Can I Use a Candy Thermometer in the Oven?

A candy thermometer is the most talked-about equipment in the kitchen nowadays, as it has made the candy-making process way too easy and accurate. You must be wondering if the candy thermometer is the same as a regular oven thermometer and can we put it in the oven to check the correct temperature.

Can I use a candy thermometer in the oven?

Candy thermometers are not oven-safe, so it’s not recommended to use one to check the temperature in an oven. The candy thermometer is only compatible with temperatures between 100 and 400 degrees, and the oven temperature is above this range. And this temperature change may cause the candy thermometer to crack in the oven.

Continue reading If you are curious to learn about candy thermometers and how they work, and digital candy thermometers. In this guide, we’ll explore can I use a candy thermometer in the oven, and detailed information to make your baking experience more enjoyable.

Are Candy Thermometers Oven-Safe

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Can You Put a Candy Thermometer in the Oven? 

You should not put a candy or sugar thermometer in the oven as its usage is bound to a specific temperature limit which you should not exceed. The oven temperature is more than 400 degrees, so there is a risk of the thermometer not giving accurate data.

As a result, Candy thermometers should not be used in ovens since they can pose a safety risk. The candy thermometer won’t give accurate readings if it reaches above the temperature limit; it could break in the oven. 

Also, the candy thermometer uses its bottom to measure temperature, which is made up of glass. So when the oven blasts the heat, the rapid temperature changes, and high heat can cause the glass thermometer to crack.

If you want to calibrate your oven, then use proper tools instead of substitutes as there is less chance of accuracy, and the thermometer might also break. When a product isn’t meant for a specific use, you should avoid using it. So, never place your candy thermometer in your oven if you don’t want an explosion or thermometer breakage.

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What Material Is Used to Make a Candy Thermometer? 

There are different brands of candy thermometers on the market, and each offers a separate thermometer with varying materials and properties. But the most common materials used to make candy thermometers are glass and stainless steel; both have different properties and compositions while accuracy remains constant. 

  • The glass thermometer consists entirely of glass; it is more heat-sensitive, but still, it can bear a temperature of 400 degrees. There is a metal clip attached to the side of the thermometer that holds it inside the pan or pot, so you do not have to keep it all the time. Ensure this thermometer does not undergo extreme temperature variations as it will shatter on high heat. Also, do not let the thermometer touch the bottom of your pan or pot.
  • The stainless steel thermometer has a rust-free steel body, but it is made of glass from the inside. There is metal mercury inside both thermometers that measure the temperature by expanding and contracting according to temperature.

Can You Put Digital Candy Thermometers in the Oven? 

Involving inventions have brought us digital candy thermometers for more accurate data and convenient usage. The temperature range of a digital thermometer is a bit more than a regular glass or stainless steel thermometer. It is made of silver, so it is unlikely to shatter due to high temperatures. 

As the product has a bit high temperature withstanding capacity and the producers claim it to be safe for oven use, you can use it in the oven for oven calibration. The material of the digital candy thermometer makes it a versatile product and convenient for different cooking processes. 

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How Do You Know If a Candy Thermometer Is Oven-Safe?

There are many ways to know whether your candy thermometer is safe to put in the oven or not. The first thing is the temperature balance of the thermometer, and if the temperature limit of the thermometer is less than the oven heat, then it is not safe for oven use. Another thing is the material of the thermometer, the material of the thermometer should be safe to put in the oven.

Most candy thermometers are made of glass, making them heat sensitive and should be used at less temperature. At last, every product has a description with it where it is clearly stated whether it is oven safe or not. All these things can tell whether your candy thermometer is oven-safe or not.

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Can You Put a Candy Thermometer in the Microwave?

If you want to use your candy thermometer in the microwave, you must put it in the food, then put it in the microwave to check the food’s temperature. This will protect the thermometer from direct contact with the heat.

The thermometer would not get too hot and will give accurate readings. So, this way, you can use your candy thermometer in the microwave without any damage or ambiguity.

Is a Candy Thermometer the Same as a Food Thermometer? 

Candy thermometers and food or meat thermometer are helpful kitchen appliances, but they are not precisely the same. The temperature limitation of a candy thermometer is 400 Fahrenheit, but a meat thermometer has a temperature limitation of 200 Fahrenheit, which limits its usage. 

The candy thermometer is used while making candies to check the accurate temperature, while a meat thermometer is used for creating and roasting chicken at the right temperature. The usage of both thermometers depends upon their materials and properties, so they are not interchangeable.

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What Kind of Thermometer Do I Use in My Oven? 

The best thermometer for oven use has a high temperature bearing capacity of up to 500-570 degrees. These thermometers will give the most accurate data and not cause any hazards.

Also, the thermometers that are considered safe are good to go in the oven for calibration and baking. There are many thermometers available in the market that are safe for oven use, and also make sure to check their accuracy.


You should not put a candy thermometer in the oven as they have a temperature limit that could cause the thermometer to break if exceeded. You should only use the thermometer suitable for oven use in the range.

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