Can an Aluminum Baking Tray Be Used in the Microwave?

Aluminum baking trays are a staple of many kitchens all around the world due to their multipurpose usage. These baking trays keep food safe from contamination and protect it from humidity and oxygen reactions. Also, for bakeware aluminum is considered an excellent material by professionals. But, it’s important to know whether you can use these aluminum baking trays in the microwave or not.

Aluminum baking trays can easily be used in the microwave and can withstand temperatures of up to 460F. The aluminum trays are made with bauxite and mild steel made of carbon and iron alloys, which are excellent thermal conductors. However, a few precautions are necessary while using them in the microwave.

Further, it is said that aluminum reacts with acidic food while baking in the microwave. Aluminum does, actually, acidic food like tomatoes, vinegar, etc react with aluminum, as a result, food changes its color and flavor a little bit. While research shows that aluminum leaches in a minimal amount, this doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on health.

Can Aluminum baking tray be used in microwave

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Why Should Acidic Food Not Be Kept in Aluminum Trays?

Aluminum trays are highly reactive to acidic foods like vinegar, tomatoes, and citrus. While cooking or baking these foods, aluminum reacts with them and alters the food’s color and taste by leaving the pitted spots behind. The laboratory reports reveal that the amount of aluminum leaching in the food is minimal, and does not pose any serious health hazards.

On the other side as we know that citrus or acidic food reacts with aluminum, so we must avoid baking these kinds of food in aluminum baking trays.  Aluminum is a metal that readily reacts with citrus food like lemon, vinegar, or pickle and produces hydrogen gas and metal salt which spoil the food and make it unfit to consume.

Besides this, there are plenty of uses for aluminum trays in baking savory and sweet products. With a little care, we can achieve many benefits from these aluminum trays. If you would like to know more about the aluminum tray, keep reading about the aluminum tray ahead.

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How to Heat Food in an Aluminum Tray by Using the Microwave?

The food can be easily heated in aluminum trays as they are manufactured with high-quality material which can withstand high temperatures in the microwave up to 460F. You can bake, cook and heat food in these trays without any health hazards by simply keeping the tray in the middle of the microwave.

However, the sizes of aluminum trays are a very important factor to look at while heating food in the microwave. The baking time of food also depends on the size of the aluminum tray. As we know aluminum is a good conductor of heat, a suitable aluminum will take less time for baking as compared to a larger size.

There are a number of aluminum baking trays on the market which makes the choice difficult. For your convenience, we have mentioned some suitable sizes of aluminum baking trays that can fit almost all microwaves. Let’s have a look at the table below to know more about the available size of aluminum baking trays.

Small9 inch7 inch1 inch
Medium10 inch8 inch1 inch
Large12 inch10 inch1 inch
Extra Large16 inch12 inch1 inch

Can Microwave Food in Aluminum Cause Health Issues?

Can Microwave Food in Aluminum Cause Health Issues

The aluminum baking trays have no serious health issues while heating in the microwave. Although it is true that while heating in aluminum trays some aluminum particles get into the food and specifically the acidic food, which does not have any serious health issues. There are some rumors about diseases like Alzheimer’s, but in actuality, there is no such health issue with heating food in aluminum trays or pans.

Besides this, if the aluminum particle gets into the food, then your body only absorbs less than 1% of that aluminum, and the rest will get washed out by the kidneys. However, aluminum is not likely a health problem for health. Still, it makes sense to minimize the intake of aluminum in your food. 

Therefore to keep your kidneys functioning well and reduce the intake of aluminum, avoid cooking acidic food in aluminum pans. As we know, aluminum reacts with acidic food which could cause health issues.

Also, make sure to choose good-quality aluminum pans. To make your choice easier we have mentioned some high-quality aluminum pans below. Keep reading to get more interesting information about these baking trays.

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What are the Best Aluminum Baking Trays for Microwave

Can Aluminum baking tray be used in microwave2

1. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Sheet

Whether you are planning a family dinner, barbecuing, or running a catering business, these aluminum baking trays will make your occasion perfect. These trays are made with high-quality, non-toxic aluminum material which can withstand 460F microwave temperature easily.

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This natural aluminum baking tray is made with high-quality aluminum which will not rust lifetime and stay durable. The aluminum used is highly conductive which distributes heat evenly throughout the tray. The cleanup of this tray is also very easy as compared to other baking sheets.

Let’s have a look at some more basic features of these aluminum trays below.


  • Made with premium quality aluminum and highly durable
  • The baking, cooking, and transferring of food is easy
  • Clean up is very easy
  • Highly conductive and distributes heat evenly

2. Artisan Professional Aluminum Baking Trays

Whether you are planning to cook a small meal or snack everything can be baked easily in these artisan baking trays. Made with high-quality aluminum which ensures even heat distribution. These trays are oven-safe and can be easily used in the freezer. The size is small and can easily be used in any microwave oven.

If you are interested in this aluminum tray, feel free to check it on Amazon here.

Further, these trays are budget-friendly and highly durable. Which makes these pans perfect for any barbecue,  catering, baking. You can directly serve them on the table but make sure to use the oven mitten while transferring them. 

Let’s have a look at some important features of these pans.


  • This tray can easily withstand the high oven temperature
  • Made with high-quality durable aluminum.
  • Outstanding heat conductivity
  • Portable, mess-free, and light-weight 

What Are the Tips to Use an Aluminum Tray in the Microwave?

Aluminum trays are easy to use in the microwave and can easily withstand high temperatures. You can easily bake sweet and savory food in them. However, to get the best from these baking trays some tips are given below. These tips will help you to cook and bake food with perfection.

Let’s have a look at these tips to use the aluminum baking tray in the microwave.

  • Do not put the try directly on the metal turntable
  • If your microwave has a metal turntable-use ceramic ware beneath the tray
  • Never put two trays in the microwave
  • Ensure to make no contact of the tray with other metal
  • Put the tray in the middle of the microwave table 


From the above discussion, we can conclude that aluminum baking trays have widespread usage because of their high-quality material. They can easily be used in microwaves without causing any health issues.

However, just like any other cookware, you must take care of its precautions for your safety. Ensure to avoid cooking acidic food in these aluminum trays and use the mitten while transferring them.

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