Do Slow Cookers Turn Off By Themselves?

A slow cooker is an excellent device, especially if you are busy and have no time for cooking. You can leave your food all day or overnight to cook without any problem. However, if you follow all the directions and use it properly, you can leave the slow cooker on the countertop for a longer time. 

Most modern programmable slow cookers can turn off themselves after 24 hours and turn to the keep warm setting to avoid contaminating your food. However, it switches to warm mode after a predetermined time or when your food reaches a specific temperature. Therefore, you can leave your slow cooker unattended without any posing risk of fire breaking and extra electricity cost.

This article will discuss whether or not it is a good idea to leave a slow cooker on for a long time. Are you wondering if a slow cooker will consume a lot of electricity? Read on to know that. You will also learn tips for safely leaving the slow cooker all day or overnight.

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Will Slow Cookers Turn Off By Themselves

Do Slow Cookers Have An Automatic Turn-Off Feature?

Modern programmable slow cookers come with an automatic turn-off feature, and they switch the heat settings to keep warm after a set amount of time, but they shut off on their own after 24 hours. However, you may not plan to leave your cooker for that long. 

Moreover, these programmable slow cookers come with two default settings – one, your slow cooker will turn off when the food reaches a specific temperature, and the other, it will switch from cooking to warm mode after a predetermined period. The warm food setting is handy because it keeps your food warm at a safe temperature until you want to eat and does not allow it to cool down at an unsafe temperature. 

On the other hand, the older models of slow cookers come with manual settings, and they do not have an automatic turn-off setting like newer models. Therefore, they need to be turned on; and off manually, but even then, you can leave them for a longer time, but you have to shut them off.

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Can You Leave Slow Cookers Unattended?

You can leave the slow cookers unattended because they have an automatic turn-off feature, so you can leave them alone for hours without any fire risk. All you have to do is dump all the ingredients into the slow cooker, set it on the counter, and forget about it.

Furthermore, the modern programmable slow cookers are safe to leave unattended on the heat for almost 24 hours as long as you follow the safety precautions.

Moreover, the slow cookers are energy efficient because they use less current and cook more with the trapped heat and steam. They use less electricity (around 1300 watts for 8-9 hours) than an oven (about 2000 watts to 5000 watts for 1 hour) and even less than a traditional light bulb. 

Also, the slow cookers are designed to cook unattended for longer; they do not use more electricity and reduce your electricity cost by half. Furthermore, the amount of electricity consumed by a slow cooker depends on its size, the food you cook, and how frequently you use it.

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Can You Leave Slow Cookers On All Day?

The slow cookers are incredibly forgiving when leaving them on for extra hours because they trap moisture to avoid drying the food and keep food at a specific temperature to prevent burning. But, it’s not recommended to leave your slow cooker on for all-day because it will mess things up. 

However, most modern programmable cookers come with automatic turn-off settings. But even a traditional slow cooker can be left on all day; if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly.

Care Tips:

Furthermore, remember these below-mentioned care tips that will help you leave your slow cooker all day or overnight without being worried.

  • Always set your low cooker on low heat; when leaving it on for a longer time.
  • Do not overload your slow cooker with food and liquid. It is best to fill it half or ¾ with contents, especially when you want to leave it attended.
  • It would help if you chose a slow cooker recipe that cooked for long without being undercooked and overcooked.
  • Always make sure to place your slow cooker on a flat tiled or granite heatproof surface and never put it on a heat-sensitive wooden surface to avoid any damage or mess caused by spills.
  • You should keep your slow cooker at a distance, generally at least 6 inches away from kitchen walls and other tools.
  • You need to keep the cords of the slow cooker away from any liquid to prevent fire breaking or any mishap.

Can You Stop The Slow Cooker Before Time?

It is possible to stop the cooker before the set time and restart it again after some time, but it is not advisable. As a result, food cools down at an unsafe temperature and sits at room temperature. A danger zone (between 41°F and 145°F) will exist during this period. 

If your food sits in this temperature window for a long time, it can allow bacteria to multiply and ruin your food, especially dairy and meat, and can cause food poisoning to anyone who will eat this food. 

However, your food is safe at hot temperatures (when the slow cooker is on) and in very low-temperature conditions (in your refrigerator). In addition, your food will last a long time when you have it in the fridge or the slow cooker. But once your food comes off the heat and sits at room temperature, it would be safe only for a few hours; therefore, either eat it or cool it down quickly and put it in the refrigerator.


Cooking slow and safely is the purpose of slow cookers, and their ease of use and energy efficiency make them an attractive appliance. After putting all the ingredients in it and turning it on, you can leave it unattended for hours. As long as it is not overloaded, set the temperature at low, place it on a flat surface, and you can leave it alone for hours.

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