Top 10 Best Bread Dutch Oven [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

Baking in dutch ovens has become easier than usual; their ability to retain heat ensures that the dough bakes smoothly and produces perfect bread. Thanks to its composition and miraculous results, a dutch oven has become one of the essential kitchen cookware.

A wide range of dutch ovens are available in the market, and selecting the best option is not easy.

In this guide, we have short-listed the top 10 best bread dutch ovens by considering their baking, browning, searing, and grilling features. 

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1Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven4.5 Quarts
2Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven5.5 Quarts
3Cuisinart Cast Iron Dutch Oven7 Quarts
4Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven5.5 Quarts
5Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven3.7 Quarts

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It’s a heavy-duty pot with a lid designed in a way that allows minimum heat to escape. In these dutch pots, the steaming process is more efficient, and the food gets appropriately cooked. 

Due to their excellent heat retention ability, dutch ovens are essential in any kitchen because they can cook foods at low temperatures for an extended period and add a richer flavor.

Although Dutch ovens can be used for preparing all kinds of food, they are best at browning and baking meat.

Best Bread Dutch Ovens

10 Best Bread Dutch Ovens

It can be hard to choose one from the many options available on the market. Cast iron is the most common material for Dutch ovens, but the insides of these pots are usually coated with enamel. 

We have selected the ten best options for you to choose from.  

1. Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

Size: 12.44 x 9.96 x 4.25 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Green | Material: Cast iron | Capacity: 4.5 Quarts | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 11.24 pounds

This enameled Dutch oven is an excellent upgrade for your kitchen. if you are looking for something worthwhile and affordable. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

This enameled cast-iron Dutch oven can be used for braising, boiling, baking, and cooking various dishes. Also, they are suitable for serving side dishes on the table.

They are made with high-quality cast iron that helps to retain heat and distribute it evenly while cooking. It comes with a matching lid, and the handles are super comfortable.

The lid has no concentrating ring that lets the moisture move down the side of the pan. The bottom is coated with enamel, so easily used on the cooktop without issue. 

Additionally, wash this cookware with warm soapy water to get a more effective result in cleaning. A few things could be improved on this as it can only be used at 400F, and the enamel layer could be improved as it cracked over time.

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  • Oven-safe up to 400 Fahrenheit
  • Serves up to 3-4 people
  • Perfect for side dishes 


  • Enamel lacks the non-stick function
  • Hand wash only

Buying Advice:

This small dutch oven is perfect for side dishes and Sauces. Also good for baking because of its round shape. Smaller in size but in budget price when compared to similar items. Also, the results are really good for a one-pot meal. 

2. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven

Size: 12.5 x 12.8 x 5.9 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Red | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 5.5 Quarts | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 12.7 pounds

Le Creuset is quite stylish and will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen to facilitate easy slow cooking. It is also well known for its durability and strength since it’s made of cast iron best for roasting, braising, and slow cooking. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

For this dutch oven, no seasoning is needed, and suitable for both stovetop and oven. This cast iron round oven is best to deliver even heat distribution and retention. The knobs are ergonomically designed, and the handles make fitting easy.

The lids are perfectly designed to ensure a tight fit that will ensure proper circulation and keep the moisture in. It is suitable for all cooktops and can withstand heat up to 500F

Further, this round-shaped Dutch oven is extremely light in weight and safe with any utensil and dishwasher. However, like other Le Creuset, this round Dutch oven is limited to one color only. To ensure longevity, the enamel coating needs to be improved. 

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  • 45% Larger handles for a strong grip
  • The large knob withstands temperatures up to 500 Fahrenheit 
  • Available in many colors with sand-colored interior enamel


  • Slightly higher in price than similar items

Buying Advice:

Larger handles and large composite knobs with many color options make it worth buying. Moreover, Le Creuset cast enameled cast iron has superior heat retention with high capacity and large handles. So if you are investing in the best kitchenware, go for this one. 

3. Cuisinart Cast Iron Casserole Dutch Oven

Size: 14.2 x 14 x 8.1 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Cool Grey | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 7 Quarts | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 18.74 pounds

Cuisinart’s are perfectly designed from the interior to the exterior, just like today’s lifestyle demands. It is a perfect combination of professional design and great cooking performance.

This Cuisinart provides you with healthy cooking for your whole life. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

The construction of this cookware is done with high-quality cast iron that ensures even heat distribution and heat retention. The exterior is made with porcelain enamel which makes it suitable for cooking, entertainment, and serving.

Its surface doesn’t allow or impart odor or flavors to food. It is ideal to use on gas tops, glass tops, or even electric stoves. Just make sure to put the hot pan on a wooden board or trivet while serving.

However, cleaning requires some care; although you can use a dishwasher, try to wash it by hand. A downside of this cookware is the loose lid which needs more improvement. Also, proper enamel work must be needed to compete with other Dutch ovens.

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  • Easy cleaning with convenient maintenance
  • Exterior made up of porcelain enamel
  • Available in rich colors complementing every type of kitchen décor
  • Porcelain-enameled interior doesn’t absorb odor


  • Enamel chunks start falling with time, and use

Buying Advice:

This is the best dutch oven for searing and grilling. You can bring the oven to the table as well, and it proves an elegant serving piece. And variety in colors makes it versatile to go for any kitchen décor. 

4. Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Size: 7.25 x 10 x 13.25 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Majolica Red | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 5.5 Quarts | Weight: 11.94 pounds

Tramontina cast iron Dutch Oven is one of the best cookware available, not only because it is ergonomically designed but also because it retains heat well. The cookware has a high-quality porcelain enamel coating that makes it elegant for your kitchen. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

A matching lid comes with the Dutch oven, which has self-basting ridges that uniformly catch the vapors and direct them to the food. As a result, the heat is distributed evenly, enabling efficient baking, roasting, and even simmering.

Porcelain, which is PTFE and PFOA-free, is applied to the surface to make it smooth and durable. It is suitable for all cooktops, including gas tops, glass tops, or electric stoves. 

Moreover, the cleaning is extremely easy; it just needs a simple hand wash or can be used in the dishwasher also. You can use barkeepers in case of stubborn stains.

The rigorous washing is unsuitable for this dutch oven as it could damage the enamel coating. However, a slight improvement in enamel coating during manufacturing could make this product extremely durable.


  • Perfect for baking and traditional simmering 
  • Withholds the temperature up to 450 Fahrenheit
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty
  • Durable stainless steel knob


  •  External enamel coating seems uneven

Buying Advice:

This dutch oven is perfect for baking and browning the meat.  Handles are large enough for a secure grip. It’s so budget-friendly, and the price is much lower than similar items. It’s durable and goes for a lifetime with a certain level of maintenance. 

5. Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Size: 12.56 x 10.43 x 6 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Black | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 3.5 liters | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 13 pounds

The durability and versatility of lodge cast iron cookware are well-known, and this Dutch oven is no exception. A lodge Dutch oven is not just a simple cookware piece, and it’s an heirloom that will endure for generations. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

Whether you are cooking on a campfire, stove, or grill, it can be your most reliable companion. This cookware is made with high-quality cast iron, which ensures even heat distribution through the cookware. No chemicals or synthetics are used in the coating, pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.

The more you use it, the better the seasoning will be. This classic cookware is just perfect for frying, simmering, sauteing or baking, or roasting. 

There is no need to worry about cast iron because it is pre-seasoned and ready to use. However, you should still clean it with mild soap and dry it with a paper towel or cloth. Occasional seasoning with vegetable oil is necessary. It will last longer if you keep it away from moisture or store it in a dry place.

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  • Classic cookware and in use for the past 120 years
  • Pre-seasoned
  • perfect for searing and baking


  • Unparallel heat retention

Buying Advice:

Lodge cast iron is American-made cookware with high quality from the experience of the past 120 years. It provides a classic touch and the best dutch oven for memorizing meals. The best part is that you don’t need seasoning as it’s pre-seasoned. 

6.  Combekk RAILWAY Recycled Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Size: 14.96 x 5.91 x 15.75 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Black | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 6 liters | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 17.6 pounds

The Combekk RAILWAY Recycled Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is another great option with a thermometer built-in for temperature control. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

It was designed with intelligence and innovation to make your life more creative. This product’s aesthetically pleasing black color and ergonomic design make it a favorite among many cooking enthusiasts and professionals.

Everything about this Dutch oven, including maintenance, cleaning, and material, is perfect. The entire product is made of enameled cast iron and is fully recyclable. You can use it easily on any cooktop, including gas tops, glass tops, and electric tops.

A special thermometer is present in front that helps adjust the temperature. It has 40 years of warranty due to its perfect material combination and unique forge. 

Although the cookware has no specific care instructions, you must perform a few maintenance tasks throughout its lifetime. For cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. You can also wash it in the dishwasher; the coating is made of high-quality materials, but be sure not to scrub it.  


  • A built-in thermometer that displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celcius scales
  • Made up of recycled railway
  • Even heat distribution and heat retention


  • Seems heavy but easy to wash

Buying Advice:

This cookware is way better for baking. Heats up quickly. You can control the temperature, and the lid fits well. Heavyweight, and adding a thermometer for temperature control makes it unique, useful, and worth buying.

7. Crock-Pot Artisan Round Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Size: 10 x 9 x 5 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Blush Pink | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 3 Quart | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 4 pounds

This Dutch oven is one of the best pieces from the artisan collection. It comes in various colors that could fit in any traditional or modern kitchen perfectly. It could be perfect for all types of cooking, and you can easily prepare any meal, whether roasting, braising, or baking, and serve it as it is on the table. 

This cookware is constructed with durable materials that enhance heat retention and distribute it evenly. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

The coating is finely made with naturally nonstick porcelain. The handles are wide, which makes the transport and handling of cookware easy.

This Dutch oven can be easily used on any ceramic, gas, or electric stovetop and can withstand temperatures up to 500F. 

Overall this is an excellent and useful product. However, if not used carefully, the pot could crack and start chipping from the bottom.

Make sure to treat it carefully with whale washing, do not use it in the dishwasher, and instead of this, wash it with mild soap and warm water.


  • Perfect for baking and slow cooking
  • Non- stick porcelain enamel finish
  • Wide handles for easy grip


  • As edges don’t have enameled layers, there is the possibility of rusting here.

Buying Advice:

Overall it’s the best product at such an affordable price. Available in different size options. It cleans up fairly easily and retains heat properly. The temperature limit is good enough and available in elegant colors.

8. STAUB Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven

Size: 11.02 x 10.24 x 4.92 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Turquoise | Material: Cast Iron | Capacity: 4 Quart | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 10 pounds

This Dutch oven is made with high-quality cast iron and is a real workhorse for your kitchen. It is perfect for making a full pot meal for 4 persons. You can easily cook poultry, meat, fish, and many other dishes perfectly on this cookware. Its versatility made it must-have cookware for the professional chef. It would never leave your stovetop.

The interior is made with black matte enamel. That ensures even heat distribution with high retention of heat. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here.

The weight is heavy and ensures the tight-fitting of the lid and is designed to bring moisture toward food so that it cannot get dry for an extended period while braising. It is highly durable, withstands 900F temperature, and can be used in the daily kitchen routine for cooking easily.

The surface is so smooth due to enamel construction which makes cleaning easy. If you use excessive seasoning, the rim of the lid could damage. Ensure to wash it carefully by hand and not scrub it. Make sure to use warm water and mild soap. After washing, dry it with a paper towel to keep it perfect for a long time.


  • Heavy tight-fitting lid that retains moisture
  • Oven safe
  • A fine Nickel steel knob


  • Seems like the enamel layer chips off with time.

Buying Advice:

The lid of the oven is designed in a way that retains moisture and returns the tiny spikes on the interior, which creates a rich flavor. Available in elegant colors and ideal size for a family of four. 

9. Anolon Allure Hard Anodized Aluminum Dutch Oven

Size: 11.25 x 10.87 x 6.87 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Dark Grey | Material: Aluminium | Capacity: 5 Quart | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 4.95 pounds

This Dutch oven is constructed with high-quality aluminum, much stronger than stainless steel. The hard-anodized aluminum material makes the coating smooth and nonstick, allowing easy sliding of food on it.

You can easily make your delicious dishes in it and serve it as such on the table due to its ergonomic design and color. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

This is perfectly suitable for making meals for a family of 4. Its nonstick coating is 16 times better than other traditional ceramic cookware.

It can easily be used on any stovetop, including ceramic, gas, or electric. It can easily withstand 500F, and the stainless steel is oven safe. The external coating keeps it new for years and gives your kitchen a fantastic look.

The surface with a flat rivet prevents the sauces from sticking. With little care, you can easily use this stylish, high-performance, and reliable product for a lifetime. The coating could damage on rigorous washing; it needs slight improvement also.


  • Unique modern design complementing every type of kitchen decor
  • Optimal non-stick that lasts ten times longer than traditional nonstick
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Hard anodized aluminum, which stands up to everyday cooking


  • Quit slippery while washing, and handles get hot

Buying Advice:

For everyday use and one-pot meal performance, it’s the best choice. Stylish, reliable, and durable. If someone doesn’t like a cast iron dutch oven, give it a try. 

10. Bruntmor Heavy Duty Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

Size: 11.18 x 10.98 x 5.7 inches | Shape: Round | Color: Blcak | Material: Pre-Seasoned | Capacity: 5 Quart | Oven-safe: Yes | Weight: 14.34 pounds

Whether making soap or a main meal, this cookware with a 5-quart capacity is perfect for serving your family of 4 people efficiently. This bruntmor cast iron Dutch oven has highly comfortable handles with a hole in it to save space in the kitchen.

This perfect camping oven can be used for frying, baking, roasting, and sauteing vegetables and meat. You can see their current prices on Amazon by clicking here

This is made with high-quality cast iron that is enameled with BPA-free porcelain, which makes it high-quality nonstick cookware. It is highly compatible with all stovetops and designed to retain heat and distribute it evenly throughout the cookware surface.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking and could be a perfect partner for camping. No seasoning is required, it already comes with 100% vegetable oil seasoning. 

This is perfectly designed to clean easily in the dishwasher. However, it would be best if you still were careful while washing it. Intensive washing or washing with hot water may damage the coating.

You have to deal with this carefully if you want it to work. You should dry it properly with a paper towel and keep it in a flat dry place.


  • It’s a heavy-duty 2-in-1 cast iron dutch oven
  • The lid can be used separately for frying, grilling, and baking
  • Bright color and easy for daily use


  • Sometimes comes with some odd strip of cast iron in the interior

Buying Advice:

This dutch oven is deep enough for baking and easy to clean. They are featuring heavy and oven-safe cast iron and high-temperature material at a budget-friendly price. The lid can be used separately for frying, baking, etc., making it an excellent 2-in-1 option. 

Types of Dutch Ovens

Best Bread Dutch Ovens

There are two main types of dutch ovens for making bread based on the type of coating they have;

  • Coated with Enamel
  • Bare Cast Iron

Enamel Coated Dutch Ovens

These dutch ovens are commonly made up of cast iron, and they have an additional coating of enamel. The enamel layer makes these dutch ovens nonstick, so no seasoning is necessary. These Dutch ovens are maintenance-free and ready to use instantly. 

These dutch ovens have the drawback that their handles cannot withstand high temperatures since the enamel coating prevents casting iron from absorbing heat. These pots are ideally suited for indoor use, so we wouldn’t recommend taking them on vacations. 

Similarly, you should check the maximum temperature that enamel coating can withstand before buying and ensure you do not exceed that limit while using it. 

Due to the enamel coating inside these ovens, you cannot preheat them while they are empty, and by doing so, you will damage the enamel layer and, potentially, the oven. Enameled dutch ovens are not the best choice if you prefer to preheat your dutch oven before baking. 

Furthermore, it would help if you took care when washing because cookware like this should only be washed by hand. Once the enamel begins to crack, you can’t get the proper results you should expect from a Dutch oven. 

Bare Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

These dutch ovens are made of bare cast iron and do not have any other coating inside. The life span of these items is very long, and they can last a lifetime if maintained properly. 

To achieve the best results, they need to be properly seasoned. Because they can endure extreme temperatures, you don’t need to be concerned about the temperate. 

In addition, they require less maintenance than enamel-coated dutch ovens. You can use these on a stove with a flame, gas, or electric range. Even though you can take these dutch ovens on the trip, they do need regular care and maintenance to last longer. 

Those who are preheating their oven before baking can use these without fear of cracking any coating; you can preheat these even if it’s empty.

Considerations Before Buying a Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens2

There are many options on the market for dutch ovens, and each differs in composition, size, weight, and piece. There are some considerations to consider when choosing one that suits your needs. The following factors must be considered when buying a dutch oven:


Although dutch ovens are generally made of cast iron, they are now available in aluminum, enameled cast iron, stainless steel, cast aluminum, ceramic, etc. 

Thus, cast iron is the best material for this purpose since it can retain all the heat and release it equally.

But nowadays, enameled dutch ovens are more trendy and available in all packages, but they are still more expensive than cast iron dutch ovens. 

Also, enameled cast iron pots can be washed with soap, are not prone to rusting like old cast iron ovens, and don’t need to be seasoned before use as they are pre-seasoned. 


There are two general shapes of Dutch ovens: an oblong oval and round. Both are attractive, but the round is more appropriate because it fits much better on a burner, due to which even heating occurs. 

These dutch pots are made of heavy-duty materials and have a solid design with large handles. Furthermore, dutch ovens with a round shape produce a better crust when baking.  Dutch ovens are designed in such a way that they have thick walls and a lid that traps all the steam and heat.

A thick-walled oven is better for baking bread since it retains heat better and can distribute heat evenly. Generally, it would be best if you bought round ovens so that the dough can spread out and make sleek bread instead of a lofty loaf.


Due to the fact that Dutch ovens are generally made of cast iron, they are quite heavy. Generally, a Dutch oven of six quarts weighs 14-16 pounds, which is quite heavy. 

A round Le Creuset Signature dutch oven weighs approximately 11.5 lbs, making it the lightest of all the dutch ovens. The ovens from Le Creuset have a variety of colors and sizes and are lightweight, making them easy to move, even when full.


The best size of a Dutch oven for baking bread is between 5 quarts and 7.5 quarts. But due to the wide range of sizes available, we are not limited to a specific size for the Dutch oven. 

In general, they are available in five and six-quart capacities. If there are more than seven members in your household, you may choose a larger 7-quart oven. In addition, Staub’s 9 quarts are available for more prominent families.

This is the best size for the accommodation of a standard loaf because it provides a huge space for the loaf to rise and spread. 

Heat sources:

Historically, food was cooked over an open fire; now, charcoal briquettes provide consistent heat and delicious flavor to the food while it bakes.  

Dutch ovens with enameled surfaces are preferred over gas and electric heaters. Meanwhile, bare cast iron ovens can be used outside and put on fire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Dutch Oven Is Best for Sourdough Bread?

Sourdough bread can be easily made using a bare cast iron dutch oven that has already been seasoned. With a tightly fitting lid that holds heat, the bottom of these dutch ovens provides even heat throughout. 

They come in both round and oval shapes, so if you want a round-shaped bread, you need a size of 4 Quarts, and if you want an oval-shaped bread, you need a size of 7.5 Quarts. 

Dutch ovens, such as the Multicooker, are also famous for baking sourdough bread. You can buy any of these to bake, as both are professional dutch ovens. 

Can You Use an Enameled Dutch Oven for Bread?

The enameled Dutch ovens are ideal for baking bread because they produce an excellent bake. Due to their size and shape, enameled Dutch ovens are heavy and good at retaining heat.

Their tight-fitting lids trap all the heat and do not let any air or moisture escape. The non-stick porcelain interior distributes heat evenly. 

The oven does not need to be preheated. You can make crispy, soft, and correctly cooked bread using these. Do not be afraid to give them a try, and they will not disappoint you.

Can You Use a Dutch Oven Instead of a Cloche?

A cloche is specifically for baking bread; however, Dutch ovens can also be used. Dutch ovens can be used to bake perfect loaves. These are multipurpose kitchenware. 

These work well, so you don’t need to buy separate equipment to bake bread.  

The cloche is the best choice for baking bread when comparing a dutch oven with cloches. The Dutch oven, however, will not disappoint you if you own one.

How Big of a Dutch Oven Do You Need to Bake Bread?

The ideal size of a Dutch oven for baking bread is 5 to 7.5 quarts. To make a perfect loaf of bread, there must be enough room for the dough to rising and crust. 

In addition, the size varies depending on the shape of the bread you desire; oval-shaped loaves require a 7 Quart Dutch oven.

The space required to accommodate round loaves is less, but it shouldn’t be less than 4 Quarts. If you want crispy bread, you should not compromise on the size of your oven. 

Should I Preheat the Dutch Oven for Sourdough Bread?

A good crust can be achieved by preheating the oven for 20 to 30 minutes before loading the sourdough into it. This will vary depending on how you make bread and which type of Dutch oven you use. 

It is a prerequisite for some bread recipes that the oven be not just preheated but made to boiling, but some recipes do not mention it. 

However, if you are using an enameled Dutch oven, you shouldn’t preheat as the dish’s composition makes it vulnerable to damage. But you can achieve great results using a bare cast iron dutch oven.


To summarize the discussion, dutch ovens are a good choice for making bread. The heavy-duty dutch ovens bake well and have become a kitchen essential.

In addition to cooking, these are so elegant that they can be used for dining and cooking. Thus, the dutch oven market features a lot of variations in composition, shape, and size. In this article, we have outlined some of the best options available in the market.

In short, all items listed above are best, and choose one for yourself per your requirements.

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