What Can You Use Instead of a Scone Pan?

A scones pan is a type of baking equipment for making scones and other shaped desserts. Scone pans can be used to bake scones and other baked goods in different shapes. However, what if you aren’t able to use a scone pan? What can you use as an alternative?

Baking tray and silicone bakeware can be used instead of scone pans. You can also use a baking tray just by taking preventive measures of baking. In order to ensure that the scones are straight when they are being baked, it is recommended that you arrange them side by side on a baking tray. 

If you want to learn more about what scone pans are, how they are made, and what are the substitutes for them, then keep reading below!

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What Can You Use Instead of a Scone Pan

What Is a Scone Pan?

A Scone pan is a type of equipment for baking scones and other shaped baking products.

Scone pans are shaped baking equipment for making scones and other shaped desserts. Various shapes of scones and other baked goods can be baked in scones pans.

The scone pans are good for keeping the dough warm so that the butter cannot be melted before the scones are baked. 

How Is It Made

Normally cast iron scone pan, but also at hand in different materials like aluminum and silicon pan.

The standard size of a scone baking pan is 11/4” x 93/4”, which makes eight scones of size 31/2” x 4”. The standard scone pan is made of heavy gauge cast aluminum.

How to Use a Scone Pan

While using a scone pan, grease it with a cooking spray or butter and gently press the dough. The scones baked in the scone pan will take a longer time.

With the Nordic way Scottish scone pan, you can make the most savory scones. A scone pan can be used if we grease it well with butter and lightly press the dough into the top edge of each one.

The pan molded scones will take longer, about 15-20 minutes. When compared to the baking tray, scone pans can yield good results.

Scone pans are used for the baking of scones and other baking products in different shapes. If you’re searching for the best scone pan, you need to understand its material, size, and usage. 

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What Are the Alternatives of Scone Pans?

The best alternative to a scone pan is the baking tray and silicone bakeware. The baking tray is also called a sheet pan or baking sheet.

It is often used in the baking of bread rolls, pastries, Swiss rolls, and pizza. So, it can also be used in the baking of scones, whether in a rectangular or square shape.

As an alternative to a pan scone, silicone bakeware, and baking trays can be used. Silicone bakeware is space-saving and removing scone and bakery items is quite easy.

Also, the silicone scone pan is easy to clean, and aluminum trays conduct heat and evenly distribute heat, but certain trays react with acidic foods. 

baking tray Instead of a Scone Pan

Baking Trays:

The baking tray is a rectangular-shaped metal sheet having a rolled edge that is used for baking.

Place your baking sheet or baking tray directly on the floor of the oven. To better results and prevent uneven cooking of your food, you should always preheat your baking sheet. 

The main reason behind preheating your baking tray is that it will start to cook when you place your baking material onto the tray.


  • Conducts Heat Well: A baking tray made of aluminum conducts heat very well. As made of aluminum material, it has more capacity to resist heat temperature.
  • Withstanding High Temperature: The baking tray has a large capacity for heat transmission. There are very few chances for the baking tray to crack from the larger transmission of heat. 


  • Absorption into Food: There is a larger risk of absorption of aluminum into food which could be harmful to human beings. It can also react with acidic foods. 

Silicone Bakeware:

Silicone bakeware is a food-safe substance and does not leach into the food. Low-quality silicon can create an odor before baking. Silicone bakeware is durable, non-stick, and flexible with low space-consuming bakeware.

The placement of scones to be baked will be the same. If the silicon is being overheated or transmission of heat is quite high, it could damage the material. Low-quality silicon can create an odor before baking. Silicone bakeware is durable, non-stick, and flexible with low space-consuming bakeware.


  • Space-Saving: Silicone bakeware is space-saving. The flexibility of silicone makes it easier to handle, and storage is more convenient than the others. It is flexible enough that you can even fold it. The removal of baked items is also a bit simpler and easier.
  • Simple Cleaning: Silicone bakeware can be easily washed in a normal way. It can easily be cleaned by hand wash and cleaning in the dishwasher as well. If you have used vegetable oil for baking, it can easily be washed with just tap water.


  • Puncture Problems: There are few puncture problems in the silicone bakeware in which they may eventually crack if they are not handled with care. The removal of baked items with metal utensils may damage the silicon. The cleaning with the scouring pad may damage the material.
  • Heat Damage: Silicon is not designed for heat resources like hot stove burners or under a boiler; such heat transmission can damage the material.

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If the scone pan is not available, a baking tray made of aluminum and silicone bakeware can also be used as an alternative. The pros and cons lie in both materials, as silicone bakeware is space-saving and easy to clean. 

On the other hand, it can be cracked if not handled gently, and silicon material can also be damaged using metal equipment. The baking tray is heat resistant and can withstand the heat temperature, while on the other hand, aluminum material can also absorb into the food. 

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