Do Brownies Cook Faster In A Glass Pan?

Brownies are usually of square or rectangular shapes made from chocolate batter and some extra fillings, including caramel, peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc. You can make them in any form you like, from cakey to fudgy. Different recipes and pans may be necessary, depending on your desired brownies. 

Brownies cook faster in a glass pan because the glass retains heat better and longer than metal pans. Once the glass pans are heated, they get boiling, allowing the bake time to be shortened and the brownies to be soft and crispy. However, you need to adjust the time (reduced by around 10 minutes) and temperature (reduced almost 25 degrees F) compared to metal utensils when using glassware for baking brownies. 

Do Brownies Cook Faster In A Glass Pan

Are you wondering whether using a glass pan for baking brownies gives you the desired results? Then keep reading to learn everything from the right size pan to baking time and temperatures for baking perfect brownies in glass utensils instead of metal pans. Further, we will talk about the dos and don’ts when baking brownies in glass pans so that you do not face any consequences for making mistakes. 

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Is It Okay To Bake Brownies In A Glass Pan?

Glass pans are an excellent choice for baking brownies because they do not heat up quickly, but when they heat up, they retain heat longer. On the other hand, metal pans heat up immediately, leading to overbaked brownies if you do not keep a check. 

Further, we have mentioned some other reasons why it is okay to bake brownies in a glass pan in the following.

  1. The glass pans distribute heat better, resulting in evenly baked brownies.
  2. They heat up gradually, which reduces the risk of overbaking brownies. 
  3. When the glass pans heat up, the glass becomes very hot and retains heat better, which leads to baking brownies faster.
  4. The glass pans make bronies crisp from the outside and soft inside that will melt in your mouth.

What Is The Perfect Glass Pan Size To Bake Brownies?

The most common glass pan people use to bake brownies is square (8 x 8 inches or 9 x 9 inches) and rectangular (9 x 13 inches) with a depth of 2 to 3 inches. However, you can use any size of glass pan for baking brownies as long as you adjust the baking time and temperature according to it. 

Because if you are using larger pans, it may take longer to bake brownies; but if you are using smaller skillets, the cooking time will reduce. Nonetheless, if you are making a different recipe or using another size pan than the mentioned pan in the recipe, you need to convert the recipe and pan size correctly to get the desired result. You can check the online charts for converting one size pan to another to adjust the recipe accurately; otherwise, you may get undercooked or overcooked brownies.  

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Which Glass Can Be Used For Baking Food?

Pyrex and tempered glass are usually heat-resistant, so you can safely use them in the oven. On the other hand, non-tempered or standard glass can not withstand high temperatures and is not safe to use in the microwave. 

However, always check the oven-proof label on the utensils before using them in the oven to avoid any damage. You can check the oven label at the bottom of the skillets or packaging boxes. But even if your glassware is labeled as oven-safe, you still should not use it over 425 degrees F temperature. 

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Does The Glass Pan Size Matter To Bake Brownies Faster?

The glass pan size does matter when baking brownies because if you make the same recipe in a larger pan, more surface area will be exposed to heat, which means the liquid evaporates faster, leading to baking brownies quickly. 

For instance, the pan size mentioned in your recipe is 8 inches, but you have to use a 9-inch pan instead. In that case, you need to decrease the baking time by a quarter and increase the microwave temperature by 25 degrees F.

Further, you can follow a general rule of thumb when you have a different pan size than what the recipe calls for, which is you need to decrease baking time and increase the temperature in case of the larger pans (that makes your brownie batter shallow). But if you are using a smaller pan that makes your better deeper, you need to increase the baking time and decrease the oven temperature.

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How Long Should You Preheat The Oven Before Putting Brownies In It?

You need to preheat your oven to 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 30 minutes when baking brownies before putting the brownies in the oven. The correct temperature is crucial in determining baking time and the final result of baking goods. 

Thus, if you do not preheat your oven, the food may not get to the desired temperature in the dedicated time, and you end up with dense and undercooked brownies. Further, this temperature is not very low and helps glass pans to heat up and higher enough to break the glass. Since, if you preheat your oven to a higher temperature, it may shatter your glass pan due to a sudden temperature change. 

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What Temperature Is Suitable To Bake Brownies In A Glass Pan?

You may not place the glass pan over 425 degrees F; therefore, if your recipe calls for a temperature over 425 degrees F, you should prefer using a metal pan for baking. It is because the glass will break at that temperature, leaving a mess in your oven. Further, remove your glass pan from the oven immediately after baking because it retains heat longer and can break. 

Nevertheless, if you are using a glass pan for baking brownies, you need to reduce your baking time by almost 25 degrees F compared to a metal or non-stick pan because the glass pan gets super hot. But, if you do not adjust your oven temperature according to the glass, it may lead to overcooked or even burnt brownies. 

Do Brownies Cook Faster In A Glass Pan1

How Much Time Is Required To Perfectly Bake Brownies In A Glass Pan?

It may take less time (around 20 – 25 minutes on the center rack) to bake brownies in a glass pan than a metal pan that takes 35 – 40 minutes. The glass may take a longer time to heat up and bake the center, but once it does, it becomes quite hot and retains heat better and longer, which results in shorter baking times for brownies. 

Therefore, you need to precisely remove the glass pan from the oven to avoid overcooking and breakage of glass. Further, remember to line the glass pan with aluminum foil or parchment to immediately remove the brownies from the glass pan without breaking them; because if you wait longer, the brownies may get overcooked and burn.

Can Longer Baking Time For Brownies Crack The Glass Pans In The Oven?

The longer baking for brownies can crack the glass in the microwave because even the glass takes time to heat, but when it heats up, it gets super hot and retains that heat longer and better. 

And as glass usually cannot stand temperatures higher than 425 degrees F; thus, if you leave glass pans in the oven longer than the dedicated time, their temperature may keep getting higher. And eventually, they will shatter into pieces leading to a mess in your oven; and may even damage your microwave.

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Which Is Better For Baking Brownies: Glass Or Metal Pan?

Both the glass and the metal pan have benefits and drawbacks for baking brownies. It depends upon your preference because one may not be better than the other. Both of them will give you the best results; therefore, choose the pan according to your desired results. 

However, we have mentioned the pros and cons of using metal and glass pans below so that you can make an informed choice.

Glass PanMetal Pan
Heating Time The glass takes a long time to heat up.The metal heats up quickly.
Heat RetentionIt retains heat better and longer, which leads to evenly baked cookies.It does not retain heat longer and loses heat quickly.
Baking TimeThe glass pan reduces the baking time for brownies by almost 10 minutes. So it takes around 25 minutes on average.The metal pan takes longer to bake brownies (usually around 35 – 40 minutes).
Temperature ThresholdThe glass may break at a temperature over 425 degrees F.Most of the metal can withstand temperatures around 550 degrees F.
Baking TemperatureIt would help reduce the temperature by 25 degrees F compared to a metal pan while baking in a glass pan.You can bake brownies in metal pans at high temperatures.
Brownies FormIt makes brownies soft from the inside and crisp from the outside.The metal pans make brownies harder and chewier.

Do’s And Don’ts While Using Glass Pans To Bake Brownies

Using glass bakeware can be exciting, but you need to take care of some things while baking. Otherwise, you may end up breaking glass in the oven overcooking, and even burning your food. Therefore, we have discussed some do’s and don’ts below when using glass utensils for baking brownies.


  1. You need to grease your pan with oil or butter; so that it becomes easy to remove brownies from the pan.
  2. Line your pans with parchment paper for brownies with a refined look and sharp edges. It will also make the removal process quicker, and you can remove brownies immediately after baking to avoid breaking them or overcooking them.
  3. Remember to adjust your baking time and temperature according to your glass pans if your recipe calls for metal pans.
  4. Use a simple whisk or spatula to mix ingredients instead of an electric hand mixer to avoid overmixing the batter.
  5. Let them cool your brownies for about 30 minutes before cutting them into pieces.
  6. Place your glass pans on the middle rack when baking brownies.
  7. You should add warm chocolate a little at a time to the batter if your recipe calls for melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder; otherwise, the eggs may get cooked.


  1. Do not release brownies from the pan immediately after removing the pan from the oven. Let them rest until they are slightly cold, and then cut them. 
  2. Do not wait too long for cutting the brownies after removing the pan from the oven because the brownies may overcook because the glass retains heat for longer. Also, if the brownies become cold, it will be difficult to remove them from the pan.
  3. Never place your glass pan directly from the oven to the refrigerator or from the fridge to the microwave because the sudden temperature change can break the glass.
  4. Never leave your glass pans for longer in the microwave, or your glass pan may get shattered into pieces due to a higher temperature.
  5. Do not overmix your brownie ingredients if you want a fudgy brownie because more mixing means more air into the batter, making caky brownies instead of fudgy brownies.
  6. Do not use cold eggs and butter directly from the fridge for making brownies, but use room temperature butter and eggs for better results. 


A glass pan is ideal for baking brownies faster (in 25 minutes instead of the metal pans, which almost take 40 minutes) as long as you are doing it right. Because even glass pans bake brownies evenly and faster, you need to adjust baking and temperature right; otherwise, you may break your glass utensils. Therefore, you can follow the above-discussed guidelines and tips for making perfect brownies and avoid consequences.

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