Can You Cook with Plastic Wrap in the Oven?

When we think about the use of plastic wrap in the oven, only one thought comes to mind! Is It Safe? Will it melt into the food? That’s why I decided to research online to find the answer and write a helpful post.

Can you cook with plastic wrap in the oven?

The food-grade plastic wrap can be used in the oven, it is efficient to keep the food moist. The plastic melting temperature is 220 degrees while inside the oven moisture keeps the plastic wrap temperature below 212 degrees, that’s why plastic wrap does bake the foods. 

Can you cook with plastic wrap in the oven A Detailed Answer

Keep reading to learn about the uses and types of plastic wraps, what type of plastic wrap you can use in the oven, and care tips.

What Plastic Wrap Can I Use in the Oven?

You can conveniently use the food-grade plastic wraps in the oven. It is important to know that plastic wrap could melt in the oven and release chemicals. The plastic wrap melts at 220 degrees, but moisture inside the oven keeps the plastic wrap temperature below 212 degrees, that’s why food doesn’t bake properly.

The use of plastic wrap in ovens is common in restaurants, and chefs feel that it’s safe as long as the plastic wrap is covered with foil. Plastic wraps are available in different qualities therefore selecting the right one with food-grade properties is important. Plastic wrap is safe to use if you use it correctly, as I discovered when experimenting with a recipe that instructed me to use it in the oven.

Most plastic wrap manufacturers indicate that their products are not oven-safe. You can use standard plastic wrap in the oven if it is double-layered with aluminum foil. There are many kinds of plastic wrap available, from industrial plastic wrap to food-grade plastic wrap.

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How Is Plastic Wrap Made?

The plastic wrap is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), while low-density polyethylene and antioxidants are added to the plastic to improve the quality, which is used globally due to its special properties to keep the food fresh.

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Types of Food Grade Plastic

There are different food-grade plastic materials that are used in making plastic wraps and other food appliances and tools, some of them are as follows.

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS): Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a type of plastic that is made by combining styrene and acrylonitrile. It’s a food-grade plastic material and safe for use, it’s also used in food-related appliances.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE): High-Density Polyethylene is a plastic polymer with high heat resistance properties that makes this special to use in food packaging materials.
  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK): Polyetheretherketone is a lightweight thermoplastic with semi-crystalline properties and is good to use in the microwave.
  • Polypropylene (PP): Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline material that has a high melting point and is safe to use in food applications.

Source: Fast Radius

Is a Plastic Wrap Oven Safe?

The maximum temperature of an oven is around 200-230℃, which is safe for plastic wraps to use. Plastic wraps are made from food-grade material and have a high melting point that enables them to be used in the oven. Also, the moisture inside the wrap keeps it cool and safe for food.

You can use plastic wrap in the oven with a temperature range below 220℃. On the other hand, the latest ovens are coming with high wattage (700 to 1200 watts) and the temperature for those will be like 350℃, this temperature is not recommended to use plastic wraps inside the oven. You should poke holes in plastic wrap when you use it in the oven to allow steam to escape.

Can Plastic Wrap Catch on Fire in the Oven?

In conventional ovens, the plastic wrap can melt and catch fire if kept near to burner flame area in the oven. However in general baking work, if the temperature crosses 250 degrees, it can cause the plastic wrap to shrink or melt.

However, because the possibility of fire does exist, it’s just as crucial to prevent exposing plastic wrap to temperatures beyond its melting point.

can you cook with saran wrap in the oven

Can You Use Saran Plastic Wrap in Oven?

The melting temperature for the plastic wrap is above 220℃, if the temperature exceeds the melting point then it will melt the plastic wrap that is not good for the food. So it is an important point to keep in mind while using the plastic wrap in the oven..

At high temperatures above 220℃, the plastic wrap will melt and cause it to shrink further or cause “lobbying” on the plastic. But, this is not a blanket response that applies to all plastic wrap products; instead, I suggest consulting the product label for a specific temperature recommendation.

One of the famous is Saran Plastic Wrap, which is made of premium quality food-grade material and also oven safe (Withstand on high temperature and prevent from melting). This plastic wrap completely blocks the air, also it keeps the moisture in and prevents odor transfer.

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Is Plastic Wrap Recyclable?

The plastic wraps are not recyclable because they are made of a complex chemical process with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and antioxidants are added to the plastic to improve the quality, which is difficult to remove while recycling.

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Should You Put Plastic Wrap on a Burner?

The temperature of a burner is around 200℃, but it’s recommended that plastic wraps should not be used directly on burners. If food is wrapped inside the cookware then it will work fine on burners or electric stoves.

Care Tips When Using Plastic Wrap in the Oven

When preparing recipes that call for plastic wrap, it’s ultimately wiser to buy and use an oven bag. This option is inexpensive, safe, and simple – plus, they’re made to be used in the oven. This means less stress for you and your family, as well as a better cooking experience overall. 

While you can cook in the oven with plastic wrap, there are a few things to bear in mind:

Wrap It in a Heat-Resistant Wrapper:

Make sure you’re using heat-resistant plastic wrap. If it is heat resistant, it can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re not sure if your plastic wrap is heat-resistant, don’t take a chance and go with another approach.

Excessive Wrapping Should Be Avoided:

Avoid using too much plastic wrap if you’re employing the plastic bag or oven bag options. If you do, there’s a significant chance your meal won’t be able to breathe, which could result in sogginess.

Pre-Cook Without Using Plastic Wrap:

Plastic wrap is mainly used to keep moisture in a dish as it cooks or bakes. Never use it to prepare meat or any other item that needs to be cooked at a specific temperature. If you’re preparing handmade fish sticks, for example, and you use plastic wrap, there’s a significant possibility they won’t turn golden brown and crispy.

Don’t Use the Wrap Again:

This is a nasty habit to have. Do not reuse plastic wrap that has been in the oven unless it is heat resistant.

Maintain a Close Watch on the Temperature:

Avoid using plastic wrap in temperatures exceeding 450 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid melting. Foods exposed to high temperatures on the outside may begin to cook while remaining frozen on the inside. Because this isn’t the best technique to prepare food, it’s recommended to avoid using high heat when using plastic wrap.

Keep a Close Watch on the Clock:

The timer does not stop just because food is cooking in the oven. When using plastic wrap in the oven, be careful not to let it burn or melt, as your food will likely take longer to cook than the time stated. Cooking with plastic wrap can provide excellent results and save you time and effort in the kitchen if done correctly. These straightforward steps will ensure that your food is always cooked to perfection.

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Final Thought

Plastic wraps are suitable to use in all types of ovens whether it’s a cool, slow, or hot oven. Also, while choosing a plastic wrap make sure it’s made from FDA-approved food-grade material.

We hope that this post has been helpful to use the plastic wraps in the oven for baking and keep the food fresh.

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