Best Cookware Set with Removable Handles – Buying Guide (2023)

Whether you are a beginner or professional, a high-quality cookware set is essential if you love cooking. The cookware sets with removable or detachable handles are trendy nowadays, and one of their most critical features is that you can take off their handles and put them back on whenever you want.

These cookware sets are the handiest tool in the kitchen, and versatility and practicality are the two reasons for it to be the dire need of every kitchen.

It can be challenging to select the right cookware set for your kitchen, so before you rush to the cookware set with removable handles on the shelf, think about the purpose of your purchase and how it will help you in your daily cooking experience.

Best Cookware Set with Removable Handles

What to Consider

Investing in a high-quality cookware set is an intelligent choice, as it will allow you to cook food properly for many years. 


Before I detail the characteristics of removable handle cookware that led you to make a choice, I will differentiate the cookware based on the type of material:

  • Stainless Steel Models: This material is resistant to heat and utensils, making pans easier to maintain. Ideally, it would be best to choose models with a thick bottom (1 to 3 cm) so that the heat is distributed evenly.
  • Copper Models: The copper offers excellent results, but you should avoid conflating those for culinary use with those for decoration. It should be at least 1.5 – 2 mm thick for kitchen usage.
  • Cast Iron Cookware: Cooking in this cookware is ideal for simmered foods due to its slow heating rate and efficient heat distribution. The pans are heavy but solid when it comes to heat distribution. I have a dedicated comparison to them.
  • Cast Aluminum Pans: These don’t contain cast iron, contrary to their name, but forged aluminum coated with a non-stick coating. Thanks to its coating, it is one of the most practical, light, and easy to use and maintain. However, they heat up quickly but are less resistant in the long term.
  • Aluminum Pans: These are not recommended for direct food contact and are relatively fragile; these pans are generally enameled on the outside and coated with a non-stick coating on the inside.

Heat Source

It is important to note that the purpose of any pan is to heat water, food, or preparations. The non-stick coating is, therefore, sometimes dispensable. I am going to discuss different heat sources.

  • Induction: Most pots on the market today are compatible with this heat source. However, induction pans can also be used with other heat sources. It is best to use stainless steel or copper for good resistance to thermal shock.
  • Vitroceramic: This heat source is potent; it is recommended to use a material such as stainless steel, which is particularly resistant.
  • Electric: The relatively low power of this heat source makes it possible to use a pan made of cast aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat.
  • Gas: This heat source matches all materials since it is both powerful and progressive.

What to Buy


The fact that you are buying a product from a reputable brand means that it is reliable. Many cookware brands have good reputations and unique features, so learning about those brands can save you from buying cheap products. I am listing here are well-known quality brands that can last for a long time.

Brand NameOriginDescription
T-FALFranceWell known for creating non-stick cookware with a low requirement of fat or oils.
NeoflamKoreaManufacturing cast aluminum cookware since 1990.
MagmaUSAIt was established in 1976 for stainless steel cookware and grills that could withstand saltwater environments.
SHINEURIUSAReliable and cheap, space-saving non-stick cookware
STANSPORTUSAFamous for making space-saving camping cookware since 1949.
OzeriGermanyThe company manufactures kitchen cookware for modern homes, known for its unique designs and durability.
ZavorUSASimple and easy to use cookware sets
  • T-FAL has been famous for manufacturing non-stick frying pans and cookware since 1954. Its mission is to provide cookware that is safe and healthy for people. As part of their product development, they are taking care to protect the environment.
  • Neoflam provides innovative and colorful designs in its cookware products. Since 2008, they have been in the ceramic cookware business, and they have earned a good reputation for providing durable and quality ceramic cookware products.
  • Magma is a well-known brand making a stainless steel grill that would withstand the hardships of a saltwater environment. In addition, they manufacture high-quality stainless steel cookware that can withstand harsh conditions.
  • SHINEURI is a US cookware brand making reliable and affordable cookware products. It makes space-saving and lightweight non-stick cookware that is suitable for the home kitchen as well as for camping and RVs.
  • STANSPORT is an American company with a 70-year history of supplying high-value camping equipment. The company is famous for its space-saving cookware since 1949.
  • Ozeri is known for its award-winning and innovative designs. The company produces durable cookware of excellent quality. Its kitchen products are designed to meet the needs of modern homes.
  • Zavor has been a prominent American brand for the last 25 years. They feature simple designs and easy-to-use cookware and have a wide range of cookware products.
Cookware Set with Removable Handles

Stackable Cookware Sets

Stackable cookware sets are the most convenient kitchen tools, and no kitchen is complete without them. The two main reasons this cookware is necessary for every kitchen are practicality and versatility. The thing that causes problems in the kitchen is the storage space. People need something that you can store quickly and compactly.

You can solve the storage problem with stackable pans with removable handles. The fool-proof handle mechanism of these pans makes them an excellent option for buying a stackable cookware set.

Stackable Cookware SetsPriceWhere We Found It
1. T-FAL Ingenio Neo Stackable Pans (9 Piece Set) See Price on
2. Neoflam Cast Aluminum Cookware Set (9 Piece)See Price on
3. Magma Non-Stick Cookware Set (10 Piece)See Price on
4. Zavor Noir Cookware Set (7 Piece)$229.95 (Click here to buy)

While we discussed the prices, now let’s take a look at the additional features of the four best stackable cookware sets.

The T-FAL Ingenio Neo Stackable Pans are as easy to use as it is to clean. These pans are practically indestructible, so they will last for years. For acidic foods, such as tomatoes, this pan set with a detachable handle is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

The Neoflam Nonstick Cast Aluminum Cookware Set comes with a non-stick ceramic coating and an ergonomic design that allow them to withstand intensive use easily.

If you want a cookware set that provides full indoor and outdoor cooking support, then Magma, you should purchase this product.

The Zavor cookware set has an induction-compatible base and clasp design with a removable grip and internal screw system. You can use it pretty much for any stove, including an oven.

Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Buying stainless steel cookware with removable handles would be the best option for you at the current time. There is a high demand for these cookware sets in households and professional settings. The cookware sets are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and can last in your kitchen for years to come. 

The following are three of the best options to buy stainless steel cookware with detachable handles.

Stainless Steel CookwarePriceWhere We Found It
1. Tefal Stainless Steel Cookware Set (13 Piece)See Price on
2. STANSPORT Stainless Steel Cookware Set (7 Piece)See Price on
3. MAGMA Stainless Steel Cookware Set (10 Piece)See Price on

Frying Pans with Removable Handles

The frying pans with removable handles will always get your attention thanks to their fool-proof handling mechanisms, lightweight, non-stick properties, and efficient performance, which never entices you to purchase one.

The quality of the removable handle on a frying pan can make the whole cooking process smooth, while a low-quality one has the opposite effect. To ensure you don’t encounter the second experience, here’s the list of my favorite frying pans with detachable handles.

Frying PansPriceWhere We Found It
1. Tefal Ingenio Frying Pans Set (2 Piece)See Price on
2. SHINEURI Nonstick Titanium Pans SetSee Price on
3. Ozeri Professional Ceramic Fry PanSee Price on
4. Neoflam Ceramic Nonstick Frying PanSee Price on

Detachable Handles

In most cases, cookware sets come with two detachable handles, but some frying pans only come with one; in that case, you can buy a separate handle. Here is a list of the top three handles available on Amazon to suit all your needs for detachable handles.

Detachable HandlesPriceWhere We Found It
1. Tefal Ingenio Removable HandleSee Price on
2. ROCKURWOK Detachable Handle See Price on
3. Universal Pot Removable HandleSee Price on

What Features to Look

If you are looking for cookware with removable handles, you have many options available, such as non-removable handles and removable handles. However, you should also consider other factors, such as dishwasher-safe. When you are purchasing a cookware set, there are various other preferences you must consider.

1. Easy to Clean

Most of us have difficulty cleaning the cookware because oil sticks in the handles and greases them. To avoid spending additional time cleaning the cookware sets, they should be easy to clean.

This unique feature of the cookware sets makes cleaning more accessible for you to remove the handles and put them in the dishwashers.

As a result, your stackable pan will be properly cleaned, and at the end, you will have a tidy stackable pan that doesn’t have oil grease on its handles.

2. Space-Saving

Space-saving is an essential requirement for every kitchen. Cookware sets that take up a lot of space are always challenging to store. The detachable handles of these cookware sets make them more compact and easy to store. You won’t have any trouble adjusting the handles in your cabinets thanks to the fixed handles.

Now you can easily remove the handles of the stackable pots and fit them anywhere in your cabinets.

3. Microwave Safe

The removable handles on stackable pots and pans make it easy to put them into the oven quickly. If the cookware has handles that don’t adjust to the microwave space, you can’t use it, and even it’s microwave-safe. 

In this way, this incredible product can make cooking and heating food more effortless than ever before!

4. Multi-Purpose Product

One crucial feature that you should consider is the multi-purpose functionality of the cookware set. One of the advantages of cookware with removable handles is that you can use them in other pots when you remove their handles. You can also use it in the place of a bowl when the handles are removed.

So, these cookware sets are the perfect option when searching for some multitasking utensils for your kitchen.

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Final Thoughts

As per my experience, I would always suggest you go with stainless steel pans with a non-stick coating. Although it looks expensive, the result you will get from it is worth the money.

I mainly focused on sets offering several pans to offer you comparable products. Also, with this in mind, the collection includes at least one pan with a diameter of between 18 and 24 cm.

If you’re looking to buy the best cookware products, be sure to visit my Recommended Products Page (click to see my page), Which includes all of my top picks by category.

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