Do You Need A Deep Fryer: (Is it worth it)

The deep fryer is a dedicated frying tool designed for frying items by submerging them in oil without making a mess and extra struggle. The deep fryers usually have stainless steel, cast iron, or black steel deep wallet pots. However, some deep fryers also come with a fry basket to fit in those deep wallet pots that can hold foot items for frying.

You may not need a deep fryer if you fry food occasionally and for a few people. However, deep fryers are the best option; if you are frying food often for serving many people. Since you will not have to use a separate thermometer, and can save yourself from the guessing temperature game. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes, and also you can fry different foods simultaneously.

Do You Really Need a Deep Fryer

Are you confused about whether deep fryers are worth the money or not? This article will help you decide whether you should buy a deep fryer or not, and if so, which size will work better for you. Further, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a fryer and foods that can be deep-fried in a deep fryer.

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Are Deep Fryers Worth It?

Deep fryers are a worthwhile investment if you use them frequently. You can fry food without creating a mess in a more hassle-free and convenient way. Further, we have discussed some other benefits of having a deep fryer below.

  • You can set the desired cooking temperature with a deep fryer that saves you from the struggle of checking temperature again and again. 
  • There will be equal amounts of oil on all sides of your food; therefore, you will not need to flip it.
  • Most fryers come with a slotted spoon or nest basket to put in their deep pans, and you can quickly put in and take out food items from oil. 
  • They are safe to use because you use nest baskets and do not directly deal with hot oil.

On the other hand, if you fry food on special occasions only, have to serve a few people, or need healthy food, you may not need a deep fryer. In that case, you can use any deep-pan, skillet, saucepan available in your kitchen, along with a thermometer for frying food.

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What Is The Good Size For A Deep Fryer?

The size of a deep fryer depends on three things, including how much you are going to use it, how many people you cook food for, and how much space you have in your kitchen. However, the deep fryers come in many sizes ranging from those that fit a toaster to ones large enough to fry a whole turkey. You can select the one that suits your needs. 

Furthermore, deep fryers come in many sizes suitable for domestic and commercial use with the same operational value. However, the difference is basically of size and features. In the following table, we have briefly mentioned the differences between a home and a commercial deep fryer to give you a better idea.

Home Deep FryerCommercial Deep Fryers
The home deep fryers are smaller. They are comparatively larger in size.
These deep fryers are suitable for frying a small amount of food.The commercial deep fryers are designed to fry food for serving larger groups of people. These can fry food for an audience of at least ten people at a time.  
They usually come with one nest basket.They can adjust two or more nest baskets. 
You can fry food on the kitchen countertop by using these fryers.These fryers need their own dedicated countertops. 
The smaller deep fryers usually have lids.The commercial fryer units do not have lids and instead have open tops.

What Can Be Cooked In A Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer is an ideal tool to cook any food you want. Some of the foods that people deep fry are fish, chicken, turkey, shrimp, pork, onions, potatoes (chips and fries), samosas, eggs, dumplings, rolls, tortilla chips, egg rolls, hot dogs, noodles, patties, dough, bread, croquettes, cheese sticks, mushrooms, vegetables, pizza, red meat, chocolate bars, ice cream, etc. 

Moreover, your food will be fried faster and exposed to oil on all sides of food equally. However, most people cover their food with an extra layer of batter, eggs, or bread crumbs before frying because it will keep the food tender, soft, and steamy from the inside and give it a taste of crispiness and crunch from the outside.

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Pros and Cons of Deep Fryers

Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of deep fryers to help you make a more informed decision.


  • It is durable, affordable, and universally available.
  • The deep fryers are safe to use and reduce the risks of burns and other mishaps.
  • Your food cooks fast in a deep fryer.
  • Cleaning and using a deep fryer is quite simple.
  • Deep fryers make delicious food with a complex texture, and you will no longer have to go out when you want to have a crispy and tasty dinner.
  • The deep fryer comes with a temperature control option; therefore, you will not struggle with testing temperature.


  • It uses a lot of cooking oil to operate, which usually goes to waste. Also, it would be a problem to get rid of a large amount of oil.
  • The device itself is not expensive, but it comes with other expenses such as oil and electricity (in the case of an electric deep fryer).
  • If your deep fryer does not have a detachable oil pot, it will be quite a task to clean it.
  • Deep-fried food is high in calories and is not healthy for you.


A deep fryer is a perfect appliance for deep frying food. It enables you to set your desired temperature, comes with a basket for putting food in oil without hassle, fry different foods simultaneously, and is safe to use. However, if you want to eat healthy food or fry your food once in a while, you can use any deep pan for frying and may not need a dedicated deep fryer.

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