Are Kitchen Pot Racks Out of Style?

The pots and pans in the kitchen are as essential as salt and pepper to eggs. You can organize your kitchen pots and pans in many different ways. In addition, pot racks provide the best solution for storing kitchen items. If you’re always trying to enhance the look and comfort of your home, pot racks can help. 

Are Kitchen Pot Racks Out of Style? The pot racks in the kitchen are still stylish, but the ones hanging over the central island are outdated. You can utilize your kitchen pot racks to free up cabinet space for appliances that you no longer use. A pot rack allows you to reach and access pans and pots more easily and quickly. 

The kitchen pot racks idea comes from Italian and British countryside kitchens. There are different types of pot racks that you can incorporate into your kitchen to make it more functional and modern. You can always think of different ideas to design your space modernly.

Are Kitchen Pot Racks Out of Style

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They say that kitchens sell houses. You should therefore design your kitchen in a functional and attractive manner. Nowadays, sleek, modern, and minimalist designs are more popular. These are practical and decorative at the same time. 

Why Are Pot Racks No Longer Popular Over the Central Kitchen Island?

You might no longer find it fashionable to hang pot racks over the central part of your kitchen. Actually, they were in style two decades ago, but now people are opting for minimalism. As a result, they prefer more sleek and functional design ideas for arranging pots and pans. 

Here are some reasons why pot racks hanging over the central island of the kitchen are considered a big no in modern times:

1. Block Light

The pot racks hanging at the center of the kitchen block light coming from the top or window. To have more light, you have to incorporate some light bulbs in the hanging pot rack.

2. Obscuring View

People are moving towards open kitchen spaces and having dining areas with open kitchens. The pots and pans swinging in the kitchen center can obscure views for people. It doesn’t look good and blocks the view of some art piece or focal point.

3. Cookware You Don’t Use Every Day

These pot racks are bigger in size, and you can hang more pots and pans on them. But you don’t use all pots or pans every day. They accumulate dust day by day, which you don’t want at the center of your kitchen.

4. Dangling Pots Over Your Cooking Area

The cooking area is at the center of some of the kitchens. So, these pots hang over your cooking area. But there should only be a vent over the cooking area. When you have pots and pans above the stove, they get all greasy due to cooking. Therefore, they shouldn’t be hanging over your stove but over the area where you do your prep work. 

5. Too High

The pots should not be hanging so high that you have to take the risk to access them. But they can’t be too low either as they get hit in your head while you work. 

Importance of Using Kitchen Pot Racks:

The kitchen pot racks are used to arrange pots and pans in the kitchen. If you are tired of opening cabinets again and again, then pot racks are for you. They are handy because, in this way, the pots and pans are easily accessible. Moreover, the unused space in your kitchen can be used for pot racks. 

If you are stacking up your pots and pans in the kitchen cabinet, it may result in dings and scratches on pots and pans. The pots and the pans remain in good condition while hanging on pot racks. These racks also make space in your cabinets, where you can store big appliances which you don’t use more often.

The pot racks are a classic solution if your kitchen is small and you don’t have space for more cabinets.

The pot racks can also be used for many other purposes in your kitchen. It is the best thing about the pot racks. You can hang your cutting boards, other utensils, and grain sack linen on these pot racks. You can also hang some bulbs on a pot rack to give it a vintage look. 

Types of Pot Racks That Are in Trend

Kitchen pot racks come in a wide variety. You can have a kitchen pot rack according to your size of kitchen and items that need to get organized. 

Wall Hanging Pot Racks

If there is an empty wall in your kitchen, then you can have some pot racks hanging on that wall. It will look good and also cover the wall by making it decorative.

Bar Rack and Rail

If you don’t have an empty wall or have a small space for a pot rack, you can go with a barrack and rail to hang your pots and pans.

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Bookshelf Pot Rack

You can place your pots and pans on the bookshelf pot rack. It can also use to put your cooking books in your kitchen. These pot racks are conveniently available on Amazon.

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Cookware Stand

You can put a cookware stand at the corner of your kitchen, where you can place your different pots. 

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Pot Racks as a Window Treatment

If you want to be more creative, you can have a pot rock over your window. It will enhance the look of your window and save space.

There is an endless pool of design ideas to make your kitchen more comfortable and beautiful. Pot racks are always in trend. But with time, new designs of pot racks got introduced. Think out of the box and experiment with your kitchen. 


Traditionally designed kitchen pot racks are still a show stopper, and they are not out of style. They are great for displaying cooking utensils over your stove. Organizing your kitchen pots and pans is no longer a problem and you can always come up with fun alternatives. 

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