Why Do Your Baking Pans Turn Black?

When it comes to baking, most people prefer baking pans as they would be ideal for making desserts and other types of food. Baking pans come in different types of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, but all of them face the same issue “Turn Black”. 

Why Do Your Baking Pans Turn Black? Baking at a high temperature can cause the baking pans to turn black or sometimes the over baking of oils or fats will deposit carbon on the pans which will turn the pan black. Moreover, when a pan undergoes high temperatures for a longer period of time, then the heat flames will turn it black.

you should choose high-quality baking pans since these issues usually appear with low-quality pans. Keep reading to learn about common reasons why baking pans turn black, also some great cleaning products to keep your pots like new.

Why Do Your Baking Pans Turn Black Pinterest

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Why Baking Pans Turn Black? (List of Common Reasons)

There are a number of reasons why most baking pans will turn black. One of the common reasons is longer baking times, so if you want to avoid blackened baking pans, you should also consider this aspect. This is one of the most common reasons why it gets black.

The other reasons that cause the baking pan to turn black are;

  • Aluminum Oxidation Process: If you are using the aluminum pan for baking then it will lead to the aluminum oxidation process leading the pan to turn black. Aluminum is considered an inexpensive metal and also it is a light color so it will transfer the heat evenly.
  • Cooking Acidic Foods: If you are cooking acidic foods, then it will cause the pans to turn black. Sometimes the metal of the baking pan will react with the acidic food by giving a metallic taste. For example, you can’t use tomato sauce in the aluminum baking pan as it will lead to black streaks.
  • Sticking Food on Pan: Sometimes sticking food on the baking pan will cause them to turn black. So, before cooking, grease the pan with oil as it will act as a non-stick coating, and even preheating will prevent the sticking of food and the black marks. 

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How to Clean Baking Pans?

Why Do Your Baking Pans Turn Black

Even though we reduce the temperature or use a high-quality baking pan but still sometimes we can’t stop the pans from getting black. But here are some tips that will let you know how to clean the pans after burning food;

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  • Scrub the Black Marks: The most common way used to clean the baking pan is to scrub the black marks from the pan using an oven cleaner. Let’s try other methods;
  • Boil the Soapy Water: In a large pot, boil the soapy water on the stove and place the baking pan on the large pot. Boil it for few minutes, then turn off the stove and cool it. Rinse the bakeware with soap and water.  
  • Mix Baking Soda with Warm Water: Next is the easiest method, using baking soda we can clean the baking pans. Mix baking soda with warm water and apply it to the surface of the baking pan. Then rinse it well until you see the shiny surface. Even you can follow this tip for enamel and printed pans as it won’t affect the surface, but you can’t use this tip on aluminum pans.
  • Ketchup Over the Baking Pan: Squeeze a little amount of ketchup over the baking pan surface and rub it well using the washing sponge. You need to scrub until you see the shining surface and then rinse it well.  

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Best Products to Clean Baking Pans

The baking pads turning black have become a common problem but to save your baking dishes we can see a wide variety of products available in the market. Listed below are some of the most popular products;

Easy-Off and Brillo Pads:

Here you need to spray the easy off on the entire surface of the pan and left it aside for 20 minutes. After that put the pan under the water and scrub it using the brill pads till you will see the shining surface. 

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Dryer Sheets: 

this will be the easiest and simple method, as you can clean the pan using a dryer sheet. You need to pour warm water into the dish and then place the dryer sheets on the surface of the water. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes or you can leave it overnight. A wet sponge should then be used to wipe the surface.

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Aluminum Foil:

This will remove the black mark and make the dish work. Pour Bon Ami powder or baking soda on the surface of the pan. Then add water to a paper towel and rub it all over the pan. Finally, crumble the aluminum foil sheet and then rub it all over the surface. 

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Do You Use a Baking Pan on the Stove?

stove for pan

You can use the baking pan on the stove but you need to use it under the lower flame. In most cases, I won’t recommend using a baking pan on the stove. 

When it comes to the stovetop, it conducts higher heat when compared to the oven. So, most oven-safe pans will be made that should withstand the oven temperature, but you can use them on the stovetop if you are using a lower flame, but still, it comes with certain risks.

If you use the baking pan on the stove and heat it at a higher temperature then it will create a mess on your stovetop. As the baking pan will be made of thin material so the high heat from the stovetop will result in the worst-case scenario.

But now, we are getting a lot of bakeware products that will support the cooking on the stovetop. Before using any kind of pan, make sure to note down its properties, as it will help you from further damages and also prevent your dish from getting ruined.   


As time passes, most of the cooking products will get black as in the same case the baking pans will also turn black. Most pans will get black because of the high temperature and it should be removed as it will not only look dirty but also it will mess with your food. 

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