Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For Roasting?

Oil is an essential element for cooking; it enhances the taste of the food and prevents the food from sticking to the pans. However, when you cook, always use oil with a high smoke point; and avoid oils with a low smoke point.  

Is extra virgin olive oil good for roasting?

Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for roasting if the temperature does not exceed 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoking point of extra virgin olive oil is usually between 375 and 425 degrees F. Extra virgin olive oil is organic, has high nutritional value, and adds additional flavors to food.

Do you believe in the myth that one should not use extra virgin olive oil for cooking? Let’s knock this myth out.

In this guide, we will briefly explain cooking with extra virgin oil. You will also learn about the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. 

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For Roasting

Can You Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Roast? 

You can use high-quality extra virgin oil for roasting because, despite the myths, it is safe for cooking and roasting. In addition to this, the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil is usually around 375-425 degrees F, sautéing the food on the stovetop is equal to about 250 degrees F, and roasting in the oven is around 360-400 degrees F. 

Further, the smoking point of extra virgin olive oil is a range (375-425 degrees F) and not an absolute value because extra virgin olive oil is available in various qualities, and smoking points differ with the quality of the oil. 

Why Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Roast?

The extra virgin olive oil is healthy, adds a different flavor to your food, and does not have a very low smoking point. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent choice for roasting and cooking due to three qualities: this oil has a low level of free fatty acids, predominantly stable unsaturated fatty acids, and high protective antioxidants.

Moreover, according to the North American Olive Oil Association, the free fatty acids composition for olive oil varies between 0.2% to 0.8% (the higher the smoke point is, the lower the acidity). Another reason is that the smoking point of extra virgin olive is not an absolute but a range.

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What Type Of Olive Oil Is Best For Roasting?

In addition, its smoke point is lower than other oils, but not so low that it is not ideal for roasting (the usual temperature for roasting is 360-400 degrees F). However, if you want to roast beyond that temperature, you can always use ghee.

The extra virgin olive oil is suitable for roasting due to its rich flavor.

Nicholas Coleman (Oleogist)

Furthermore, when choosing oil for roasting, you need to focus on two things: smoke point and taste. Depending on your preference and desired outcome, the taste is entirely up to you.

But the smoke point is the temperature at which, if oil is heated beyond this temperature, it will stop shimmering and start smoking, eventually burn, develop a bitter taste, and lose its nutritional value. 

Which Is Better, Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We have listed some differences below to make you understand how olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are different.

Extra Virgin Olive OilOlive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is natural, higher quality, and has an additional flavor.Olive oil is light, regular, and chemically processed.
This oil is made from pure and cold-pressed olives. It is a mixture of cold-pressed oil and refined oil.
Olive paste is cold-pressed to extract extra virgin olive oil, and no heat is involved.This oil has been treated chemically or with heat.
It has a distinctive flavor and significant nutritional elements (antioxidants and anti-inflammatories). It has high nutritional value. 
Its smoking point is between 375-425 degrees F. It has a higher smoking point of around 465 degrees F.
It is noticeably dark.It has lighter color.

Can You Roast Potatoes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You can roast potatoes in extra virgin olive oil, provided you keep the temperature under 425 degrees F. Also, if you have any reservations that the potatoes will be undercooked or hard, you can boil them for a bit before roasting.

In that case, you need to dry them properly before roasting, or they may get soggy. However, try not to deep fry your potatoes in extra virgin olive oil because a higher temperature is required for deep frying. 

Additionally, some studies have shown that when you roast vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, the level of beneficial compounds and antioxidants rise exponentially. As a result, your food will be rich in healthy fats and protective compounds.

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Can You Bake With Olive Oil At 450 Degrees?

You cannot bake with olive oil at 450 degrees because its smoke point is usually 375- 425 degrees (depending on the quality of the oil).

It may burn and produce harmful substances if cooked at a higher temperature than 425 degrees F because extra virgin olive oil has a smoking point of 375-425 degrees F.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toxic When Heated?

Extra virgin olive oil is not toxic when heated. Most people outside the Mediterranean region believe the myth that you cannot use extra virgin olive oil for cooking, but this is not the case.

Moreover, extra virgin olive oil contains less water because it is an organic product. Thus, when it gets hot, the steam rises, even before it reaches the smoke point.

Most people get confused and assume that they have ruined the oil, but the oil is safe until its temperature is below the smoke point. However, you will damage your oil if you heat it at an extremely high temperature, heat it repeatedly, or heat it for an extended period. 


Extra virgin olive oil is highly versatile and can be used directly (for dressings) and when cooking. It does not only add flavor and crispiness to your food, but it is also healthy.

Although most people think extra virgin olive oil is not safe for cooking, you can use it for cooking and roasting under 375-425 degrees F (its smoke point).

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