Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza? [Here’s the Answer]

We all seek shortcuts for our food in the hectic lifestyle we have nowadays. Microwave has made our life extremely quick and easy, but there are some things that you might be doubtful about, like frozen pizza.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

You can heat a frozen pizza inside a microwave oven but take care of the time; otherwise, it can get soggy or chewy. The best way to reheat a frozen pizza is in the oven, but you can also use the microwave. You should heat a frozen pizza inside a microwave oven for about 6 to 10 minutes.

Keep reading if you’re curious about the best way to microwave a frozen pizza, how long to microwave for, and how to take care; I have some exciting guides for you.

Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza

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Is It Ok to Microwave Frozen Pizza?

It is generally ok to microwave a frozen pizza, and many people prefer this method because of the ease it provides, but it is not always an ideal way of making a frozen pizza. 

Microwaving a frozen pizza demands great care with time. Overheating or underheating can cause many problems, such as your pizza might become soggy, soft, dry, chewy, rubbery, or stiff.

If you want to prevent rubbery or stiff pizza, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging of your frozen pizza.

Why Do You need to Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

The main reason to microwave a frozen pizza is that it will cook quickly and not cause you any hassle. Packaged frozen pizzas are available, meant to be cooked in the oven. You can also microwave these pizzas for quick cooking. There can be other reasons, too, which are listed below:

  • Sometimes you would want to warm up your pizza stored in the freezer.
  • You might be keeping half-done pizzas in your freezer for guests and snacking time. You will need to microwave those pizzas.

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Will Your Frozen Pizza Taste the Same If You Microwave It?

The frozen pizza will taste almost the same when you microwave it. If you do not follow proper timing instructions, it can alter the taste and the texture of your pizza. The cheese can also melt unevenly or, worse, burn, which can cause your pizza to taste like it’s burnt.

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Does Microwaving a Frozen Pizza Make You Sick?

Microwaving a frozen pizza does not necessarily make you sick if you follow all the instructions mentioned on the packaging. According to the recent reports by CDC “Food Safety in Kitchen,” frozen meals are not ready to eat, and you should remove this label from them. It would be best if you adequately cooked them, and you should give clear instructions on the packaging to avoid uncooked ingredients which can make you sick. 

CDC also recommended that when microwaving food, thermometers should be used to ensure that all the components of the meals reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius).

How Long Should You Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

Microwaving a frozen pizza takes anywhere from 6 to 11 minutes. The exact time depends on the size and packages weight of the frozen pizza.

Below is a list of the time each type of frozen pizza takes in the microwave oven: 

SizePackage WeightMicrowave Time On High
8 – 9 inches8 – 9 ounces4 – 6 minutes
10 – 11 inches11 – 15 ounces5 – 7 minutes
11 inches15 – 18 ounces6 – 8 minutes
11 – 12 inches20 – 25 ounces7 – 11 minutes
Pizza On French Bread10 ¼ -12 ⅜  ounces7 – 8 minutes
Mini Pizza 4, 6, 8 Pack7 ¼  ounces3 – 5 minutes
Mini Pizza 4, 6, 8 Pack 15 ½ – 16 ounces7 ¼  ounces6 – 7 minutes

How Do You Reheat Frozen Pizza in the Microwave?

You can pop your large pizza in the oven and hope for the best, undoubtedly resulting in a soggy and rubbery mess. The other way is a bit more professional and yields much better results. 

  • It would be best if you had a microwave oven, a pizza, and a glass of water for successfully reheating a frozen pizza. 
  • Place your pizza in an oven-safe dish next to a glass of water. You can also place the pizza plate on top of the glass of water. 
  • Now start the microwave your pizza in increments of 30 seconds until you reach your desired temperature.

This glass of water will alleviate the intensity of microwaves heating the crust and the pizza. It avoids overheating and damaging the crust, such as hard or rubbery texture. 

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How Do You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

The best way to microwave a frozen pizza involves simple steps like placing it in the oven and calculating the time it stays inside the microwave oven.

To microwave a store-bought frozen pizza, you will have to follow the following instructions:

  • Take the pizza out of its packaging, including any shrink wraps and other coverings that it might have. 
  • Place the pizza on top of a microwave-safe dish and place it inside your microwave.
  • It might be tempting to thaw your pizza before cooking but avoid it because they are meant to be cooked frozen. 
  • Start the microwave for approximately 6 to 10 minutes. The time might seem long for microwave cooking, but frozen pizza will take even longer when using the oven.

Care Tips When Microwaving Frozen Pizza

Some of the tips on microwaving your frozen pizza without making it soggy are as follows:

  • If you like the crispy crust of the pizza, then you will have to use a microwave crisper pan because otherwise, your crust will always come out to be soft in the microwave. 
  • Do not use metal objects or aluminum foil inside the microwave because it can also catch fire and damage your microwave.
  • Do not use the pizza stone since it does not work.
  • If the packaging of your frozen pizza clearly says “not for microwave,” then avoid using it in the microwave.
  • If your pizza package has cooking instructions, then always follow them as it is.
  • Follow the instructions on the side of the microwave regarding the heating of the pizza. 


You can always make your frozen pizza inside the microwave to save time, but you must follow proper instructions to achieve the desired results. One of the best ways to make a frozen pizza is still using an adequate oven for the job.

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