Why Are Salad Bowls Made of Wood?

A wooden salad bowl is essential to a good salad dressing. It only takes a few tools such as a wooden bowl and fork to make a delicious salad. Also, you can rub garlic in a wooden bowl to get a hint of garlic flavor that would be just right (not too much and not too little).

Why Are Salad Bowls Made of Wood?

The wooden texture makes salad greens and other ingredients like olives and tomatoes look more appetizing. Also, wooden salad bowls are durable, easy to clean, hygienic, and enhance the taste of your salads. As a result, you can make delicious salads at home with wooden salad bowls. Additionally, wooden bowls last a very long time when properly cared for and can even be passed down from generation to generation.

If you want to know whether wooden bowls are hygienic and safe for food, you can continue reading. In addition, you will learn what woods are best for wooden bowls and whether they can be kept in the refrigerator. We will also discuss the various sizes of wooden salad bowls and the best method for cleaning them.

Why Are Salad Bowls Made of Wood

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Are Wooden Salad Bowls Sanitary?

Wooden salad bowls are sanitary in the long run if cleaned well, and you replace them if they get any cracks. Wooden bowls are easy to wash, but they are not dishwasher safe. It is not a good idea to leave your wooden kitchenware soaked in water because wood can absorb water increasing the risk of getting split.

Additionally, wood is naturally anti-bacterial, and it can sanitize occasionally. For sanitizing, 1 part white vinegar mixed with three parts of water will work wonders. 

Soak your wooden salad bowls and utensils in this mixture for a few minutes, or spray this solution over your wooden kitchenware. After that, wipe off the excess moisture and dry them thoroughly.

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Is It Safe to Eat from Wooden Bowls?

The wooden bowls are usually safe to eat from and can be used for serving food and salads. However, in the late 90s, many companies and manufacturers of wooden bowls used a staining process that was unsanitary and not safe. Therefore, you should ensure that, when you buy these bowls, they don’t have any staining or polishing that could harm your health.

Now, many brands and manufacturers follow the food and health safety guidelines, and the authorities maintain quality. On the other hand, you can also find cheap quality wooden bowls on the market, made of wood that isn’t suitable for these types of bowls.


Are Wooden Bowls Washable? 

You should wash your woodenware regularly and season it occasionally to increase its lifetime. With proper care, wooden bowls can last for generations.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Americans believed that there was no need to wash the wooden salad bowls because, with time, wood gets cured, and you can make even more delicious salads. 

Those bowls were stunk to high ranks because there was a myth that oil turned rancid and dressing seeped into the wood, making exclusive salads.

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Which Wood is Used In Manufacturing Wooden Bowls?

Wooden bowls made from trees that produce fruits or nuts grown in temperate regions are best. The hardwood of trees such as cherry, maple, black walnut, olive, teak, bamboo (not a tree), etc., is usually used to make high-quality bowls because they are durable and attractive.

On the other hand, the bowls made from the wood of trees growing in Africa, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Southern United States, and Thailand are not durable. So, always make sure of that before buying any wooden salad bowl. 

It would be best to avoid the wooden bowls made of wood such as beech, oak, and birch because they don’t have durable characteristics, fade with time, and are not food safe.

Also, bowls made of fake wood are not safe for your health. They undergo a lot of processing and chemical bleaching and glue to keep them in shape. They are not healthy and can leach into your food.

Why Are Salad Bowls Made of Wood1

Can You Keep a Wooden Salad Bowl in the Fridge?

You should not store your food in wooden bowls in the fridge because wood can absorb extra moisture in the refrigerator, and moisture is the enemy of wood. Once a tree falls, it is deadwood, and deadwood and water do not go along. 

Avoid putting your wooden salad bowls in the fridge, as prolonged exposure to moisture can result in warped bowls.

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How Large Are Salad Bowls?

The standard size of salad bowls is 15 inches with a deep bottom, and they are perfect for serving two people. Also, you can toss your salad without the risk of it falling out, and they are suitable for everyday use. 

However, the salad bowls are available in various sizes, and you can choose according to your requirements and serving size. Small salad bowls are great for eating or individual serving, and large salad bowls are best for tossing salads and catering to more people. 

Further, 7-inch bowls can fit a typical one-side serving of salad. 10-inch salad bowls can hold two standard side servings or one big meal-size serving, and 12-inch salad bowls are good for 3-4 side servings or two large servings.

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What Wooden Bowls Are Best for Caesar Salad?

Like the other salad bowls, the Caesar salad bowls are also made with hardwoods from trees such as maple, black walnut, olive, teak, cherry, and bamboo. These woods are considered sustainable wood and good for all types of salad bowls.

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The second bowl is from Mountain Woods Mahogany Caesar Salad Bowl; it comes in a set of 4 and can be used to serve salads, pasta, and other foods like nuts and popcorns. You can conveniently find these bowls on Amazon here.

How Do You Clean Wooden Bowls?

Hand washing is best for cleaning wooden salad bowls. You can wash them with warm soapy water, followed by a quick rinse, then dry them thoroughly with an absorbent towel and then let them air dry for some time. Never put your wooden bowls in the dishwasher or oven because they will crack and warp.

Furthermore, wood is a porous material and can absorb water and swell, which will result in cracks and dents in your wooden bowls. Also, never soak them in water and do not put them aside for drying because the left of water or water sitting on their bottoms will be absorbed, causing splitting.

Therefore, dry your wooden bowls immediately with a towel after washing them. Always season your bowls after washing with any cooking oil to make them last longer.

But if you use your bowl occasionally, then season it with food-grade mineral oil, including olive, canola, coconut oil, etc. Let your wooden salad bowls soak in oil for a few minutes, and then wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel.


The wooden bowls are the best choice for tossing and serving salads and a great addition to your dining ware. Keeping wood bowls in good condition and taking good care of them can make them your family heirlooms. 

You should avoid putting your wooden bowls in the dishwasher, oven, and fridge. Always hand wash them and dry them immediately with an absorbent towel to make them last longer.

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