Can You Put Corelle Dishes in the Microwave?

The Corelle brand has earned its reputation for its beautiful style dishes and solid dinnerware that is resistant to breakage, scratching, or chipping. Most of you rely on Corelle dishes when you need to serve your guests.

Can You Put Corelle Dishes in Microwave?

You can use the Corelle dishes to warm and reheat food in the microwave. The heat-resistant and break-resistant nature of Corelle dishes allows them to be used in the microwave. The Corelle products can withstand temperatures of more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit without causing damage to the dish or food. 

Corelle dishes are versatile dinnerware that you can use for serving and microwaving food without any worry of damage to the product. Keep reading if you are thinking about or bought a Corelle dinner set and are confused about its usage.

Can You Put Corelle Dishes in the Microwave

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Can You Microwave Corelle Dishes?

You can use Corelle dishes in the microwave without any second thought; the material of the dishes makes them versatile dinnerware. Microwaves are safe to use for warming and reheating food in Corelle dishes. 

On the other hand, you can not use the stovetop or any other heating source to heat these dishes.

The Corelle dishes are made through a lamination process that involves combining two different glasses compositions through compression. This result is a solid and sturdy material resistant to high heat and makes it suitable for microwave use. 

But it would be best if you were careful with the temperature limitation of the product as a bit of carelessness can destroy your beautiful and expensive dinner set. It is indeed heat resistant, but try to avoid using it for activities that require a high degree of warmth.

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How to Know If Corelle Dishes Are Microwave Safe?

The easiest way to determine whether your Corelle dish is microwave-safe or not is to check the product page on the Corelle site to determine if it is microwave-safe. 

Corelle’s products are generally safe for microwave use, but the old Corelle dishes are said to not be microwave safe due to their different compositions. 

All products of Corelle have a label on them that tells if it is microwave-safe or not. Another way to check is to see the material of the product. If it is microwave safe, you can put your dish in the microwave.

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What Are the Corelle Dishes Made Of? 

The Corelle dishes are made of Vitrella, a tempered glass product made from two different types of glasses laminated and thermally bonded in three layers. This composition of Corelle dishes made them sturdy and hard, making them resistant to breakage and heat. Corelle dishes are unique because of the composition of the Vitrella.

There is a difference in the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass in the dishes. This difference results in compression on the outer layer of glass and tension on the innermost layer; the stress remains balanced, making its composition sturdy. As a result, the Corelle dish becomes break-resistant from any damage that would break any regular dinnerware with the same density. 

Do Corelle Dishes Explode in the Microwave? 

The chances of a Corelle dish exploding in the microwave are extremely low. Even though they are heat resistant and hard, if you make some stupid mistakes, you could cause them to break. 

Following are a few reasons and mistakes that could cause a Corelle dish to explode in the microwave:

  • Corelle dishes are not resistant to thermal shocks, so if you put a dish directly from the freezer to the microwave or from the microwave to directly in cold water, these sudden temperature changes can cause your dishes to explode in the microwave.
  • If you put a dish that is not safe for microwave use, it would explode in the microwave.
  • Never preheat the oven with the dish as it would cause the dish to become too hot and eventually break.
  • Avoid using broken or chipped dishes in the microwave; they will also shatter into million pieces in your microwave. 
  • Also, do not put empty dishes in the microwave, as the high heat would cause the dishes to explode.

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How do Hot Can Corelle Dishes get?

Corelle dishes can get as hot as 350°F, and exceeding this temperature can cause them to break or shatter. 

The material of the Corelle dishes does not allow them to heat above the mentioned temperature, or the dinnerware would be damaged. So with this temperature limitation, you can conveniently use these dishes for microwave and preheated ovens.

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Do They Break When Too Hot? (Is There a Temperature Limit)

There is undoubtedly a temperature limitation for Corelle dishes as the manufacturer claims it to be safe at 350°F, but if the temperature exceeds the limit, the product might break. Also, if you use these dishes on the stovetop and directly over the heat, it would surely break.

There is a maximum temperature limit for every product set by the manufacturer, based on its properties and clearance. If this temperature is exceeded, the product will be damaged.

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Is It Safe to Put Old Corelle Dishes in the Microwave? 

The vintage Corelle dishes are not safe to put in the microwave as the composition is entirely different from the new dishes. 

The old Corelle dishes had a lead content in their composition and the painting of their patterns. If the chipped paint is microwaved, there is a high risk of lead leaching into the food. So you should avoid using them in the microwave, but if the company claims it to be microwave-safe, you can use them in the microwave.

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How Long Do Corelle Dishes Last?

The Corelle dishes have a life expectancy of about 10-15 years. This period varies for different dishes and consumers as it only depends upon the amount of the product used and how it is used.

The Corelle dishes are one of the most durable and long-lasting dishes because of their sturdiness and composition. If broken or chipped, you can exchange these Corelle dishes within three years. A few clumsy consumers break them in a few years, and a few consumers use them for many years, but the expected period is mentioned above.


Corelle dishes are safe for microwave use because they are composed of glass laminated into three sturdy layers. The Corelle dishes consist of Vitrella, a tempered glass produced by laminating and thermally gluing two kinds of glass. These dishes can withstand temperatures up to 350°F, and above this temperature, these dishes would damage.

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