Can You Put a Paper Towel in the Microwave: A Detailed Answer

You can prepare and reheat any food in a microwave, but there is one thing that always causes problems. Splatters are a big problem; they can leave a huge mess on the interior of your microwave. Covering your meals with a paper towel is the easiest way to avoid this.

Can you put a paper towel in the microwave?

Paper towels can be microwaved for up to half an hour without harming them. You should not, however, use recycled paper towels. Avoid using folded or crumpled paper towels to lessen the risk of a potential fire. Using a moist paper towel to rehydrate your food adds to the benefits.

In this guide, we’ll look in detail at can you put a paper towel in the microwave. There is a chance of a paper towel igniting inside the microwave. You need to know how long to keep them inside and what type of paper towel to use, and how to do it safely.

Can You Put a Paper Towel in the Microwave

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Is It Safe to Microwave a Paper Towel?

The paper towels are microwave-safe, and you can conveniently use them in the microwave. To minimize catching on fire, heat your meal with a paper towel in the microwave at two-minute intervals. Avoid folding or stacking many paper towels because this can constitute a fire hazard.

While it is generally safe to use paper towels in the microwave, there are always exceptions. If your towels can include ingredients that can spark or leach chemicals, it’s best to read the tiny print on the label to determine if it’s microwave safe or checks with the manufacturer.

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Why Put Paper Towel Over Food in Microwave?

The paper towels are placed over the food in the microwave to prevent spatter, and a vented cover is used to catch steam and maintain an equal heating temperature. The meal cooks up faster and more efficiently when covered.

Paper Towels Stop Splatters:

By placing a paper towel on top of your meal, you may prevent splattering and avoid cleaning the interior of your microwave. Alternatively, you can catch a lot of these drips and splatters by placing a paper towel underneath your foot.

Absorbs Moisture and Prevent Food Dryness:

The paper towels absorb moisture and prevent food from drying. By laying a paper towel on top of your food, steam is trapped, keeping your food moist and preventing it from drying out. The paper towel will absorb some moisture, but much of it will remain in the dish, and that moisture also carries a lot of heat, so it can aid in evenly heating your meal.

Rehydrate Food and Provide Even Cooking:

The wet paper towels can help rehydrate food and provide more even cooking. Wrapping food with a moist paper towel creates an exterior “skin” that absorbs the majority of the microwave radiation. It’s full of water while it heats up, so the hot water helps heat your food while also preventing it from drying out.

Does Paper Towel Burn in the Microwave?

Paper towels have the potential to catch fire in the microwave for various reasons. Even fresh white bleached paper towels can catch fire in the microwave if cooked for too long.

When paper towels are folded and placed in the microwave, they catch fire. There are fewer odds of a paper towel catching fire in the microwave if left open. Because paper products have little moisture, they can scorch or burn around the edges if microwaved for an extended period.

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How Long Can You Microwave Paper Towel?

You should warm food in paper towels for not more than two minutes. Set the microwave to reheat, stack paper plates, cover with a paper towel, and cook for two minutes.

A microwave is an excellent tool for warming up food that’s cooled down or heating previously cooked food. For this purpose, get out the paper towels. Stack two to three sheets together depending on the size of the food, wrap up your warmed item in one paper towel and quickly pop it into the microwave for about 30 seconds.

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Can Brown Paper Towels Go in the Microwave?

You can use brown paper towels in the microwave. Almost all types and colors of paper towels are safe to be used in the microwave, whether they are brown or white, but you should look closely at the packaging. The label should state that the product is safe to be used in a microwave. 

Paper towels can be made out of many different materials, and there are several different layers of ink or coatings added to give color, gloss, and texture. The ink or coating on the towel will determine if you can use it in a microwave oven. Also, check our detailed guide on using paper towel in oven, for more detail about the paper towels at high temperatures.

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How Do You Heat Paper Towels in the Microwave?

The technique for using a paper towel in a microwave is simple. Before using paper towels in the microwave, there are a few things to consider.

  • For the best results, always use an unfolded paper towel. Folded paper towels might catch fire because of the compressed heat inside the compact substance.
  • Some paper towels are not suitable for use in the microwave. Before using any paper towel, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully on the package.
  • Paper towels that have been recycled should not be used. Metal elements in recycled paper goods could ignite a fire inside the microwave.
  • Use a paper towel to cover the food in a flat layer above or below the food. Always keep the paper towel in an unfolded position over the food item.
  • Food should not come into contact with the printed side. If the paper towel is embellished with printed designs, keeping it away helps protect the food from the ink materials used in the paper towel.

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Can You Put a Wet Paper Towel in the Microwave?

You can put a wet paper towel in the microwave. If you’re microwaving something that needs to be heated up, it’s safe to use a water-damp paper towel to cover the food while it’s heating. This prevents splatters and pops and helps keep any messes contained in one area.

It’s also good to use a damp towel over your food to transport it from the kitchen to the dining room. If a fire alarm goes off, your food will likely be one of the safest things!

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Are Bounty Paper Towels Microwave Safe?

The bounty paper towels are safe to use in microwaves, although they are recommended not to be used for extended periods.

Bounty is a well-known brand in the paper towel market, and the towels are created entirely of virgin wood pulp and contain no water. Apart from microwave application, they have a high absorption power and can be used for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never considered using paper towels in the microwave before, there are many compelling reasons to do so now. By utilizing a paper towel, you can make cooking less messy, cut down on cleaning time, and make your food softer and taste better.

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