Can Rubbermaid Go in Microwave? [A Detailed Answer]

Rubbermaid is the market leader for food storage; they have been around for more than 90 years. Their food storage containers are well known for their quality; however, it’s essential to see whether you can use them in the microwave or not.

Can Rubbermaid go in microwave?

Yes, Rubbermaid food storage containers are microwave safe. You can quickly reheat the food in Rubbermaid food containers at 212°F (100°C) in the microwave. These containers come with a microwave-safe base and vented lid. So you can reheat food in a container with a closed lid.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about using Rubbermaid food containers in the microwave.

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Can Rubbermaid Go in Microwave

Does Rubbermaid Go in the Microwave?

Yes, you can use Rubbermaid containers in the microwave. The Rubbermaid brand is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers, tubs, and lids. The company’s products are manufactured from high-quality, food-grade material safe for the microwave.

Rubbermaid has a wide range of microwave-safe products, including EasyFindLids, Brilliance, TakeAlongs, Premier, and Flex & Seal food storage containers.

Rubbermaid containers are made from silicone and other materials that will not melt when heated in the microwave. The EasyFindLids of Rubbermaid food storage containers even have steam holes on their lids, which will allow steam to escape while heating food in them.

Is Rubbermaid Lids Microwave Safe?

Yes, Rubbermaid lids that come with a vent are safe for microwaving. These lids are made of a hard plastic that is microwave and dishwasher safe. This includes the lid for the Rubbermaid brand containers, which come in many different sizes.

The Rubbermaid 3-cup and 5-cup containers come with vented lids. You can heat the food in the microwave without opening the lids. And the vented feature will help your food reheat perfectly by providing heat and airflow inside food during the microwave.

Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Food Storage Containers

These containers come with Lid and Steam Vents, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe.

What Is the Maximum Temperature for Rubbermaid in the Microwave?

Rubbermaid products are designed for microwave use safely. The maximum temperature a microwave can reach is 212°F (100°C). Rubbermaid products are suitable for this temperature so that you can use them conveniently.

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How Do I Know If My Rubbermaid Is Microwave Safe?

You can safely use your Rubbermaid products in the microwave because all of their products are microwave safe. However, if you want to confirm, check the microwave-safe label at the bottom of the Rubbermaid product.

If there’s a little symbol with an image of a flame or waves inside a circle and a slash through it, then it’s not microwave-safe and shouldn’t be used in your microwave oven. If there isn’t any symbol on the bottom of your item or if there’s just an “M” inside another circle and slash, then it should be fine to use in your microwave oven.

The symbol indicates that the product has been tested and found to be microwave safe. The symbol should also include a number that shows how many minutes you can safely use the product in a microwave. If you don’t see this symbol on your product, it’s probably not safe for use in a microwave.

Is Rubbermaid Have a Microwave-Safe Symbol?

Yes, Rubbermaid products have a microwave-safe symbol. Rubbermaid offers a wide range of products suitable for use in the microwave oven.

The best way to find out if a specific item is safe for microwaving is to check the packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

If you don’t see the symbol, try searching for the product on our website, where we have lists of all items approved for microwaving.

What Material Is Used to Manufacture Rubbermaid?

Plastic, crystal, and glass are used for most of the products sold by Rubbermaid. Plastic is an inexpensive material that is easy to mold into different shapes and sizes. It also has good durability and can be recycled if it becomes worn out or damaged beyond repair.

Rubbermaid products are made of plastic, including EasyFindLids, Brilliance, TakeAlongs, Premier, and Flex & Seal. The Brilliance glass comes with a glass food storage container with plastic airtight lids.

There are two main types of plastic used in manufacturing Rubbermaid products: ABS and HDPE. Both of these plastics are food safe.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is one of the most common resins used to make plastic products because it is lightweight and robust. The most common colors for this material are white and black, but they can also be found in many other colors.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is another plastic used to make Rubbermaid products such as bins, containers, and tubs. This material is made from petroleum products and can be recycled so that it doesn’t end up in landfills or waterways.

Care Tips While You Microwave Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

When you microwave the Rubbermaid, here are some tips:

  • Never use metal utensils or containers in the microwave oven. This could cause sparks and damage the microwave.
  • When reheating food in Rubbermaid containers, open the lid’s vent to allow steam to escape; if the lid does not contain a vent, remove it.
  • Don’t overfill the container with food or liquid. This could cause food to boil over and damage the container or its contents.
  • Use a potholder or kitchen towel when removing hot Rubbermaid containers from the microwave.
  • Allow hot food to cool slightly before eating or storing in a Rubbermaid container.

Are Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Containers Microwave-Safe?

Yes, Rubbermaid Brilliance glass containers can be used in the microwave. Yes, Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Containers are microwave-safe. They are made of tempered glass designed to withstand high temperatures. The containers are also stackable, which makes them ideal for storage.


In the end, I hope this guide is helpful for you to understand can Rubbermaid go in microwave.

Rubbermaid food storage containers are safe to use in the microwave. The containers have a microwave-safe base and a vented lid. You can put food in a container with a closed lid in the microwave. 

The Rubbermaid brand is a leader in plastic containers and containers. The company’s products are made from high-quality food-grade material safe for the microwave.

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