Can You Put Ceramic Bowls in an Air Fryer?

Ceramic bowls are commonly used in the kitchen for serving food. These bowls are made of clay and can be glazed for a shiny finish. Ceramic bowls can also withstand high temperatures without melting, cracking, or breaking apart. So the question arises about using these bowls in the air fryer.

Can you put ceramic bowls in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use ceramic bowls in the air fryer; these bowls are great to use in the air fryer for cooking small quantities of food. It’s essential to check the ovenproof label on ceramic bowls before using them in the air fryer. The ceramic bowls are heat-resistant and do not absorb moisture from cooked food.

They are particularly great for making desserts, baking small quantities of bread, reheating leftovers, and cooking eggs and vegetables.

The ceramic bowls are traditionally dishwasher safe and can be stacked or nested to save space. The best thing about using a ceramic bowl in your air fryer is that it can be washed after cooking by simply placing it into the dishwasher to clean it.

In this guide, we’ll cover the topic can you put ceramic bowls in an air fryer, how to use them in the air fryer, and tips for using them in the air fryer, so keep reading to learn more about the ceramic bowls.

Can You Put Ceramic Bowls in an Air Fryer

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Is It Safe to Put Ceramic Bowls in an Air Fryer?

Yes, it is safe to put ceramic bowls in an air fryer; however, be sure to use caution as the air fryer can heat up quickly and cause the bowl to become hot. It is best to place the bowl in a shallow dish or large baking tray so it isn’t very deep in the air fryer and can be easily removed.

Using the correct bowl type is very safe to use an air fryer. Here are some points to take care of.

  • A ceramic bowl can be used in the air fryer by making sure it is labeled oven-safe so that it does not crack or chip.
  • If you use glass in your air fryer, make sure it is heat-resistant and that you don’t overheat it, as this can cause it to break.
  • Metal bowls are also safe, but they don’t work as well because they may get too hot.

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Do Ceramic Bowls Conduct Heat Evenly?

Ceramic bowls are often recommended for use in an air fryer, as they conduct heat evenly. However, some users have reported that their ceramic bowls became too hot to handle, and they started smoking.

If you are using a ceramic bowl in your air fryer, it is essential to watch the heat level and avoid overloading the appliance. Additionally, be sure to clean the bowl after each use to prevent the build-up of food residue.

Also, check our detailed guide on using ceramic bowls in the oven, for more information about ceramic bowls.

Why Would I Use a Ceramic Bowl in an Air Fryer?

A ceramic bowl in an air fryer works better than metal and glass because it’s easier to clean, non-sticky, and doesn’t react with the oil.

  • Ceramic Bowls Can Help You Heat Up Food Faster: They have a higher thermal capacity, holding more heat and transferring it to your food faster than plastic or metal.
  • Ceramic Bowls Can Cook Food More Evenly: When there’s a material difference between the air fryer walls and the bowl, the hot air is easier to get to the food in the middle of your bowl.
  • You Can Make Smaller Portions with Ceramic Bowls: You won’t need to fill them as much as a larger basket because they’re smaller and weigh less than metal basket-style air fryers. That’s great if you’re cooking for one or two people!
  • A Bowl Gives You More Possibilities for Cooking Different Foods in an Air Fryer: Sure, you could just cut up some potatoes and toss them into a basket-style air fryer—but wouldn’t it be nice to make something like pasta? Doable with a bowl, but not possible with most other types of air fryers!

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What Happens When Ceramic Bowls are Used in the Air Fryer?

The ceramic bowls can be used in your air fryer without worrying about breaking or shattering. The metal bowl works as a basket in the air fryer, but you can use the ceramic bowl instead of the metal basket.

The ceramic bowls are safe to use and will not break or shatter in your air fryer unless they get too hot, which would cause them to crack due to the high heat inside the air fryer.

You can not put a regular ceramic bowl in your air fryer, but some companies make an air fryer-safe ceramic bowl. You can quickly identify by checking the oven-safe label as the ovenproof bowls are also suitable for air fryers.

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Will Using Ceramic Bowls Ruin or Damage My Air Fryer?

The ceramic bowls will not ruin or damage your air fryer; however, there is a slight chance of them breaking if dropped, and the risk of doing any damage is shallow. In fact, using ceramic bowls can actually help protect your air fryer from damage because they absorb heat better than other materials.

If you’re still concerned about using them, use them cautiously and avoid dropping them. Ceramic bowls are a great way to make sure your food comes out cooked without adding extra oil. However, some people worry that using ceramic bowls in an air fryer will damage the appliance.

ceramic bowl for air fryer

How to Use Ceramic Bowls in the Air Fryer?

Ceramic is an excellent material for air fryers because it doesn’t absorb oil or moisture as other materials can. Your food will stay crispy and golden brown without extra fat and calories.

Here are four tips to get started using ceramic bowls in your air fryer: 

  • Preheat your air fryer before adding the ceramic bowls. They’ll be too heavy to circulate correctly and cook if they’re not heated through.
  • Add the bowls one at a time, so they cook evenly. This will help ensure their edges don’t get burnt or overcooked.
  • Use caution when removing them from the air fryer; they may be hot! Carefully grasp one edge of the bowl with both hands, then slowly pull it out of the machine. Be sure not to grip it too tightly, or you could damage it.
  • Let them cool slightly before serving so

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Care Tips for Using Ceramic Bowls in the Air Fryer

When using ceramic bowls in the air fryer, a few precautions should ensure safe and successful cooking.

  • First, always use caution when handling ceramic bowls. Even if they are not hot, they can still cause burns if touched inadvertently.
  • Second, make sure that the air fryer is properly cleaned after each use. Ceramic bowls can release tiny shards of glass that could potentially damage the air fryer.
  • Finally, be aware of the cooking temperature and time for ceramic bowls in the air fryer. They will cook at a much higher temperature than standard cookware, so adjust the settings accordingly.


Ceramic bowls heat up quickly and evenly in an air fryer, which means they can help produce crispy foods that are both healthy and tasty. Additionally, they’re a popular option for making rice or other grain dishes – something you can’t do with metal or non-stick bowls.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to using traditional cooking vessels in your air fryer, check out ceramic bowls – they’re definitely worth considering!

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