Can You Freeze Maple Syrup – Here’s the Truth

Maple syrup is a product made from xylem sap, so it has to be stored and consumed very carefully, or else you would spoil it. Freezing is an excellent method to increase the shelf-life of many products but can you freeze maple syrup, and what happens if you freeze maple syrup.

Can you freeze maple syrup?

You can freeze maple syrup for over a year, but it won’t freeze in solid form; in fact, it will get thicker, more viscous, and tackier. The freezer causes the expansion of syrup, so maple syrup expands inside the container according to the room inside. The frozen maple syrup can be thawed and refrozen with the taste and quality.

By freezing maple syrup, you do not have to wait for it to defrost, you have to melt it on a heat source, and you are done. Keep reading the whole article if you want to know about the freezing and proper storing of maple syrup by keeping the taste and quality the same.

Can You Freeze Maple Syrup

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What Happens If You Freeze Maple Syrup?

Freezing maple syrup extends its shelf life and allows more than a year of consumption. When you freeze maple syrup, the high sugar content and other factors prevent it from achieving the proper frozen solid state. 

As soon as the syrup is frozen, it becomes hard and gooey with the texture of honey. The freezing of maple syrup preserves its quality taste and increases its life.

By freezing maple syrup, mold is prevented from growing because it is no longer exposed to a hot environment. Also, the freezer causes the expansion of the maple syrup, so it requires sufficient room in the container to expand appropriately. After freezing, you can pour the maple syrup into a small container. 

How Long Does Maple Syrup Last in the Freezer? 

The maple syrup also survives for about a year unopened (stored in the cold environment) and one year in the refrigerators. It also keeps its flavor the same when kept in the freezer, so freezing maple syrup won’t only extend its shelf-life, but its flavor remains the same. 

The lateness of maple syrup, whether in the freezer or a cool environment, depends on its storage condition. If properly stored in an air-tight container, leaving an inch headspace on the top, maple syrup can survive for more than a year in the freezer after opening with its taste and quality remaining intact. 

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Can You Freeze Maple Syrup in Glass Jars? 

The glass jars are also preferred to store the maple syrup after being taken out of the freezer. If you do not have a glass, then take air-tight freezer-safe plastic jars that prevent oxygen and moisture.

In addition to freezing maple syrup in the glass jar, it is also preferable to freeze maple syrup in the glass jar, unlike plastic and metal jars. The glass jars are preferred because it does not allow oxygen and moisture to enter the jar and protect the maple syrup from decaying and preserve its taste for a long time. 

What’s the Best Way to Store Maple Syrup in the Freezer?

Maple syrup is an expensive product used occasionally, so our large containers remained filled for a long time. So, it has to be stored properly to extend its usage for the long and short term, or else it would be a waste. Here is the proper way of storing maple syrup in the freezers.

  • Freezing maple syrups are a great way to increase their shelf-life and usage for an extended period, but it needs to be done correctly. 
  • When the maple syrup has opened, the moisture in the syrup starts evaporating, increasing the sugar concentration in the syrup. During this process, the sugar crystallizes, making the maple syrup gritty and unpleasant to eat.
  • So to prevent all these, pour the syrup into a glass jar and close it tightly; it prevents any oxygen or moisture from entering the jar. 
  • Put the jar in the freezer, and it freezes at a temperature of -71℃, this way, you can store your maple syrup properly and protect it from going bad.  
  • Another way of storing maple syrup is to make ice cubes in the ice cube trays and use them when required for an iced latte or other drinks.

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How Do You Thaw the Frozen Maple Syrup?

The best thing about freezing maple syrup is that you don’t have to wait for a long time for the syrup to defrost. Thaw the frozen syrup with the help of a heat source whenever you need it, and you will be able to use it conveniently at any time. But the perfect way to thaw frozen maple syrup in no time is given below:

  • When you don’t have much time and want to thaw your frozen maple syrup, heat it slowly in the microwave to get the same syrup consistency. The heat will break down the consistency of the maple syrup, and it will return to its pre-frozen form in no time. 
  • Another way is to add the maple syrup to a pan or pot and heat it on low flame with stirring to prevent any sticking. This way, you can thaw your frozen maple syrup. 

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Does Maple Syrup Freeze Like Honey? 

Maple syrup does not freeze like honey; when maple syrup is frozen, it does not solidify but become thick. On the other hand, it becomes solid and thick when honey is frozen.

The sugar inside honey is natural, so it starts binding together and crystallizes, hardening the honey. So both have different properties and ingredients; they do not freeze like each other.

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Can You Keep Open Maple Syrup in the Fridge? 

If an opened maple syrup is stored in a cool environment or frozen, it will start crystallization, resulting in the product’s wastage. Without proper storage in the freezer, opened maple syrup could go bad and become a waste. When maple syrup is opened, it comes in contact with the air, so you should keep it in the freezer to prevent mold. 


Maple syrup does not freeze in the freezers instead, it becomes hard and dense when frozen. Once opened, you should store the maple syrup properly in a glass jar and freezer to increase its shelf-life. The shelf life of maple syrup can be extended by freezing it. You can thaw and refreeze the maple syrup to retain its taste and quality.

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