Can We Use Oil in Electric Kettle?

Electric kettles are multipurpose kitchen appliances that can be used for making tea or boiling water and for various other tasks. When using an electric kettle for cooking, questions arise about the use of oil in the kettle.

Can we put oil in electric kettle?

You can use oil in the electric kettle, but it’s not recommended since the electric kettle is not designed for doing oil-related work or frying food. An electric kettle has a steam return function that causes the kettle automatically shuts off at a specific temperature. When heating oil in an electric kettle, it continues boiling without auto shutting off, so it’s an unsafe practice.

However, not all electric kettles are created equal, and you can get a good electric kettle with a thermostat that will automatically control the oil temperature.

If you are thinking about adding oil to your electric kettle, then keep reading, we will explain whether it is safe to do so and what you need to consider.

Can We Use Oil in Electric Kettle

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Can You Heat Oil in Electric Kettle?

You can heat oil in an electric kettle if your kettle is high quality and its pot is made of stainless steel. In general, it’s not advised to do because an electric kettle is designed to boil water, not heat cooking oil. Cooking oil starts to break down and produce dangerous fumes when it hits high temperatures like those found with boiling water.

When cooking oil breaks down from being heated, it produces free radicals and carcinogens released into the air like smoke. These chemicals can be harmful if breathed in and may cause ill health effects such as eye or skin irritation, respiratory problems, asthma, or cancer.

Can You Fry Food in Electric Kettle?

Hot oil is one of those volatile and dangerous substances that can cause fire, electrocution, and other damage if the electric kettle is used for cooking with it. Cooking oil and fat are not safe for use in an electrical device.

People make one mistake assuming that electric kettles (AKA electric hot pots) are safe for cooking with oil or fat, as long as you don’t fry in them. This isn’t true—it’s just too good of an idea not to be put into practice by someone who doesn’t know any better!

Can You Fry Egg in Electric Kettle?

It’s not a good idea to fry an egg in an electric kettle because it can cause the kettle pot burning and your kettle can start malfunctioning. However, you can boil eggs in the electric kettle safely.

There is another method you can try to make omelets by using the steam of an electric kettle. You can use the smoke that comes out of the kettle to cook your egg, although this will require more work, and you may end up with water dripping into your food.

In this way, you will not use oil inside the kettle; instead, you will place a bowl at the top when water is boiled and produce hot steam. Then put the mixture of omelets in the bowl and wait for 5 minutes to get a perfect omelet.

We have a detailed guide on making omelets in an electric kettle; you can check that for more information.

What Happen If I Put Cooking Oil in an Electric Kettle?

A wide range of cooking oils is available in the market. The most popular ones are sunflower oil and canola oil. These oils have different smoke points, which means they have different temperatures at which they start to smoke. When using these oils, you need to be careful that you do not exceed the maximum limits.

Oil is flammable and should not be used in electric kettles. If you put cooking oil in an electric kettle and use it, your appliance will get damaged due to overheating or short-circuiting its internal parts.

The other danger is setting a fire in your kitchen if any hot oil spills on the stovetop or onto another surface during boiling water for tea with an electric kettle filled with cooking oil instead of water.

Oil with Electric Kettle

Care Tips When Using Oil in Electric Kettle

When using an oil kettle, it is essential to take certain precautions. The following tips will help you avoid potential hazards and get the most out of this appliance.

  • Clean the kettle after each use. This reduces oil accumulation and prevents bacteria from spreading between different foods.
  • Don’t put too much oil in the kettle at any one time. This can cause dangerous overheating, leading to a fire hazard or other damage.
  • Don’t use your electric kettle to fry food regularly. Oil frying should only be done occasionally; otherwise, the appliance may overheat and become damaged or pose a fire hazard.
  • You should not attempt to operate an electric kettle with any damage to either its cord or body—you risk causing an electrical accident if you do so! Ensure that your appliance is fully operational before proceeding; if in doubt, unplug it immediately and call customer service for further instruction on what steps should be taken next (they might recommend replacing your device entirely).


You can use oil if your electric kettle is made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel heating element, a stainless steel interior, and it’s been designed to hold heat, although it’s not recommended.

The electric kettles are built to withstand heat and steam, so as long as you’re careful not to overfill them with oil, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cook a variety of foods in your kettle.

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Can We Fry in Electric Kettle?

Generally, it’s not recommended to fry in an electric kettle as it’s not designed for that purpose and can be dangerous.

Can We Heat Oil in Electric Kettle?

While it is possible to heat oil in an electric kettle, it’s not recommended as the kettle’s heating element may not be able to handle high temperatures and could cause a fire hazard.

What Are Different Uses of Electric Kettle?

Electric kettles can be used for boiling water, making tea or coffee, cooking instant noodles, and preparing hot chocolate or soup.

What Can We Make in Electric Kettle?

Electric kettles can be used to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and even oatmeal or other hot cereals.

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