Can You Put a Regular Glass Bowl in the Oven?

The majority of baking recipes require using a glass bowl or dish, and you can sometimes reheat food in a glass bowl in the oven as well. Glass bowls must be a common question that everyone asks: can they be baked or reheated in the oven? Is it possible for your glass bowl to shatter or crack when put in the oven?

Can you put a regular glass bowl in the oven?

It’s not advisable to put a regular glass bowl in the oven. If you put a regular glass in the oven for baking, the heat would trap in the bottom, and thus the glass would shatter, resulting in any hazard. When the glass is tampered with and labeled oven-safe, you can only use it in the oven for baking or reheating. 

If you do not have an oven-safe glass bowl in your kitchen or you do not know whether your glass is oven-safe or not, then carefully follow this article to know everything about putting glass in the oven and how you can use a glass bowl in the oven safely. 

Can You Put a Regular Glass Bowl in the Oven

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Are Glass Bowls Safe to Put in the Oven? 

It would be best not to put a regular glass bowl in the oven because it does not have a high temperature withstanding capability to shatter in the oven. The only glass bowl you can use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher is oven-safe like tempered glass, pyrex, and borosilicate. A glass bowl made of regular glass is not suitable for use in the oven. 

It is likely that if you put regular glass in the oven, the heat would trap in the bottom of the bowl, and it would probably crack or even shatter in the oven. It would be risky to put a glass in the oven without confirming whether it is oven safe or not.

My experience is that I once used an ordinary glass bowl to make an egg in the oven. I baked the raw egg for 10 minutes in the bowl; however, I found a crack on the bottom, and the bowl was scorching when I removed the bowl from the oven.

Hence, if something isn’t designed for the oven, never put it in the oven to prevent any health hazard. Regular glass cannot withstand the oven’s high temperature, so you should avoid using it in the oven. The oven-safe glass is safe to put in the oven without any second thought. 

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Why Put a Glass Bowl in the Oven? 

Most oven recipes call for a glass bowl or dish for baking, so you put a glass bowl in the oven. The reason why most recipes call for a glass bowl or dish is that glass is a good conductor of heat, and so it distributes heat evenly to the food throughout the baking and results in evenly cooked food. It also retains heat for longer and keeps the food warmer. Glass bowl also does not release or absorb anything from the food.

How to Know If the Glass Is Oven-Safe?

Not all glasses are safe to use in the oven; the temperature withstanding of each glass varies from other, so if you want to know if the glass is oven-safe, follow the following tips:

  • A glass bowl can be determined whether or not it is oven-safe by checking its label, which should state whether or not it is oven-safe.
  • If your glass bowl does not have any label, check the bowl’s material; if it consists of pyrex, tempered, or borosilicate glass, it is safe for oven use. These materials have high heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures, so they are oven-safe. 
  • Another way to check is to put your oven-safe dish with your glass dish, which you want to check with water in them in the oven for 10 minutes. If they both get hot in the same manner, it is oven-safe.

Can You Put a Cold Glass Dish in the Oven? 

You should never use a cold dish in the oven, and such rapid thermal changes give thermal shocks to the material. If you put your glass dish from the freezer straight in the oven, it would undergo a severe change in the temperature resulting in the expansion and contraction of the glass from different sides. 

Moreover, if the glass is oven-safe, it would shatter in the oven due to such thermal shocks. So it would help if you were careful about the glass dish or bowl temperature before putting it in the oven; it has to be at room temperature to prevent any shattering of the material.

Can a Glass Bowl Shatter in the Oven? 

It is unlikely that an oven-safe glass bowl would shatter in the oven as it has a temperature withstanding capacity of 400-450℉. Still, if the temperature exceeds its limit, there is a chance that your oven-safe bowl might also shatter in the oven.

Also, if you do not put a room-temperature glass bowl in the oven, it is possible to crack it. Thermal shocks are another reason for the glass shattering in the oven; an uneven contraction and expansion could result in the breakage of the glass in the oven.

In the case of regular glass, it would shatter in the oven at even minimum temperature because it can not withstand the heat of an oven, so you should avoid using standard glass bowls and dishes in the oven. As the regular glass is only made for serving and storing food in the fridge, you should not use it for other purposes. 

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How Do You Safely Use Glass Bowls in the Oven? 

Always use an oven-safe glass for the safest cooking experience and best results, as they can bear such a high temperature. If you want to safely use a glass bowl in the oven without cracking or shattering, then follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Never use a hot or cold bowl in the oven; it would crack due to thermal shocks. Always use glass at room temperature to prevent any hazard.
  • Do not exceed the temperature limit of the glass above its withstanding capacity.
  • Always preheat your oven before placing your glass bowl or dish in the oven.
  • You should never place a regular glass bowl in the oven; tempered glass dishes are preferable for oven use.


You should not place a regular glass bowl in the oven because it does not have the capability to withstand high temperatures. The regular glass is prone to high temperature; it would shatter if placed in an oven due to the heat trapped in the bottom. Only oven-safe glass bowls and dishes are recommended to put in the oven for safe cooking.

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