in a sauce made from carrots, onions, vinegar. The spicy version of this dish is prepared with pepper, peppercorn, chilies, garlic, and carrot.

Although, the international version of this dish is poached or fried. Before serving this dish is kept in the refrigerator overnight to make it citrus. The more popular serving of this dish is with preserved or canned tuna, bonito, or mackerel.

 41. Escalope

This dish originated in France and mainly appeared in a cookbook as a recipe in the 17th century. The original meaning of Escalope is mollusk or shelled nut. This normal size meat dish is getting popularity in the world due to its delicious taste.

Traditionally this dish is prepared with boneless meat. The piece of meat is thinned by using a rolling pin, mallet, or beaten with the hand of a knife. This process is done to make the meat more tender by breaking the fiber.

This delicious food is served as a main meal at lunch or dinner. Mostly this dish is served with spicy sauces or gravy. In some restaurants, it is served with salad, fries, and dips that make it tastier.

42. Escargot

This dish is originally from France and is mostly served in top-class cuisines. In actuality, Escargot is an edible snail that is cooked in different sauces. This dish is popular in countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

This dish is mainly prepared with snails, and other ingredients like thyme, garlic, pine nuts, and parsley. Mainly the snails are killed and their shells are removed for cooking in butter, wine, or chicken stock. After that ingredients are added while the snails are cooked properly.

Escargot is only served in top-class restaurants and it is quite an expensive dish. Mostly it is served as a hors’d oeuvre, while it is not liked by everyone but must be tried once. This dish is mostly served with sauces and eaten with a fork. 

43. Emmenthaler

Firstly, this cheese was mentioned in 1542  and originated in Switzerland. It is a classified type of Alpine cheese. The Emmentaler, also spelled Emmentaler,  Emmentaler or Emmenthal. It is a yellowish cheese that is prepared in Emmental.

This cheese is basically prepared with cow milk. Its flavor is fruity and has a walnut-sized hole in it. This cheese is widely used in many food dishes and eaten as it is. The Emmenthaler is mostly served in sandwiches and as a topping for many Italian and Chinese dishes.

44. Escaloped Potatoes

The escaloped potatoes are a French dish and are normally prepared in a shallow dish. Many ingredients are used for topping and then it is baked in the oven. There are many versions of the Escaloped dish but the potatoes version is more popular.

In escaloped potatoes, a number of ingredients are used including potatoes, butter, grated cheese, egg, and breadcrumbs. First, the potatoes are cut into slices and boiled. These potato pieces were then put into butter in a fireproof dish and topped with the remaining ingredients. After that, it is oven- or grilled until the cheese becomes brown.

The escaloped potato is most famous in vegetarian restaurants. It is mostly served in Italian cuisines as a full meal or side dish. People love to enjoy this dish with Italian sauce or spicy dips.

45. Etouffee

This crawfish dish was firstly served in Louisiana in 1950. Originally, the Etouffee was a popular dish in Cajuns’ bayous. This dish first is mainly prepared with shellfish such as shrimps or crabs.

The main ingredients for this dish are shellfish, vegetables, and rice. The shellfish is simmered separately and then added to the vegetable gravy. This fried rice is mostly preferred with this dish. In restaurants, the rice is served in the center of the shellfish and gravy.

46. Eton Mess

Eton Mess is a dessert that was firstly mentioned in 1893 and originated in  Eton college. This English dessert was firstly served at an annual cricket match among pupils of the school. This dish is prepared with plenty of whipped cream and fruits.

There are three main ingredients in this delicious English dessert: meringue, strawberries, and whipped cream or ice cream. Also perfectly prepared with bananas instead of strawberries. Various variations of this dish can be made by varying the seasoning fruits.

In all cuisines of the world, this super tasty, delicious dish is now offered as a dessert. The fruits are very finely chopped or cut into pieces. The whipped cream is topped with the fruits, but no additional sugar is added. It is also popular in most cuisines when served with ice cream.

47. Eye Of Round Roast

The round cut of beef is mostly found in South America and Brazil. There is no doubt that the eye of the round roast is the most delicious part of the animal. There are three types of round steak: top round, eye round, and bottom round with round (bone).

A variety of dishes and famous boneless foods are made from this delicious lean meat. It is mainly prepared by air-drying meat with vinegar and cured spices like salt, coriander, and pepper. One of the most famous dishes with Guinness is the steak and Guinness pie, which is made with Guinness and eye round steak.

Thin slices of eye of round roast are served with sandwiches and fries in restaurants with a chilled glass of lemonade. Also, you can enjoy this delicious juicy food with fried vegetables and gravy in the main meal with some dips.

Food Starting With Letter E

In this post, we covered the 47 different foods that starting with the letter E. You will get some new food recipes from different regions and traditions. We are sure this will be a new addition to your cookbook.

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