Can You Cut Pizza on a Pizza Peel?

All the pizza lovers know how vital a pizza peel is, as it helps in the easy transfer of pizza from the countertop to the pizza stone and from pizza stone to countertop without any mess. Many chefs slice pizza on the peel. I wondered if it was safe to do that or if it would ruin the peel, so I found the answer.

Can you cut pizza on a pizza peel?

You can cut the pizza directly on the pizza peel after removing it from the pizza stone like most chefs do and serve it either on the peel or on a platter immediately after. The pizza does not stick to the peel, so you can easily pick up your slices and enjoy your hot pizza. 

Also, the pizza peel helps to transfer pizza without ruining its shape and without spilling the toppings. Although a pizza peel is unnecessary, it is an excellent tool for shifting pizza, so you should have one in your kitchen.

If you have a pizza peel and do not know how to use it and if you do not have a peel and wonder how you could replace it, then this article is for you.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cutting pizza on the pizza peel and the alternates of pizza peels if you don’t have one.

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Can You Cut Pizza on a Pizza Peel

Can You Cut Pizza on a Pizza Peel? 

You can cut your pizza on a pizza peel without second thoughts since most of the chefs in restaurants do so. Using a pizza peel allows you to cut pizza easily without worrying about it slipping.

Moreover, you can cut your pizza on a pizza peel as it would be more convenient than transferring it from one place to another. Hence, you can directly cut your pizza on the peel and serve it in the peel as transferring pizza here and there would spill not only its ingredients but also your pizza will be cool.

If you do not have a pizza peel, do not worry; there are hundreds of substitutes for it that work precisely the same. Just scroll down and look at the substitutes mentioned down.

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Can You Cut Pizza on a Metal Pizza Peel?

Metal pizza peel also works well to cut the large pizza, but it might not be the best option to transfer the raw pizza to the oven as it might stick. But once your pizza is cooked, it is perfectly ok to place it on a metal peel and cut it into pieces.

As metal is a good conductor of heat, do not directly serve with a metal peel; let it come to room temperature and then serve it. It is very thin, making it easier to cut it into slices and slide the pizza from it. The metal pizza peel is preferable for cutting pizza as there would be no grooves and scratches on the peel.

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Can You Use a Baking Sheet as a Pizza Peel to Cut the Pizza?

A baking paper or parchment paper is another excellent alternative for pizza peels for baking pizza and cutting. As the baking sheet is non-stick, it makes it easier to remove pizza from it without sticking, but be careful with the sauces that, if they fall, can cause the pizza to stick to the sheet.

It makes it easier to transfer your pizza to the pizza stone and once it is baked, pull the edges of the baking paper to move it to the serving plate quickly. You can also cut your pizza on the baking sheet by placing it on the countertop.

The baking paper might become brown and brittle at the end of the baking due to heat, so do not worry. Just shift the pizza to the platter. 

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Can You Use a Cutting Board as a Pizza Peel to Cut Pizza?

You can use a cutting board as a pizza peel; it is an excellent alternative to a pizza peel and works quite similarly. After transferring the pizza to the pizza stone with the help of a cutting board, you can also cut pizza on the cutting board after it is done.

The shape and appearance of a cutting board resemble a lot of a pizza peel so that it can do quite a job. And if your cutting board has handles, it would be much better as it would be easy to retrieve pizza. Make sure to go for a giant cutting board as its shape would be rectangular so that your pizza fits perfectly on it.

Try using a wooden cutting board instead of a plastic one because plastic is a bad conductor of heat, so it might melt when it comes in contact with a hot pizza stone. Thus, ruining the pizza stone, your pizza, and all your efforts, so it is better to be cautious. 

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What Can You Use Instead of a Pizza Peel?

If you don’t have a pizza peel, there are many alternatives that you can use instead of it. The following are a few great alternatives to a pizza peel that would give you the same results.

  • A cookie sheet: A cookie sheet with one edge higher than the rest works well for pizza peels since you can retrieve the pizza more easily.
  • Parchment paper: You can solely use parchment paper to bake pizza and then serve it on your plate without any mess.
  • An upside-down baking sheet: A standard baking sheet has all four edges high, so it is used upside down, so you get a flat surface for pizza. Try using parchment paper on the baking sheet to prevent any slipping of the pizza.
  • A piece of rigid cardboard: A stiff cardboard also works well, but make sure it is hard enough to bear the weight. It is also much easier to retrieve pizza from it as it is fragile and light.
  • A regular serving platter: Like a cutting board, a serving platter also works similarly and helps in the easy retrieval of the pizza.
  • A frying pan is another excellent alternative for pizza peels; first, cook the pizza dough on the stovetop in your pan, then add your toppings. Put the pan in a preheated oven, and you can serve along with the pan as well. 


You can cut your pizza on a pizza peel as it is more convenient than transferring it here and there. Pizza peel has hundreds of substitutes that work precisely the same. 

Since many chefs in restaurants cut pizzas on pizza peels, you do not need to hesitate. You can cut pizza easily with a pizza peel without worrying about it slipping.

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