Can You Use a Glass Bowl in My Air Fryer?

Air fryers can be a great way to cook your food without using oil or other unhealthy ingredients. One question that often comes up is whether or not you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer.

Can you use a glass bowl in my air fryer?

Any ovenproof glass bowl will work in the Airfryer, whether made of glass, ceramic, or metal. Ensure the bowl is oven-safe and the correct size for your air fryer. Check your air fryer’s manual to see if it mentions glass bowls can use. Some air fryers have special requirements for the type of bowl that can be used, so it is best to check first. 

In this guide, we’ll explain in detail about using a glass bowl in the air fryer, why glass bowls shatter when heated, and care tips for using glass bowls in the air fryer, so keep reading.

Can You Use a Glass Bowl in My Air Fryer

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Can You Put Pyrex Glass Bowl in Air Fryer?

You can use the Pyrex glass bowl in the air fryer. Pyrex is a brand of safe glassware for the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. The air fryer uses high temperatures to cook food, and Pyrex is designed to withstand those temperatures.

If you put a Pyrex bowl in the air fryer, it will not shatter. The air fryer will not get as hot as a cast iron or steel pan. This means that the glass may not heat evenly and could create hotspots that cause burns.

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Why Does Glass Shatter?

The reason glass shatters is because of the way it is made. Glass is made by melting sand and adding other ingredients to it. The molten glass is then cooled very quickly. This process makes the glass very strong. The glass can shatter if it is hit hard enough or if the temperature changes suddenly.

How to Check If My Glass Bowl Is Safe to Use in Air Fryer?

If you’re wondering if your glass bowl is safe to use in your air fryer, there are a few things you can do to check. 

Oven-Proof: Make sure that the bowl is oven-safe. If it isn’t, it may not be compatible with your air fryer.

Heat up the Bowl: Heat up the air fryer to its appropriate temperature. Once hot, place the bowl on the heating element and wait until it reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bowl Temperature: Use a kitchen thermometer to ensure the bowl is at that temperature before taking it off the heat. If all of these steps are followed correctly, your glass bowl should be safe for your air fryer.

How to Keep Glass from Breaking in the Air Fryer?

If you have a glass bowl in your air fryer, use a silicone mat or cooking sheet to prevent it from breaking. Most air fryers have a safety feature that shuts off the unit if the bowl becomes unstable.

1. Avoid Sudden Temperature Change

Glass breaking is caused mainly by sudden temperature changes. The next step after frying in the air fryer is to put it in a hot oven to bake. You should avoid putting frozen food in the air fryer with a glass bowl. This may cause the glass to shatter and may be harmful. Put the glass in the freezer. You can check if the glass is ready by letting it cool to room temperature.

2. Glass Structure Weakness

The standard glass bowls are not oven-safe and will not survive a direct hit from an oven. If a glass bowl is weaker, even oven-safe glass will shatter.

Hold a bowl of water in the sunlight for 15 minutes to examine the bowl’s surface for imperfections and cracks. All of them are a signal that your glassware is not good enough.

3. Tempered or Oven-Safe Glass Bowls

Oven-safe glasses are special glasses made to withstand high heat without breaking. They will never shatter, even when subjected to extremely high heat.

You can use oven-safe or regular glasses in an oven or in an air fryer, but you should use them cautiously. It is essential to ensure no danger of your cooking equipment shattering or exploding due to the heat.

4. High Temperatures Should be Avoided

Oven-safe glass bowls operate between 350 F and 450 F, so they are safe to use in the oven. If the glass heats up, it will lose its shape and start to crack. It is a good idea to keep the temperature as low as possible to ensure it does not crack or break.

What Are the Benefits of Heating Food in Glass Bowls?

Glass is a natural insulator, and you don’t need to worry about it leaching chemicals into your food. Glass containers are safe, easy to clean, and retain heat better than plastic containers. It’s the best choice for many of us.

There are many benefits to cooking your food in glass bowls instead of metal or plastic.

  • Glass is inert and doesn’t react with foods, preventing flavors from being compromised.
  • Additionally, glass does not retain heat like other materials, so your food will cook more evenly and quickly in an air fryer.
  • Finally, a glass bowl is eco-friendly since it doesn’t require unique cleaning supplies.

Does Glass Bowls Work Well in an Air Fryer?

Yes, glass bowls do work well in an air fryer. However, glass cookware can be fragile and may break if not handled carefully. Also, glass bowls don’t heat evenly, so foods may burn on the bottom or sides.

Because glass cookware doesn’t conduct heat like other cookware, it may take longer to cook your food. Overall, glass cookware works well in an air fryer and is a convenient option for those looking for an easy way to cook their food without using oil or butter.


I hope this post, “Can you use a glass bowl in my air fryer,” is helpful for you. The Airfryer will work with any glass, ceramic, or metal bowl. The bowl must be oven-safe and the correct size for the air fryer.

If the air fryer manual mentions that you can use a glass bowl, that is a good sign. When using an air fryer, it is best to check the type of bowl used first.

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