How to Clean a Scanpan After Burning Food?

A scanpan is a non-stick aluminum pan, which is ideal for use in the kitchen for various purposes. However, sometimes despite being non-stick, some cookware gets burnt due to a variety of carelessness. In this case, how should you clean your burnt scanpan without any scratches?

Use hot water to wash your burnt scanpan, pour dishwashing detergent on the burnt areas, and scrub with a scorching nylon pad (it is gentle and will not leave scratches on the surface). You can also boil water in the burnt pan and follow the abovementioned process. Do not leave burnt cookware in the sink for too long after burning, or else the strains will harden, making cleaning much more difficult.

how to clean a scanpan after burning food

Although burnt strains may seem impossible to remove at first, a few simple cleaning tips can help you clean your cookware very easily. If you have a burnt pan and don’t know how to restore your pan after burning food without destroying it, read the information in this article very carefully for some helpful tips.

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How to Clean the Scanpan After You Have Burned Food?

Cleaning a burnt pan seems like a very arduous task, but I will share very efficient and easy tips with you to save your burnt pan.

Fill the burnt cookware with water and put it on the stove. After boiling, add baking soda to the water and keep it boiling on the stove. The soda will remove all the stuck residue from the pan surface. Whenever you notice a change in the water’s color, remove the pan from the stove and clean it with plain water. 

This way, you can clean any burnt pan or cookware in no time. Another way to clean your pan is to add vinegar to the boiling water, and vinegar also helps to remove the hard food residues from the pan surface. 

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What Is the Best Way to Clean a Burnt Scanpan?

There are many ways to clean a burnt scanpan, but in my opinion, the best and the most convenient way would be to wash the pans with warm soapy water and then rub the pan’s surface with a scorching nylon pad in a circular motion. 

The warm, soapy water works magic on the burnt pan and removes all the remaining food residue. Any burnt pan can be easily cleaned in this way and if you want a deep cleaning and if the situation is worse, follow these tips.

  • If the pan is burnt aggressively and the warm water and rubbing do not affect it, then try this method. 
  • Fill the burnt pan with  ¾ water, bring it to boil on a low to medium flame, add any dishwasher detergent, keep the liquid in the pan for about 15-20min and then clean the pan with a non-abrasive cloth. 
  • Your pan would be new again without any physical effort to rub sponges, scratches, and damage to the cookware.

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How Do You Restore the Scanpan Surface?

Your scanpan can be restored by daily cleaning with regular dishwashing liquid or stainless-steel cleaner, barkeeper’s friend, baking soda, cream of tartar, borax, and scrubber. Always clean the pan after every use to increase the life of your pan and its non-stick coating. The home remedies mentioned in the article will also help you restore your scanpan shine

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How Do You Get Burnt Oil Off the Outside of a Scanpan?

Often the residues present outside the pans and cookware are grease which becomes very difficult to remove. Try these methods to get rid of the greasy pans and cookwares bottoms:

  1. For the first layer of grease, try washing the pan bottom with any dishwasher liquid or detergents and then scrub it with a non-abrasive sponge.
  2. Then, dip the pan in a liquid made with two parts of water and 1 part of vinegar for the next layer. Leave it there for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then scrub it off.
  3. After that, you might notice a few greasy residues. For this, try soda-vinegar paste or salt-lemon paste with a bit of water and apply it to the pan bottom for proper cleaning. 

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How to Clean the Bottom of a Scanpan?

The bottom of the scanpan might burn due to overheating or just become black after regular use due to stove flame. Following are some easy home remedies to clean your cookware and scanpan bottoms:

  • The salt that we use for cooking is also beneficial for cleaning the outer surface of the pans and other cookware. Just sprinkle salt on the bottom of the pan and add lemon drops. Let the mixture sit on the pan surface for a few minutes, rub it with half lemon, and wash the pan. The combination of lime and salt works wonders, and when the acidity of lime reacts with salt, the chemical reaction helps in the easy removal of the most arduous strain.
  • Another way to clean the bottom of the pan is to sprinkle baking soda, add white vinegar, and sit for 20 to 25 minutes. After that, rinse the pan with plain water. Your pan will be as clean as a new pan.
  • Soft drinks are another lifesaver for cleaning the bottom of your pan; pour coca-cola or any other soft drink in a pot and dip your pan bottom in it. You can leave it in the liquid for about an hour or so to see the magic. All the strains from the pan start wearing off from the bottom due to the chemicals present in soft drinks.

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Can a Dishwasher Clean a Burned Scanpan?

Scanpan is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after regular use. But I would suggest that the pan be hand washed after it got burnt for best results and proper cleaning. Dishwashers can not clean the hard residues and the burnt surfaces of the scanpan. You can try hot soapy water for an immediately burnt pan, and for hard residues, you can try various home remedies mentioned above.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning a Burnt Scanpan

To prevent any damage to the cookware, you should clean the scanpan carefully after it has been burned. To restore your pan and make it new again, you should follow some of the dos and don’ts outlined below.


  • Let the pan cool a bit after it gets burnt, then wash it with warm soapy water for initial cleaning.
  • Always clean your pan after every use because the propellant in the non-stick cookware reduces the non-stick quality of the product if not washed.
  • Use a scorching nylon pad, non-abrasive sponge, or brush to clean burnt food residue from the pan. This way, you can clean your pan efficiently without any scratches.


  • Never use any metal or harsh sponge or scourer on your scanpan; it will cause scratches on the surface. The non-stick coating of your pan also starts wearing off due to the application of harsh scourer on the pan surface.
  • Avoid using harsh powders, cleaning liquids, paste, and oven cleaners for cleaning your scanpan or any cookware.
  • To prevent warping, never put your hot pan immediately under cold water. Extreme thermal changes cause the pan to expand and contract from different sides and cause the pan to wrap.
  • Whenever you clean your pan, make sure all residue is removed. If necessary, re-clean your pan. As a result, the residue in your pan might cause food to stick in the future.


Scanpan should be cleaned immediately after burning with hot soapy water, do not let the pan sit in the sink for so long it makes the residues more stubborn. Clean your pan after every use to increase its life. Try using salt-lemon and soda-vinegar combination to clean pan bottoms and greasy surfaces.

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