Can You Make Fondue Without a Fondue Pot?

A proper heat source is an essential element for delicious and lump-free fondue, in addition to the fundamental ingredients. Although you can use different recipes, the key is gentle heat. Moreover, having a fondue pot can be convenient, but we all do not have the luxury of space for occasional kitchen appliances.

Can you make fondue without a fondue pot?

If you don’t have a fondue pot, you can use substitutes such as a crockpot, thick-bottomed pan, double boiler, or a broiler to make fondue.  Also, you can use a trivet with tealights, a hot plate, a slow cooker, a baking dish with a baking sheet, or even a DIY stand (with a candle and tin can) to keep your fondue warm for longer on the serving table.

Are you wondering how you can make fondue and keep it warm without a fondue pot? Read on to know that. You will also learn whether cast iron and stainless steel are appropriate for fondue or not. We will also discuss how a hot pot is different from a fondue.

Can You Make Fondue Without a Fondue Pot

What Can You Use Instead of a Fondue Pot?

There are multiple other options available in your kitchen that you can use instead of a fondue pot (also known as a caquelon). We have discussed some alternatives if you do not have a fondue pot.

1. Thick Bottomed Pan 

A thick-based pot is the quickest option to make fondue if you keep the flame low enough. To make cheese fondue in a heavy-bottomed pan, add wine and garlic to the pan, and then keep adding cheese slowly and stirring to avoid lumps. It actually works best to produce foolproof fondue. 

2. Crockpot 

A crockpot or slow cooker works best for making fondue because the whole idea behind it is low and slow cooking. For cheese fondue in a slow cooker, combine ingredients in the crockpot; cook until desired consistency is reached, and stir every 15 minutes to prevent lumps.

3. Double Boiler 

A double boiler works the same as a fondue pot because it also provides heat evenly and gently. The water boils, and steam heats the pot indirectly, resulting in the gradual melting of the cheese. After that, add other ingredients and keep stirring for a smooth texture.

4. Oven Broiling

For a quick fix, you can apply direct and high heat to melt the cheese. However, you can not store this for later and have to eat this immediately. Further, it would actually be cheese dip rather than fondue, but a good alternative if a fondue pot is not available.

How Can You Keep Your Fondue Hot?

Once you have cooked fondue, what happens when you take it off the heat source? Keep it warm. Following are some tips that you can use to keep your fondue hot if you do not have a fondue set. 

1. Trivet With Tealight

For this trick, place your pot on a trivet and a couple of tealights underneath it to give it consistent heat. But you have to cook your fondue on a hob and place tealights to make sure that it is hot when it reaches the table.

2. Slow Cooker 

Crockpot or slow cooker has a built-in keep warm option. Use this option to keep your fondue warm for longer.

3. Baking Dish With Baking Sheet

Place some tealights in a shallow baking dish and cover it with a metal baking sheet that has holes in it. Put your fondue pot over it, and your fondue will be warm.

4. Hot Plate

If you have a hot plate available, you can use that to keep your fondue warm. Put your fondue on the hot plate and place it on the table. It will prevent fondue from cooling down and will give it slow heat. 

5. DIY Stand

You can make your own DIY stand to keep your fondue warm. Set a few candles in a metal can and place them under your fondue pan for low heat.

Can You Use Stainless Steel for Cheese Fondue?

The stainless steel pan must have a good non-stick coating to be used for cheese or chocolate fondue; otherwise, the cheese and chocolate may stick to the bottom of the pan. However, some stainless steel pots come with a porcelain insert, which you can put in the pan to make cheese or chocolate fondue.

In addition, the stainless steel pot is an excellent choice for meat and Chinese fondue because it heats up quickly and is also suitable for high temperatures, and conducts heat well.

Is Cast Iron Good for Fondue?

Cast iron is ideal for meat fondue, but if it has enamel, it can also be used to make cheese and chocolate fondue. The cast iron takes a little longer to heat up, but it retains heat for longer, making it a perfect choice for fondue. Cast iron is durable, lasts for longer, is dishwasher safe, and is easy to store.

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Difference Between Hot Pot and Fondue

The hot pot and fondue come from different regions of the world, but their concepts are similar. You can use the hot pot and fondue pot interchangeably, but you have to pay attention to the heat, as cheese and chocolate fondues require slow heat. Despite this, hot pot and fondue are very different, and we’ll discuss those differences below.

Hot potFondue 
The hot pot is a simmering soup, and you add noodles, meat, and different veggies in it and cook them until done.Fondue is basically different sauces (cheese, chocolate, etc.), and you can dip bread, fruits, marshmallows, etc., in it.
The hot pot is cooked in a pot, known as a steamboat or hot pot. Fondue pots are known as caquelons.
Traditionally, hot pot is served as a main course.Fondue is more likely a dessert or a side dish, or a sauce.
The origin of the hot pot is Chinese.Fondue comes from the European region.


Making fondue is incredibly easy, and the fondue pot is a perfect kitchen tool to have in winter. But you can make your fondue in any thick bottom pan if the fondue pot is not available.

Additionally, stainless steel and cast iron are ideal for meat fondue; but if glazed, they are also suitable for cheese and chocolate fondue. However, a ceramic fondue pot is the best for cheese and chocolate fondue. 

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