Are Reusable Paper Towels Worth It? (Ultimate Guide)

Many people might think that buying a disposable paper towel is the way to go, but is that the best decision for the environment?

Are Reusable Paper Towels Worth It?

Yes, reusable paper towels are worth buying, but not if it comes at the cost of convenience. Reusable paper towels can be a time-saver and an environmental leader if you don’t mind a bit of inconvenience.

Just be aware that many paper towel products don’t contain any antibacterial agent or active ingredient, so they aren’t as effective at keeping you clean as a single-use towel. But reusable towels are still worth it when they’re less expensive than the paper towels you use for the same purpose.

In this guide, we’ll look at both sides of the argument and see whether or not reusable paper towels are worth it.

Are Reusable Paper Towels Worth It

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Are Reusable Towels Better than Paper Towels?

Reusable paper towels are better because they help conserve resources and reduce waste. On the other hand, disposable paper towels are more effective at cleaning because they are absorbent. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences and how often you use either type of towel.

According to research, there are many different benefits to reusable towels.

  • First, they’re better for the environment because they take up less room in landfills and can be reused for more extended periods.
  • On the other hand, reusable towels are easier to clean and maintain. They’re also a more sanitary alternative to using paper towels in the first place.

Another reason to consider using reusable paper towels is convenience. Most people remember how frustrating it was to fumble through a pile of dirty dishes and find a towel to dry them. With reusable paper towels, that task is taken care of automatically. Plus, if you accidentally spill something on your shirt while wiping down a counter, you can throw the towel in the wash and never worry about it again.

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Are Reusable Paper Towels More Expensive than Disposable Paper Towels?

In general, reusable paper towels are more expensive than disposable paper towels.

However, there are also a few benefits to using reusable paper towels, which might make the cost worth it in the long run. The biggest reason to consider using reusable paper towels is the environmental impact of disposable paper towels.

A single roll of disposable paper towels can take up to 800 gallons of water to produce, not including the energy used to manufacture them. By contrast, a single roll of reusable paper towels uses around 30 gallons of water. That’s a big environmental win!

The purpose of reusable paper towels is to save money, but most people don’t realize how often they use paper towels. The average home uses 2.5 gallons of paper towels each year, and if you consider that a family of four uses four rolls of paper towels per week, you can see how quickly that adds up to a hefty annual expense.

So should you switch over to using reusable paper towels? It all depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re concerned about the environment and want to do your part in reducing pollution, then.

What Is the Best Fabric for Reusable Paper Towels?

If you’re going for something decorative, you should consider silk or velvet. Silk has a lovely sheen that looks classy and elegant, and velvet has a classic, sophisticated look. Both fabrics are durable and can last through several wash cycles.

Paper towels can be made from various materials, including paper pulp, cotton, rayon, polyester, and bamboo, but the most common material used today is microfiber.

Microfiber towels can hold up better than traditional ones, especially after multiple washings, absorbing fewer liquids. These properties make them an excellent choice for people who like to reuse paper towels. But what makes microfiber towels so special?

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What Are the Best Reusable Paper Towels on the Market?

When choosing the best reusable paper towels on the market, there are a few things to consider. For one, what type of towel do you need? There are absorbent dry-type paper towels and cloth napkins. Dry-type towels are great for general cleaning, while napkin-type towels are better for delicate tasks like wiping down counters and tables.

Another thing to consider is the material used in the towel. Some of the best reusable paper towels on the market are made out of recycled materials, such as post-consumer plastic bottles. This means that not only are they eco-friendly, but they also tend to be thicker and more absorbent than other types of paper towels.

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How Often Do You Change Reusable Paper Towels?

How often you change them will depend on how often you use them and how dirty they become. If you feel the paper towel color faded after several washes and the fabric started getting ruff, then you should change your reusable paper towel.

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How Many Reusable Paper Towels Do I Need?

A single roll of paper towels lasts around six months, so a family of four could use about 16 rolls per year. However, if you frequently have large messes, you may need more than 16 rolls per year. The environmental benefits of using reusable paper towels outweigh the minimal replacement cost, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have a more prominent family or guests coming over, you’ll likely need more paper towels than someone who lives alone. All these things will affect the price of reusable vs. disposable paper towels.

How to Wash Reusable Paper Towels?

Reusable paper towels are a great way to save the environment, but how do you properly wash them?

Here are a few tips on how to wash reusable paper towels:

  • Fill a small tub with warm water and add one drop of soap.
  • Wring out the used paper towel and place it in the tub.
  • Leave the towel in the tub for about 5 minutes.
  • Rinse off the towel with cold water.
  • Squeeze out as much water as possible and place it on a dryer sheet if desired.

How Reusable Paper Towels Are Made?

Although paper towels are often considered disposable, many brands sell reusable paper towels. These towels are made from various materials, including cotton, bamboo, and even recycled paper

The manufacturing process for reusable paper towels is similar to regular paper towels, with a few key differences. For one, the towels are usually much thicker, making them more durable. They also often have different textures, making them more effective at absorbing spills. Finally, the towels are generally treated with a waterproof coating, which helps to keep them from falling apart when they get wet.

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Are Reusable Paper Towels More Effective at Cleaning than Disposable Paper Towels?

In general, reusable paper towels claim to be more effective at removing dirt and bacteria because they are made from natural fibers.

However, disposable paper towels are often cheaper and easier to use. So, which is better? It depends on your needs. Reusable paper towels may be more effective if you clean up a small area. However, disposable paper towels may be the better choice if you need to clean a large area quickly. Ultimately, it depends on your situation.

How Do You Store Reusable Paper Towels?

Reusable paper towels are a great way to save money and the environment. However, they can be challenging to store.

Here are some tips for storing reusable paper towels:

  • Store them in a clean, dry place.
  • Keep them folded, so they take up less space.
  • Don’t stack them high.

Pros and Cons of Reusable Paper Towels

Reusable paper towels are a popular choice for many people, but there are also some cons to consider before making the switch. Here are the pros and cons of reusable paper towels:


They Conservatively Use Resources: One of the most significant benefits of using reusable paper towels is that they use fewer resources than disposable options. When you use disposable paper towels, you’re throwing away a lot of paper towel material you could have reused. By using reusable paper towels, you’re conserving both energy and resources.

They Can Last a Long Time: One of the most significant benefits of reusable paper towels is that they can last a long time. Compared to disposable options, which typically only last a few months before they need to be replaced, reusable paper towels can last for several years or even longer.


They Can Be Messy: Another downside to reusable paper towels is that they can be messy. If you don’t use them correctly, they can become clogged with dirt and other debris, which can be frustrating. It’s essential to keep them clean and free from debris to avoid any problems.


In conclusion, paper towels can be a real pain to throw away when you have a family of five or more. But, once you go reusable, you’ll see a big difference in your household and the environment. Disposable paper towels are expensive in terms of environmental and financial costs (using a lot of them can lead to more waste), but they also aren’t very environmentally friendly.

So what should you do instead? For starters, try using a reusable cloth or paper towels instead. Not only will you be helping to reduce your environmental impact – and possibly saving money in the process.

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