Can You Microwave Corningware? [Here’s the Truth]

A Corningware dinnerware set is a piece of glass-ceramic dinnerware with beautiful designs and resistance to thermal shock. The design of this dinnerware makes it an excellent choice for serving food.

Can you microwave Corningware?

You can microwave almost all the Corningware products since they can withstand high temperatures and can be used to reheat food. However, you should not microwave any Corningware product with a metallic finish or metal parts. 

Corningware is only safe for microwaves if it does not have any metallic parts or finishing. If you have a Corningware dinnerware and want to know everything about its usage and properties, read the article and its instructions carefully for the best use of the product and safe cooking. 

Can You Microwave Corningware

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Can Corningware Go in the Microwave?

If a product is stovetop safe, then it does not mean it is microwave safe, and if a product is microwave safe, it does not need to be stovetop safe. There are different products of the Corningware brand, and each has other properties depending upon its material. Not every product of Corningware is safe for microwaves depending on its material.  

Thermal Shock and Heat Resistant

The Corningware brand claims that its products are highly resistant to thermal shocks and heat. Almost all the products are glass-ceramic, which is highly resistant to thermal shock and heat.

It is safe to put Corningware in the microwave without damaging the product or microwave. The microwave’s heat passes invisibly through the Corningware, which means it does not affect the product in any way.

Corningware That Are Not Microwave-Safe

There are a few restrictions; Corningware with any metallic features is prohibited from being used in the microwave; otherwise, it is safe to use. The older products of Corningware had a metallic bottom, so they are safe for stove use, not microwave-safe, but the new range is microwave-safe. 

Each product of Corningware has a label on it that clearly states whether it is microwave-safe or not. The Corningware is not only safe for the microwave but also for the convection oven. 

What Material Is Used to Manufacture Corningware? 

Corningware started manufacturing its product in about 1985; it consists of a glass-ceramic (Pyroceram) material that is highly resistant to thermal shocks and suitable for use in the microwave, oven, broilers, etc. stovetop. When the brand made its name in the world of kitchens, the company shifted its production to ceramic stoneware. 

In Bagneaux-Sur-Loing, France, Corningware french white dinnerware is manufactured by Keraglass/Eurokera (a joint venture between Corning and Saint-Gobain specializing in Vitro ceramics for cooktop panels and laboratory equipment). One of the few factories still manufacturing Pyroceram Corningware cookware worldwide with the same vintage designs and quality.

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How High Can You Heat Corningware? 

The manufacturers of the Corningware claim it to be heat resistant to a very high temperature. The temperature withstanding capacity of each Corningware varies depending upon its material. Suppose the product consists of original vintage Pyroceram.

In that case, its temperature withstanding would be as high as 600℉, and in the case of regular Corningware dinnerware, it can withstand up to 475℉, which is very safe and convenient. 

Corningware can withstand a very high temperature, but it is safe to check your product temperature limitation from the description for the product’s safety. Corningware is an all-rounder dinnerware that can go from stovetop, and oven to microwave and dining table.

Does Corningware Break in the Microwave?

There is very little probability of Corningware dishes breaking in the microwave because the material of Corningware is highly resistant to thermal shocks. So heat is not the reason for the dishes breaking or cracking in the oven.

A few users of the Corningware complained of it breaking in the microwave. This cracking is not because of the material any product can cause due to a few carelessnesses.

If you microwave an empty dish inside the microwave, the dish becomes hot unevenly, which causes the dish to crack. Another reason for dishes breaking in the microwave is when you put a cracked or chipped dish in the microwave.

Does Corningware Get Brown When Microwaved?

It is improbable that a Corningware dish gets brown in the microwave because it has a high temperature withstanding capacity. But if you put a Corningware dish in the microwave to preheat without any food in it for an extended period and at high heat, the dish would turn brown regardless of the material. 

Corningware is a versatile material with very high resistance to thermal shocks as the manufacturers claim it can go directly into the oven and microwave from the freezers. In other words, the material is unaffected by temperature changes; you have to be very careful while using the product.

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Care Tips While You Microwave Corningware

Although the company claims Corningware to be 100% safe for microwave use because of the material’s properties. But a few carelessnesses of the consumers cause the product to damage, crack and even explode in the microwave.

Following are a few care tips that you need to follow while microwaving Corningware to protect your precious dinnerware and for safety purposes:

  • Never preheat your empty Corningware dishes in the microwave because the high heat in the microwave can cause uneven heat distribution. The irregular expansion and contraction cause the dishes to explode.
  • Never use broken, cracked, or chipped dishes in the microwave. The heat would cause the dishes to break inside the microwave.
  • Prevent stirring with a metal spoon in the microwave; when you stir the food with a metal spoon, the water tension breaks, so heat causes the dish to break.


Corningware is a glass-ceramic dinnerware that has thermal shock and heat resistance. You can conveniently use it in the microwave due to its material and temperature. The material can withstand a temperature of as high as 600-475℉. However, if the product has a metallic finish or metal parts, don’t microwave it.

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