Are Le Creuset Pepper Mills Good?

Pepper mills are famous among the masses because freshly ground salt and pepper give a more intense flavor to food. To choose a reliable pepper mill, you need to consider its look (whether it would go with the aesthetics of your kitchen), mechanism, and output (whether it gives you fine or coarse grind pepper). 

Are Le Creuset pepper mills good?

Le Creuset pepper mills are good, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and easy to use. Further, Le Creuset pepper mills are available in various colors and come with a warranty of 10 years. However, their pepper mills may be expensive, but they provide excellent value. 

If you are wondering whether you should get Le Creuset pepper mills or not, continue reading to learn about their pepper mills.

In this guide, we’ll explain in detail are Le Creuset pepper mills good and the method to clean a Le Creuset pepper mill properly. Moreover, we will discuss what differentiates Le Creuset pepper mills from other brands.

are le creuset pepper mills good

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Are Le Creuset Pepper Mills Good?

The Le Creuset pepper mills are an excellent product, attractive, and easy to use. Also, there are different factors that you can consider in determining the quality of Le Creuset pepper mills.

Light Weight & Durable

These pepper mills are durable, convenient, and lightweight. Unlike some other products of Le Creuset, the outer material of pepper mills is not cast iron, but it is plastic. Due to this, they are pleasingly lightweight. 

Color & Design

These pepper mills come in various colors (that will match any kitchen color and aesthetics) and are resistant to stains, corrosion, chipping, scratching, and odors. In addition to the design and size of a pepper mill have an impact on how they are used in a daily routine.

The Le Creuset pepper mills have an ergonomically pleasing design that allows you to open the lid and refill the pepper mill easily. These pepper mills do not have a see-through lid, so you have to remove the cover to see how much pepper or salt is left.


Some people mistakenly believe that their pepper mills are made of ceramic when only the mechanism is made of ceramic, and the pepper mills are made of plastic, which can be disappointing for them. Additionally, Le Creuset pepper mills come with a ceramic-based grinding mechanism.


In addition to this, Le Creuset offers a warranty of 10 years for their pepper mills; therefore, if your pepper mills malfunction or get damaged, you can quickly return it for a brand-new piece or get it repaired from the company.

What Are Le Creuset Pepper Mills Made Of?

Le Creuset pepper mills are constructed of plastic, and their grinding mechanisms are ceramic. Le Creuset uses hardwearing, high quality, and acrylic-coated plastic. And they manufacture their products in Canada.

Usually, Le Creuset makes their products of cast iron, but not the pepper mills. As a result, these pepper mills are incredibly lightweight, thus making them highly functional. Further, Le Creuset pepper mills do not absorb odor or moisture, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth because they have ABS-finish.

Can You Use The Le Creuset Pepper Mill For Salt?

You can use the Le Creuset pepper mills for salt because Le Creuset pepper mills have a sturdy ceramic grinder that makes them highly effective for salt. Further, their ceramic grinder is strong enough to crush peppercorns and corrosion-resistant, thus making it suitable for salt.

On the other hand, the usual pepper mills are not a smart choice for salt because salt can erode the metal grinding mechanism over time. But you can put salt (even sea salt) in a Le Creuset pepper mill due to its ceramic grinding mechanism.

However, it is important not to overtighten the lid because it can damage the shaft of the pepper mills and their grinding mechanism.

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Can You Adjust The Le Creuset Pepper Mill?

Le Creuset pepper mills are adjustable, making them highly functional. Coarseness level is crucial as people prefer different coarseness levels according to their taste and the recipe they are making.

Therefore, you can use the cast metal knob of the Le Creuset pepper mills to adjust their grind setting. For that, turn the knob counter-clockwise for a coarse grind and clockwise for a delicate grind setting.

In addition, le Creuset provides a knob with knurls to give you a better grip. However, you should not tighten the knob too much because your grinder may stop working.

What Makes Le Creuset Pepper Mills Unique Among Other Brands?

Le Creuset is known for its aesthetics and provides a splash of colors on your classic pepper mill. Their pepper mills come in a range of colors and gradients, giving you many options to choose from (according to your kitchen aesthetics).

Le Creuset pepper mills blend elegance, quality, and high functionality. Their pepper mills are durable, well made, very easy to use, and do a dash of excellent grinding pepper.

Also, Le Creuset pepper mills have corrosive-resistant and stain-proof grinders that are crafted to last for a longer time. These features and specifications make Le Creuset pepper mills unique among other brands.

How to Clean a Le Creuset Pepper Mill?

Le Creuset recommends washing their pepper mills by hand. You should use lukewarm soapy water to wash them and dry them thoroughly after washing. Further, their pepper mills have ABS-finish; therefore, you can use a clean damp cloth to remove water stains (if any) and clean the outer surface of the pepper mills. It is suitable for daily cleaning. 

On the other hand, do not use rough sponges or brushes, as they could scratch the surface. It is always best to use a soft sponge or cloth to clean Le Creuset pepper mills. Also, avoid putting your Le Creuset pepper mills in the dishwasher, or it may wear out.


Finally, one can say that Le Creuset pepper mills are not just elegant and classical, but they also feature modern technology. They are lightweight, eye-pleasing, come in various Le Creuset iconic colors, and have a 10-year warranty. Nevertheless, they may be a bit expensive but worth your money.

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