Are Bread Knives Serrated: A Detailed Answer

There are different knives available to cut different kinds of food (meat, bread, vegetables, etc.) and cut food in different shapes (slicing, chopping, cutting, etc.). You can use them alternatively, but it is always better to use the right knife to get the desired result.

Are bread knives serrated?

Bread knives are serrated and much longer than usual knives. These knives are ideal for cutting soft foods on the inside and hard on the outside without applying much downward pressure. You can use a serrated bread knife as a saw to cut bread loaves evenly and precisely.

Continue reading to learn more about bread knives, including do’s and don’ts while using bread knives and the correct method to sharpen them. Further, we have compiled a list of foods other than bread loaves that you can cut easily with a serrated bread knife. 

are bread knives serrated

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Why Are Bread Knives Serrated?

Bread knives are serrated because they can easily cut through bread loaves without crushing them. Due to their serrations, they are suitable for slicing delicate foods that have a tough crust or exterior and a softer interior. Additionally, the sharp points of the blade of the serrated bread knives will grab the food quickly and allow you to slice it with precision. They will soon cut through tough, rugged, and delicate items through their saw-like tooth edges. 

Additionally, the bread knives have serrated blades in two ways, such as pointy-toothed edges and wavy-shaped edges. You can choose according to your preference and usage. Further, the serrated bread knives usually have offset handles so that the chef’s hands do not touch the cutting surface while cutting the bread and other food items through them. 

Moreover, a high-quality serrated knife can cut much more than a bread loaf because it can do so without downward pressure. And due to this quality, you can cut not only delicate foods but also tough foods. Therefore, you can use a serrated bread knife to cut fruits, vegetables, and meat.    

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Are Serrated Knives Better For Bread? 

Serrated knives are better for bread as they are designed to slice the bread without compressing its softer interior during cutting. Further, these knives allow you to cut the large surface of bread smoothly. It is because they allow you a straight and steady grip. You will not have to apply downward pressure that can compress the loaf.

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Is A Bread Knife Serrated On Both Sides?

The bread knives are usually serrated on one side, known as a single bevel blade. It is because it gives you more control and makes straight cuts of food. 

However, if you are a left-handed person, it may be challenging to handle it because the serration on the bread knives is usually on the right side. Fortunately, some brands are now making these knives for left-handed people too.  

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How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife?

It is better to get serrated knives sharpened by a professional to save effort and time. It can be time-consuming and challenging to sharpen serrated knives at home. Also, you may ruin your knives due to a lack of proper skills. In general, serrated knives do not need sharpening often because they retain their sharpness for a long time.

However, if you want to do it at home, sharpen it on one side only at a specific angle mentioned by the brand. You can use a cone sharpener to sharpen a serrated knife as this kind of sharpener can pass through different serrations. For instance, serrated knives come in serrations with different widths, and these sharpeners can move from one edge to another.    

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What Other Foods Can You Cut With A Serrated Bread Knife? 

A serrated bread knife is not only for slicing fresh and old bread but also for cutting multiple types of food with less resistance. It includes sponge cakes, dense cakes, bagels, rolls, pastries, etc. Further, you can cut vegetables (pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, tough skin bell pepper, etc.) and fruits (pineapple, watermelon, etc.). In addition to this, you can also cut leftover meat (chicken, roast, meatloaf, etc.).

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Do’s and Don’ts When Using a Serrated Bread Knife 

In the following, we have compiled some do’s and don’ts when using a serrated bread knife. Remember them so you can maintain the quality of your bread knives. 


  1. Keep the knife vertical to get even slices of bread, or you may get different thicknesses from top to bottom.
  2. Wash your serrated bread knives by hand using warm soapy water. 
  3. Try to wash your bread knives immediately after each use and dry them thoroughly afterward. 
  4. Always get your serrated knives sharpened by a professional. 
  5. Store your knives on a magnetic board or in separate slots. 
  6. Ideally, it would help replace your knives every five years, so you are using a high-quality knife.  


  1. Never put your bread knives in the dishwasher. 
  2. Do not use an abrasive sponge to clean a serrated knife. 
  3. Avoid soaking your knives in water. 
  4. Be careful not to let your knives loosen in the draws, or their blades will get dull more quickly. 
  5. Try not to press a serrated knife down while cutting bread loaves and let the serration do its magic. 
  6. Do not use your serrated bread knives to cut raw meat, including chicken, fish, and red meat. 
  7. Avoid sharpening a serrated bread knife at home, or you may ruin it due to a lack of expertise.

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In summary, bread knives are serrated and have a saw-like appearance. Their design makes it easy to cut delicate foods such as bread loaves into even pieces without too much effort or downward pressure. A well-made serrated bread knife can perform various tasks in the kitchen, particularly cutting cakes and leveling their coatings during decorating.

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