Who Makes Rice Krispies Now?

During the strike, Kellogg’s has had difficulty sourcing barley malt extract, one of the key ingredients in Rice Krispies.

The company said it is working to replenish shelves. Kellogg’s also has a tool on its website that lets you find out when Rice Krispies is available in your area.

Kellogg’s first Rice Krispies treat was created in 1941. The four-ingredient recipe was simple, and the treat was an ideal fit for the convenience-food craze of the time.

The recipe was created by a Kellogg employee named Mildred Day. She was a recipe tester for the company.

The recipe was also used to create Marshmallow Squares. The Home Economics Department of the Kellogg Co later changed the recipe to a different version.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats were so popular that the company began expanding production. The company had a temporary shortage in February 2022.

The shortage is due to an increase in packaging costs. The increased costs likely contributed to the Rice Krispies price increase.

Kellogg’s also says the TikTok trend did not cause the supply problem. In fact, the shortage was caused by a union strike. The workers went on strike in October and December 2021 and February 2022.

The Rice Krispies shortage was caused by the food industry’s supply chain crisis. Kellogg’s said the strike caused problems in its supply chain, disrupting the production process.

Kellogg said that the strike lasted 71 days, and 1,400 workers went on strike in October 2021.

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