Is It Ok To Juice Frozen Fruit: Here’s the Answer

You crave an off-season fruit smoothie. You want it, and here is how you can get it! Take out the blender and juice some frozen fruit. It is a cost-effective technique that yields delicious flavors all year round. Freezing fruits is also helpful in preserving their nutrients so you can lead a healthy life cycle.

You can juice the frozen fruits, but you need to thaw them before juicing them. For better and more fresh juice, it is not advisable to use frozen fruit directly. You will get juice with unblended fruit pulp by adding frozen fruit directly to your juicer. For successful results, let the fruits rest on the kitchen counter. If you are impatient, run the juice through a strainer.

Continue reading to discover the best strategy to blend frozen fruits. We also mention some of the requirements or foresight you must consider to prevent the blender or juicer from damaging. Read on to make a signature smoothie right at your home. 

Can You Juice Frozen Fruit

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Can You Juice Frozen Fruit?

You can juice frozen fruits; however, the juicer must accommodate the feature to do that. As you may know, some juicers come with unique nozzles to attract juices. On the other hand, a few juicers offer attachments to make delicious fruit sorbets.

As you will learn, it is unlikely you will damage the juicer or the appliance from juicing frozen fruits later on. However, if you wish for the taste to mimic fresh fruits, it is best to thaw or rest at room temperature. On the other hand, if you like the slushy flavor, add the fruits to the juicer immediately.

Browse the blender user manual for further information regardless of the flavor profile preference. 

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Can You Put Frozen Fruit Straight into a Blender?

You can put frozen fruits in the blender; however, the texture depends on the make and model of the blender. An ill-competent blender will stall, making the food stay in the same shape as before. However, if the blender has sufficient power, the frozen food blends well. You can even add ice cubes for a unique texture.

Frozen fruits in a blender are usually used to make delicious smoothies. However, to avoid burdening your blender, you must add little frozen food at a time. As a result, you will give the blender motor sufficient time to rest. Otherwise, it might burn out.

Therefore, as a general rule, analyze the blender motor. You can read through the manual or browse the manufacturer to understand if the blender can accommodate frozen fruits. Furthermore, if you have blended fruits into a blender, check for a warranty to ensure the damages are insured. However, if your blender is powerful, you can add frozen to it liberally.

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Is It Necessary to Thaw Frozen Fruit Before Juicing?

It is necessary to thaw frozen fruits before adding them to the juicer. It rests the motor and allows the fruit’s flavor to surface since everything is covered in ice. It is similar to squeezing a frozen lemon. You can try to squeeze it as hard as you like, but nothing will come out of it since the molecules are frozen.

The longer the fruits are left in the freezer, the harder they will be. As a result, the juicer will not perform its job efficiently. You risk breaking the blades and cracking the blender jug in attempting to blend frozen fruits instantly. If you wish to avoid this blunder, it is crucial to thaw the fruits five to ten minutes before adding them to the blender.

Thawing the fruits will ensure their cell walls begin to dim down. The degenerated layers will result in soft mushy fruits. As a result, the blender will not work overtime, and you will experience juice-bar-like blending. It will add a flavor profile to your healthy juice.

What Is the Best Way to Juice Frozen Fruit?

Below are some of the best ways to juice frozen fruits to maintain the flavor profile. Here they are:

  • The first way is to drain the excess water content present in the frozen fruit. Run the fruit between two fingers until it defrosts from your bodily heat. On the other hand, you can also cut the fruits into smaller pieces, so it juices easily with your blender.
  • Did you know defrosted frozen food is pulpier and juicier than regular fruit? However, to retrieve the delicious pulp, you must add extra liquid to assist the blender. The liquid can be water or milk of your choice; it varies according to the recipe. However, do not add too much liquid, making the concoction very runny and undesirable.
  • Lastly, do not try to peel frozen fruits. Yes, it seems odd, but peeling the fruit before throwing it in the blender does not improve the flavor. Instead, the blender will quickly consume the skin and extract all the juice. Furthermore, the peel carries all the nutrients, so why remove it. 

Does Juicing Frozen Fruit Damage Juicers?

Frozen fruit can damage the juicer’s blades if they are too icy. They will jump against the edges and bump aggressively with the jug. At this point, if you choose to amp up the speed, you increase the risk of damaging the blade even further. 

Therefore, before adding frozen fruit to the juicer, let it rest at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes. The step will deliver the soft texture required for smoothies and juices. 

Does Juicing Frozen Fruit Dull the Blades of the Juicer?

Frozen fruit will dull the blades if excessively added to juicers each time. If you have a centrifugal juicer, this method is not ideal. You cannot make smoothies or juices with the components. The frozen fruit reduces the sharpness of the blades. Unfortunately, the juicer will not work perfectly like before.

To avoid blunt blades while maintaining healthy intake, leave the fruits under running water for the cell walls to collapse. However, the water must be cold and not warm. Unfortunately, washing the fruit in the sink will reduce nutritional value. Wash at your own risk!

When Will You Juice Frozen Fruits?

Though juicing frozen fruits require extra effort, it is certainly worth the wait and the patience. Think of the money you will save paying a high marked-up juice or for an off-season fruit smoothie. We are hopeful the guide helps you create a tasty, healthy drink at home. 

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