Are Baking Sheets Dishwasher Safe?

The baking dishes are a must-have item for any baker; from roasting meats and vegetables to baking delicious cookies, muffins, and cupcakes, these baking dishes have got the job done. Since these baking sheets have the most food contact, you must clean them properly.

Are baking sheets dishwasher safe?

Baking sheets are not dishwasher safe, and putting them in the dishwasher will cause them to warp, discolor, or scratch because they are mostly made of aluminum. Also, the dishwasher detergents have high alkaline content that when they come in contact with aluminum sheets, they leave whitish spots on them.

Moreover, the dishwasher’s high temperature can cause pitting corrosion, thus ruining your baking sheet completely. Additionally, it causes the aluminum to undergo oxidation, resulting in the sheets’ discoloration and the development of dark black and gray spots.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about washing baking sheets in a dishwasher, the pros and cons, and how to clean baking sheets without a dishwasher.

Are Baking Sheets Dishwasher Safe

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Can You Put Baking Sheets in the Dishwasher?

You should not put your baking sheet in the dishwasher unless you do not want to ruin it. The dishwasher causes your sheet to warp due to high temperature and discolor due to highly alkaline detergents. When you put these sheets in the dishwasher, the non-stick coating starts wearing off, and the oxidation process starts.

Many manufacturers claim their baking dishes to be safe for dishwasher use, but the dishwasher ruins these sheets gradually. Oxidation is a natural process usually occurs on aluminum due to certain factors, prominent being high heat. It causes the aluminum to develop dark brown, black, gray, and whitish spots, thus dysfunctioning it.

It is better to handwash your baking dishes with warm soapy water to extend the life of these sheets, or else you will ruin one after another in the dishwasher. If the sheets are very dirty and need proper cleaning, try some home remedies mentioned below. The dishwasher is only applicable occasionally and for only those baking sheets marked as safe for the dishwasher.

Are Non-stick Baking Sheets Dishwashers Safe?

 It solely depends upon the brand; some brands have non-stick baking sheets but are not safe for dishwashers, while some have dishwashers safe. The non-stick coating of baking sheets usually saves their surface from these harsh detergents.

Although non-stick baking sheets are typically dishwasher safe, they would still have the same effects after repeated dishwasher use regardless of their dishwasher safety. So you should avoid putting these dishes in the dishwasher due to harsh detergents and high temperatures that directly affect the baking sheet surface.

Excess of everything is bad, so if you use these dishwasher-safe non-stick baking sheets regularly in the dishwasher, they will warp and discolor. The non-stick coating ultimately starts wearing off due to the high temperature ruing the baking sheet.

If you occasionally wash these sheets in the dishwasher, it would be safe. But for regular use, I always prefer washing my hands with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

What Type of Baking Sheet Is Dishwasher Safe?

Baking sheets with a non-stick coating are usually considered safe for dishwasher use. The reason is that the non-stick coating protects the baking sheets from the harmful effects of the dishwasher’s harsh detergents and high temperatures. Also, the non-stick coating prevents the oxidation that causes the discoloration of the baking sheets. 

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Can a Dishwasher Completely Clean Baking Sheets?

It is indeed true that a dishwasher does its job quite well. Whether it is metal, plastic, or ceramic, it cleans every dish thoroughly and does not leave any stains if appropriately used. Baking dishes are entirely washed in the dishwasher even though the detergent affects their surface.

The dishwasher’s detergent has enzymes that react with the food particles and wear them off from the sheet’s surface. The water rinses the dishes so that nothing is left unwashed. Hence, you get appropriately washed baking sheets from the dishwasher.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Burnt Non-Stick Baking Sheet? 

There are many ways to clean a burnt non-stick baking sheet other than a dishwasher with simple home remedies, making them look as good as new. Follow these remedies to clean your burnt baking sheets in no time.

Warm Soapy Water:

It is essential to wash your baking sheet immediately after burning. Do not let it sit in the sink for a long time, as the burnt marks will become more persistent. Run the sheet under warm water, and then scrub the dish with your regular sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Avoid abrasive sponges, wait until the dish comes to room temperature, and then wash to avoid warping.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

If you did not wash the baking sheet after burning and the burn marks have become persistent, do not panic. Baking soda is the lifesaver in this scenario, spread two teaspoons of baking soda on your burnt baking sheet and then add 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar on it and leave it for about an hour. Then scrub the dish and rinse with warm water. 

Care Tips When Cleaning Baking Sheets in Dishwasher

A greasy baking sheet feels so gross and does not even work correctly, so it is necessary to clean your baking sheets thoroughly if you think there is any grease layer. Despite the demerits, dishwashers have proved to be a lifesaver sometimes.

The extremely greasy sheets that could no0t be cleaned with mere hand wash can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Ensure to wash your sheets once or twice in a lifetime in the dishwasher to avoid any spoiling. There are a few care tips that you should follow to wash your dishes in the dishwasher safely:

  • Always check your baking dishes properly if they are safe for dishwasher use or not, and then put them in the dishwasher.
  • Avoid pre-rinsing baking sheets before stacking them in the dishwasher; the reason is that when you put clean sheets in the dishwasher, the detergent would attack the aluminum surface. So always stack your dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher so that your dishwasher detergent would attack the grease and food particles.
  • Avoid stacking baking sheets together; if the sheets touch each other while cleaning, the risk of scratches is high.
  • Try using less harsh detergents in your dishwasher and wash for a few minutes to ensure minimum impact. 


Dishwashers can cause your baking dishes to warp or discolor due to harsh detergents and high temperatures. Non-stick baking sheets are dishwasher safe but have the same effect. It is better to wash your baking sheets with your hands.

The dishwasher can cause damage to baking sheets, and if you put them in the dishwasher, these dishes are more likely to warp, get scratches and discolor. The temperature and the dishwasher detergent will cause damage.

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