Are Magnetic Knife Holders Bad for Knives?

A magnetic knife holder is a great solution when you need to keep your knives handy but not out in the open. The magnetic knife holders are designed to hold knives in place and prevent sliding around on the counter. They work well, but some people wonder if they might be bad for the knives. 

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Bad for Knives?

If the magnetic knife holder made of magnetic steel is strong and will not harm knives. However, if a magnetic knife holder is made of ferrous metal, it will not be suitable for knives because the magnet can weaken over time, and that can cause cracks in the blade. The magnetic field can cause corrosion on the blades, which leads to oxidation and discoloration of some of the metal.

Magnetic knife holders are a popular way to store knives because they attach to the wall easily. The truth is that you can get either a magnetic or rubber-grip holder, so it’s entirely up to your preference. In some cases, the magnetic holder can help prolong your knives’ life by removing any harmful bacteria from contact with the blade.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the pros and cons of magnetic knife holders, as well as looking at if they actually destroy knives or not.

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Are Magnetic Knife Holders Bad for Knives

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What Is a Magnetic Knife Holder?

A magnetic knife holder is an innovative way to store your knives. A magnet is placed under a ceramic plate, and the knives are laid on top of that plate. They will always be held securely in place and conveniently at hand, which makes it easy to put them away after using them.

The holder uses magnets to keep the knives in place, preventing them from falling off and becoming damaged. Also, it’s a valuable kitchen appliance that keeps knives organized and within easy reach. It is an attractive, space-saving way to keep knives accessible and free of cluttering.

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe?

The magnetic knife holders are safe to use, but it also depends on how well you maintain the knife holder. When using these knife holders, then read the safety instructions carefully. 

If you want to use a magnetic knife holder, make sure there isn’t anything near the power strip. The magnetic holders will also attract any metal in the kitchen, causing utility knives and scissors to be pulled towards the blade.

The magnetic knife holder typically has magnetic strips on its back, which allows you to slide your knives in one by one. Some magnetic knife holders also have a wood or bamboo insert that can hold more than one type of knife.

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Can Magnetic Knife Holders Damage Knives?

Magnetic knife holders are commonly used to keep knives near the cooking area. However, they may be bad for knives because they can cause corrosion and dull blades. 

Knife blades are made of high-carbon steel and can be easily magnetized. When placed in a magnetic holder, they will be pulled towards the holder. If a knife is placed in these holders often enough, this process can harm the blade’s durability.

In some cases, the magnet will hold the knife’s blade and cause it to rust and become dull. You will have to sharpen it again when this happens, making it more difficult.

How to Use a Magnetic Knife Holder?

There are a few different ways to use a magnetic knife holder. 

  • The first way is to just put your knives on the magnets. This is good if you have a lot of knives and don’t want to keep track of which one is which.
  • Another way to use a magnetic knife holder is to put the knives according to how often you use them. This way, you know which knife is and can quickly grab it when you need it.
  • You can also use a magnetic knife holder to organize your spices. If you have a lot of spices and don’t have any storage containers for them, using a magnetic knife holder will help you manage them.

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Will a Magnetic Knife Holder Sticks to Fridge?

The holder is magnetized and can be stuck on the fridge or any metallic surface. Moreover, the magnets should be strong enough for the knife holder to stick to a refrigerator. You should also try not to use cheap magnets that are prone to breaking apart due to their low quality.

On the surface, magnetic knife holders seem like they would stick to a refrigerator. However, the fridge’s powerful magnetism can pull the holder from its intended location. To avoid this, you should place a magnet at each end of the blade when you want to secure it on the fridge. 

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What Are the Best Magnetic Knife Holder?

There are different magnetic knife holders on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. A heavy-duty model may be best for you if you frequently use large knives or need a holder to accommodate multiple knives. A less powerful magnet may be better suited if you need a small, lightweight holder for one or two knives.

Following are three top-rated types of knife holders that are conveniently available on amazon.

1. Double-Sided Magnetic Knife Holder

The Double-Sided Magnetic Knife Holder is a product that was designed to make cooking easier. It can hold any knife and be used in both hands or on either holder’s side.

This double-sided Magnetic Knife Holder is a handy and easy way to store knives on the side of your fridge. It is made of strong rare earth magnets, so it won’t scratch up the side of your refrigerator.

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2. Freestanding Magnetic Knife Holder

Freestanding magnetic knife holders are convenient for keeping knives in an accessible, clean and safe area. They can be placed on the countertop, attached to a wall, or mounted.

You can check out the current price of this free-standing magnetic knife holder on Amazon here

3. Shun Magnetic Knife Holder

Shun is one of the most popular brands for these holders. You can just put your knives inside the holder, and they’ll stay in place no matter how much you shake them. Also, the magnets are strong enough to keep even heavy knives secure.

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Pros and Cons of Magnetic Knife Holders

There are some advantages of using the magnetic knife holder, but also they have some disadvantages. Here is the detail of the Pros and Cons of magnetic knife holders.


  • A magnetic knife holder is a great way to keep your knives safely out of the way. 
  • Easy to clean, hold onto knives tightly, and provide excellent safety.
  • It saves space and eliminates the need for knives and cutting boards.
  • The magnetic knife holder makes it easier to cut things consistently and safely. 
  • Keep your knives safe from harm and make them more accessible.


  • A knife holder can be challenging to use when you have limited space in your kitchen.
  • One downside is that they might be challenging to use if you’re cooking with a stove.
  • If the quality of the knife holder is not good, then the magnetic force is too strong for their knives to handle.
  • It can be dangerous if not installed correctly


Magnetic knife holders are convenient because they don’t require any installation, and some even come with a wall-mounting plate. However, these knife holders can be bad for knives if they are not installed correctly. 

Magnetic knives should never be stored too close to major appliances that use magnets like microwaves or refrigerators. This is because the residue from the magnet will transfer onto the blade and cause it to rust much more quickly.

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