Can You Chop Onions In A Food Processor?

We chop onions as part of our daily meal preparation, and It’s a common problem that when you chop by hand, it can leave you teary-eyed for up to an hour afterward. Having a food processor allows us to prepare meals quickly when we need them without taking too much time. But this brings up a question: can onions be chopped in a food processor?

You can quickly chop onions in the food processor, as It’s fast, reliable, and adds flavor to the meal. It would help if you chopped the onion in short bursts, not becoming a pulp. However, chopping onions in a food processor is not the best option, and it will give you less control than chopping with a knife. 

The sulfuric compounds present in the onions are responsible for making your eyes water. It is certainly annoying. Fortunately, the food processor lid will prevent the syn-Propanethial S-oxide from escaping and reaching the eyes. Here is how to use the food processor to achieve the best results.

can you chop onions in a food processor

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Is It Safe to Chop Onions in a Food Processor?

Chopping onions in the food processor is a very safe choice. You will acquire fine small pieces, and it will save you the trouble of sensitive, teary eyes from the manual cutting. Not wanting to cry is a legitimate cause not to chop an onion by hand. However, ensure all body parts are away from the blade and the electrical outlet when using the food processor.

However, there is a fine line for chopping onions in a food processor since it offers less control than a knife or a shredder. Leaving the food processor on for too long will turn the onions into a mushy mess. 

Choosing to chop the onions in the food processor is not the ultimate choice, but you can’t ignore it works. The food processor is the best choice if you want more fine and even onion pieces for sauces or stocks. After transferring onions to the pan or pot, caramelize them on low heat until they become transparent and follow the cooking recipe as is.

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How Do You Chop Onions in a Food Processor?

Let’s how to use a food processor to chop onions:

  • Peel the onion entirely and cut into quarters. Use a sharp knife for quick cuts and prevent water eyes.
  • Open the list of the food processor and drop the blade. Hold the blade from its head and ensure it rotates anti-clockwise.
  • Snap the blade into place.
  • Once the blade is secure, place the onion into the food processor with two quarters on each side.
  • Now put the lid back on and rotate it until it clicks with the jug. The process may vary according to the make and model.
  • Press the pulse control with short bursts at the beginning for a few seconds. Short bursts of pulses are easier to figure out how finely you want the onion chopped. 
  • Once you have the desired result, remove the food processor lid.
  • Turn the food processor blade clockwise and remove it too. Do not attempt to remove onion residue left on the chopping blade with your fingers.
  • Remove the jug and transfer chopped onion into the cooking vessel of choice.

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What Is the Best Way to Chop an Onion in the Food Processor?

  • Carefully place the S blade into the bowl and lock it.
  • Remove the outermost layer of the onion—the hard and the film. 
  • Reduce the onion into four equal parts for easy chopping.
  • Carefully place the onion into the food processor.
  • Blitz the onion on the pulse button four to seven times. The pulse is usually the third button after on and off.
  • Do not over-chop the onions, making the food taste bitter.

Should You Use Water When Chopping Onions in the Food Processor?

Naturally speaking, onions have a significant amount of water in them. As a result, the more finely an onion is chopped, the more water is released. Furthermore, the water release oxidizes, causing the chopped onions to become too runny. Therefore, there is no need to add water because of the onion’s internal composition.

However, if you feel the S blade is stuck or the onions are not swirling appropriately, adding water when chopping onions is a wise solution to lubricate the S blades into working correctly.

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Can You Put a Whole Onion in a Food Processor?

Dropping an entire onion into the food processor prevents watery eyes and the annoying step of quartering the onions. However, placing a whole onion means burdening the internal motor system. You will also have less control over the results since the onion will juggle around the S blade and chop unevenly.

Therefore, dividing the onions into quarters or chunks causes constant chopping for salads and onion-marinated dishes. It prevents the onions from becoming a juice which rids its texture and ideal cooking time. 

Should You Wash the Onion Before Putting It in the Food Processor?

Washing the onions before cooking or putting them into the food processor is a wise choice. The heat from the water will kill the Allium microbes present on the layer. Wash the onion thoroughly if you wish to eat it raw.

Onions are one of the cleanest vegetables to produce. However, it does not guarantee the absence of microbes and bacteria. We are unaware of who handles our food before it reaches our doorstep and shopping art. Therefore, wash the onions thoroughly. Otherwise, the germs on the outer layer will travel to the inner layer, contaminating your food and causing diseases.

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Are Food Processors Capable of Grating Onions?

You can grate an onion in the food processor. Most processing equipment comes with a grating attachment to grate onions and other edibles.

It works very similarly to a cheese grater. Push the onion onto the attachment and scrape the item to grate it successfully. It will fall into the processing bowl. 

In addition to the feature, you need to connect the food processor to the outlet. The grating option works offline, and you can use it similarly on other vegetables and fruits to create delicious foods.


Working with the food processor is the best way to control the outcome while making the cooking process a lot easier. The time it takes to chop the onion depends on the side and strength of the S-blade. Remember to place the chopped onion back into the refrigerator so you can focus on the remaining preparation. 

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